Published on 10/20/2017


Black boy got beat by casper!
Wow.... This was great! No one jumped in and for ONCE someone can fight! Light skinned guy knew what he was doing from take downs to ground and pound! Awesome awesome fair one
Hahahaha soon as the taller guy got on top and started feeding him knees all you can hear is "get off of him" and "he's fighting dirty"... everyone there is forgetting that the showboater is the one who tried taking it to the ground in the first place
Dude in the black pants had some wrestling in his background good shit
Danced in limped out
wernt dancing at the end
Them types of fights
Shoulda done a lil less dancing and a lil more fighting
Lesson: Don't showboat if you can't fight for shit.
Y Derrepente un comentario en español ;)
Lmao he ain't dancing no more!
Black dude was getting whooped
dancing to victory, or not
How'd that dance work out for ya?!?!
thats what happens when a black guy fights one on one.
Hahahaha this lame said, he fought dirty haha noo he didnt......damn..excuses...
Ugly socks
Black vs Latino
Always good fights...
It was a good fight. But Shh I though black boi had hands since he started off dancing like he ain't have no worries, that's what happens when you think u da shit. Latin boi str8 whooped dat ass.
i always like when one idiot try's to show boat, then gets beat up !! i love that shit
Good fight ✊
it was raining so they had the day off lol
Was the stupid dance before the fight necessary?
That's what happens when you pretend to know how to fight...
Loudest ones always the bitch
Umm are they both black..?
I find it funny how when every time this site has a black dude that actually fights one on one he gets his ass kicked...
Puto negro cagenge penso que iva a estar papita y le dieron sus putazos
I always hope the black guy wins. Fuck white crackers
Its all fun and games till you catch one to the jaw smh
Fattie thought this was in the bag and he got whoooped good HA! 👍
The light skinned kid definitely has training...
That's right lame ass foo was cocky for no reason that's what he gets
good job guys keeping it clean
Fuck it at least it was 1 on 1 who cares who got beat
All that dancing around actin a fool white boy handled him! good shit tho
Ha what you get for acting tough at the beginning
Malato for the win!
White dude smashed him up lol
This is a fight i wanna c more often instead of a guy punchin a girl
What would you do if you woke up and seen the sky like this😍😍???!!!!!! Reply reply reply

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