24 Terrible Dance Moves Caught On Tape

24 Terrible Dance Moves Caught On Tape
24 Terrible Dance Moves Caught On Tape
Published on 11/19/2017
24 Terrible Dance Moves Caught On Tape


It'd be so much funnier if they all weren't sped up...
the iron ass broke the window
Babies dancing skills are awesome
That edit was just waaaaay to fast for me :D
would be better without speeding up and without so many sound effects
Terrible dance moves or accidents while dancing terribly. :p
... so basically how I dance. nice
I don't know. I think those inflatable pants had some pretty sweet moves.
I was totally waiting for a clip from Anaconda
What does "on tape" mean?😏
Those pants and dogs were better than the humans.
Cute hahahaha
isso que chamo de mico kkk
Go a little faster, I almost seen a clip. 😑
Nunca vi un video tan tonto...
I love the pants.
Τάκη καλημέρα. Είμαι περίεργη, που τα βρίσκεις αυτά τα απίθανα VIDEO!!!!!!
Terrible or fails?
Hey these guys dance just like some of my relatives!! LOL
That boy really busted his glass, lol.
The babies dancing were adorable! :-)
the only one i enjoyed was the balloon pants
There were only 22 in total if you count the man with the leg boobs and the dog thing at the very very end.
if only I could actually see what was happening...?
Babies and the dogs were awesome
With the dude breaking the window, I thought he sharted on it but I rewatched it and realized that he broke it..
Haha the guys ass that broke the window
HAX! lol
Lol ong
Yep thats bad in so many ways LMAO
If we were filmed in ballet 😂
That dog dancing skills are the shiznit tho !!!
Kkkkkk qui video engraçado!
Yes!!! Haha :)
That's funny people dogs and babies dancing what a trip lol lol!
WHat is with that guy at the begiining?
Ouch cx
I need this song! Help someone!
Not all of them are terrible!! The baby ones are adorable!!!
That was pretty stupid.. Why not let us watch it instead of speeding it up and adding ill timed sound effects?
jajj to boli
Kinda silly and stupid!!
une horreur
I shoulda totally been on this video
That's called life
Lol funny

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