21 Kids Who Instantly Regretted Their Decisions

21 Kids Who Instantly Regretted Their Decisions via America's Funniest Home Videos
21 Kids Who Instantly Regretted Their Decisions
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Published on 10/17/2017
21 Kids Who Instantly Regretted Their Decisions
via America's Funniest Home Videos


I'm going to sound like a horrible horrible person but, there is nothing like seeing a kid running around panicking because they can't get their shirt over their head lol. Brings tears to my eyes from laughing 😂
1 View, 600 likes... Seems legit
"More rain"
*thunders *
Lmfao !
The last one is the best!
i ain't a kid but i still regret everythin so😃😂😩😭
The kid in the beginning with the hose and pool was like Bruh! When he got hit😂
the last 1 was My fav
I was not ready for the last one. Lol
That beluga whale though <3 lol 🙊😂
Why would you let your child pet a deer? Those are wild animals.... Not pets. They will kill you if they feel threatened ... Hmm
The whale..... Priceless.
Don't click edit, I typed an overused comment.
"Mmmm kitty food" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
The one where the kid got his shirt stuck on happened to me once but it was a complicated dress thing that I tried on. It really freaked me out then because I the dress was stuck over my head and right arm and it was an uncomfortable position. My dad just laughed at me and said his favorite line in his thick accent, "Kid, you gotta learn to get yaself (yourself-his accent) out of your own sichiations (situations, his accent again)"
The girl in the toilet lol
The kid falling off the stage is so me!
These are very funny videos, LOL kids are amazing ❤️
that baby's face though
A must watch too cute and funny
hahaha how cute all of the babies right guys
My friend are the most funny girl lol
Good clean fun
Just sittin' here. Waiting on all the perfect parent comments. :)
Can't stop laughing my ass off. This is hilarious Lawaiza 😂
Ice bucket Challenge at 0:33
😂 the thunder!! #moreRain
that was just too funny ! LOL
more rain 😂😂
Hahahahaha cutie😂❤️
The last one is the best lol. 😂
That kid jump roping... Definitely been there before lol
Ok, ... So, You can not tell me I was the only one to get not 1 but 4 of these. LOL!! Kids/Grankids
Welcome to life!
I needed this!
no balloons in the mouth! but otherwise that was hilarious. :)
More rain 😂
Photo comments aren't available. 😐😐😐
That last one tho
Megan Rollin
That's my constant relationship with thunder love hate
😂😂😂😂 morri
Finlay Parker this is like the human version of all the animal videos i tag you in!!! :D
Ahahaha 😂they where all me 😂
Hahaaa I love it Tina Thanks habibit mama ,
Jajajaja el #CuartetoOcurrente amorcín jajaja... Me dio tanta risa el que se cayó del foro! JAJAJAJAJAJA, todo por no bajarse por las escaleras!!! JAJAJAJA 😂 Te amo amor Daniel! 😄
Hahahah se shpejti 😜😜
Hahahaha! Thanks Riki needed the laughs this morning! Love you! Tell everyone I said hey and I love them too!!!!

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