20-Year-Olds Guess What Being 30 Is Like

20-Year-Olds Guess What Being 30 Is Like
20-Year-Olds Guess What Being 30 Is Like
shit mitch scott lol
Published on 11/17/2017
20-Year-Olds Guess What Being 30 Is Like


Wait.. was that Pentatonix??
Thirties are so much better than 20s. You have more money, better vacations, real friends and you care less about what other people think. I still don't FEEL like I thought 30 would seem though :)
How do some of the 20 year old's look older than the 30 year old's?
It's great to be 30, just as it was great to be 20, and it'll be awesome to be 40, and 50 and so on because I enjoy every season :)
The fact they said 30 is old...is depressing.
Love what they guy said just wait until you have a 40 year old! Yes!!!!
Being 30 something is basically being 26 with more money, better stuff & a whole lotta "I do what I want". It's great! 🍻
I'm 30 now. And I'm at the age where staying home and watching a Netflix marathon sounds like heaven. Lol
Scomiche <3 <3
I want to punch those 20somethings in their faces! lol
I used to think 30 was the end of the world lol.....ugh, old people! Now I'm 36 and life still rocks! Lol
i am 30 and i think its better to be older, where the one chick talks about coming into your own, its true you have really nailed down the type of person you are and the circle of friends you keep, and you really just dont give a shit what most other people think and usually better job/money. so yeah. I listen to 20s talk and its usually just like damn...was i that stupid? yeah i was.
Bec Fisher " The only thing I've learned between 20 to 30 is that I don't know anything, once you release you don't know shit. THEN YOU KNOW SHIT" winning.
30s not old!
omg, they have ptx on this!!!!!
I'm drinking wine watching this. Its in a mason jar and I have a straw.
Scott and Mitch!! <3
Things don't have to be shit at 30. It'll only be shit if you let it.
You couldn't pay me to go back to being a broke 20 year old. Yay for growing up, making less stupid decisions and having a bunch more money!
Scott and Mitch #PTX ♥♥♥
Out of this whole thing... The final comment in the video is my favorite part. XD
Love the old dude! 😂
oh fuck,2 more years and i'm 30 ... so what! :P
I just want to say something: In my 30's I CAN buy all the guitars and can't even imagine buying when I was in my 20's. hahahaha
I only watched this because I saw Mitch. Lol.
"ah, but they sure are hot." lolol mitch & scott are hilarious
20yr olds... Smh lol
Lol best part "Once you realize you don't know shit now you know shit"
I'll be 30 in a few months, but I've felt 30 for a long time now, haha! I'm actually in a really good place, despite some struggles, with meeting myself where I am, and spending time with people and doing things I enjoy.
Omg... Scott and Mitch! ❤
Also... I like how PENTATONIX is just randomly in here... NBD
Scott and Mitch!
I'm 25 and I spend my nights drinking and watching SVU. what's wrong with that? Lol
Scott and Mitch!!!! <3 <3 Yes!
"30 is old" hahahahhahahaha what? When you hit 60 let's hear you say that.
I would so rather be 30 than 20 again 😖
Umm .. I'm 23 and I disagree with half of this I truly don't give a shit what people think and don't find 25 and 30 so far apart my logic .. After 21 have your fun because you have a year until you have to focus on growing the fuck up your getting close to 25 which to me is close to 30 .. Rounding! Then again half my friends are in their 30s so maybe that's why it's not major shit .. Now 50, Woh!
The guy at the end! 😆
Also, that feeling when you're 22 and realize that you don't relate to the 20y/os.
I'm 18 n SVU is life ♡ by age 30 I'll probably own every DvD of all the seasons!
fireball is AWFUL
That black guy knows what's up! Way to be dude. 👍😎💜
I want to be thirty and thriving. - 13 going on 30
I'm 33 and it's SO WEIRD because I feel like I'm 22!! Not sure if I'll ever feel my age 😜
My quarter life crisis was SOO much worse than turning 30 lol.. Seriously.. 30? Pretty darn snazzy :)
Ditch the boxed wine?!?! But thats the best one

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