21 Animals Exacting Their Revenge On People

21 Animals Exacting Their Revenge On People via America's Funniest Home Videos
21 Animals Exacting Their Revenge On People
Published on 11/19/2017
21 Animals Exacting Their Revenge On People
via America's Funniest Home Videos


Geese are straight dicks.
I learned the hard way a few times a kid that geese are not to be trifled with, they will kick your ass.
somebody should really do voices for the animals to go along with their actions..
Chicken,birds & those ducks omg!😂😂😂🐓🐥
Let's be honest, the kid at :50 deserved to get head butted for that stupid smirk on his face.
Geese are jerks. Ijs
was the boy in the last clip Harry potter !!! ?
Geese really are dicks. I was walking last summer and I had to go near a family with like 6 babies. Soon as I get close one of the big ones starts hissing at me! I'm like chill I'm just trying to get by. Then I turn around and caught one sneaking up on my ass!
Thug life: animals attack
You can't tell me that last one wasn't Harry Potter getting jacked up by a dog in a sweater.
I want that parrot
What kind of person throws a cat into the snow merhhhduende
Confirms my fear of birds even though I grew up with them. They're so mean! 🐦🐔🐓😲
The idiots tormenting geese deserve it. They should just know better, geese are mean birds.
evil little dogs, get rid of em all, any dog under 200 pounds is just a cat anyway lol
This is making me afraid of animals now... lol
Wtaf. Your not even supposed to bath a cat. They clean themselves
Do NOT mess w birds: they always win! Do NOT mess w animals bigger than you: see previous statement. NEVER mess w cats: I am sure you have the claw marks to prove it.
Bahahaha geese are the devil
Animal revenge...the best ☺
Thats how it's done.
Geese are fucking evil!
Some animals are dicks
Well birds and cows are assholes
Cute lol.
When "Animal Farm" goes outside the farm
Great video to prove any animal can attack, not a specific breed. Also , most of those people were probably close to nesting areas or things like that .
HAHAHA! When my little brother was like a year old we were at this park, right after my parents turned OFF the camera this big ol goose grabbed the front of his diaper, my brother grabbed the birds neck and they were screaming at each other. I still laugh at him when ever someone brings it up. Andy Moore
Dat last one tho 😂😂
Que bueno... para que se les quite por molestar a los animalitos....
Haaaaha:))))) Super. .
Bien fait
That's why humans love killing animals... We are just like animals, we like to take revenge too!
They're just defending themselves.
I almost got attacked by a flock of geese when I was walking with 2 toddlers. I managed to scare the geese off.
Haha that last one totally happened to me but she was next to me on the too of the couch lol blood all over and a scar in my nose that looks like I used to have my nose pierced lol
This was funny.
Brilliant lol xD
If a cat bit my baby I would bbq that MF alive and feed it to my dog
Soooooooo you are just going to film your kid being attacked by the family cat?
Lol! Don't mess with me dude!
Am I the only person that kept looking at their phone when a duck quacked because it sounds like the duck ringtone for iPhones???
Crazy Animals
So funny.
My dog knows who's King lol

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