20 Cats Who Regret Everything

20 Cats Who Regret Everything via America's Funniest Home Videos
20 Cats Who Regret Everything
cat love cats lol woman omg
Published on 11/24/2017
20 Cats Who Regret Everything
via America's Funniest Home Videos


No one is questioning the crocodile that jumped at the cat?!
You had me at "cats"
That squirrel whooped same ass lol
And this is a huge reason people, especially me, like cats. They're hilarious!
0:22 It's a cat-o-lantern!
Curiosity kill the cats
I really wish staying home watching cat videos was a job.. Lol!
no ragrets..no catgrets??
"Cats is dumb."
And these kind of videos are what buzzfeed should stick with.
Me trying to get my life together
Reason number 4852586439 why cats are the best.
The sprinklers were funny!
Cats...so sophisticated!
omg + funny+ lol+ pore cats !
omg i love cats they are so cute and funny ^_^ amazing animals <3
I can't take this .....too funny. ...cats and I are like cats and water. ....
Crazy cats. Wish Leo would do funny stuff.
This is the funniest video that I have seen in a long time!
Not enough cat videos on the internet. I wish this video were longer.
Love cats...just watching so much fun!!!!
hahahahahahha lolololololololo l55555555555555555555 funy funny funny as
This is why Al Gore invented the Internet.
i love it so cool and funny
At 38 seconds...That was an alligator right?
Just here to see how many people are going to be "omg that poor cat, this is animal abuse".
Gotta love the kitties
No worries.. cats have 9 lives :p
There's nothing funny whatsoever in this video.
Good video! I hate cats.
Awe cats I do love their silly behaviours
Hold up, hold up ur not gonna roll pass that part lyk you didn't see a damn crocodile jump out that water!! (Kevin hart voice)
one awesome cat amen
Absolutely very funny. I like cats x
Mais Al Yaseen maios u have the wrong idea about cat's. I still love dogs. but cat's are still funny as well
<3 <3 If a man loves a woman’s soul, he’ll end up loving one woman, but if he loves a woman’s face, all the woman in the world won’t satisfy him.
Morgan Stasny this is pretty funny :p
Hahah cats are so dumb
I feel like I need to get a cat just so I can sit and record it all day long..like give it its own YouTube channel... Cats are hilarious
Nathan Tullock, I know how you like cat videos. This one is hilarious!
Adorable and funny all rolled into 1. I wonder who won that one!!!!. 👏😏
Cats are so silly! ❤️ :)
Cats are so funny!!!
Haha... very funny katia .... love cats :) :)
My cats(2) do wayyyyyy dumber shyt Lol
Love cats💝💝💝
Tener un gato en casa ja de ser un desmadre aparte lo mal olientes y lo peligroso que es el pelo del gato
This was such a cute video! I'm sharing this video on my kitty page: For the Love of Cats & Kittens-Save the Kittens.
God I just LOVE cats!!
Hayley cats are funny lol

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