2 Lane Snowplow

Anyone else have these In their area?  Omaha just started using them instead of two trucks to plow two lanes. Pretty cool idea, but sucks to get stuck behind for miles!
2 Lane Snowplow
Published on 10/21/2017
Anyone else have these In their area? Omaha just started using them instead of two trucks to plow two lanes.
Pretty cool idea, but sucks to get stuck behind for miles!


Yes i do an drive one
This is what the controls look like in one
Canada has had them for years. Grow up pussies deal with it
I was one of the first ones in Omaha to run one. They do the work of 2 two trucks (when they are not broke) with just 1 state employee. Yes they hold traffic back but that is a good thing. 1 crash on Dodge or i80 will created more delays then the tow plow. When I operated one I saw many cars eat the wall after passing me on the 3 lane. To me going 35-40 is respectful in a winter storm. So not only are they saving tax payers money but also are help keeping your friends and familys safe.
We saw one and thought it was jack knifing and started freaking out.
There all over south Texas. I don't know how we ever did with out them.
Looks like it gets the job done, I'm still trying to think of the stupid reckless shit I'd have to do to pass one though.
Yep, seen them all winter up here in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada.
Not as cool, but here's my truck. Enjoy!
When it first flashed across my feed, I thought - oh another big rig drifting...
Record drift
Cant say I ever seen one in Florida
We need this to push fucking all the fucking Prius off the road and in to a ditch
We do 3 wide in syracuse ny
I don't worry about that, I'm in SoCal...lol
We use em up here in Canada. I love it. Doesn't allow for ppl to pass between trucks. If I could I would bitch slap cars with these. STAY BEHIND PLOWS.
little road rage that's it
En sån vill man leka lite med bygga en kanske 😊
We have two here in Williston ND. Fargo ND has two but one of them swings both directions can go left or right with a plow on both sides. Instead of sanders tho we have two 1000 gallon tanks. There called Tow-Plows
All I think of when I see this is one more plow driver out of work......
Konge.. Tenk den på 303...👍👍😃😃😝😝
End up fuking your car up with rocks when you go to pass a plow anyways
We've had them up here in Canada for a while now eh
Viking Cives Tow Plow. We build these everyday in Missouri and Canada. Building Bi-Directionals right now that have plows on both sides and capable of clearing right or left side.
I drive one in MO
I totally build these trucks. My company is air-flo. We've built them for PA Turnpike. Sweet machines
here n iowa we got reg trucks with blade drop down off the side if they want can drop blde down from both sides clear whole road
Worst idea in the world
Not in Michigan
Omaha has actually had those for a few years now
That's a waste of fuel! There's nothing on the road! I'm from the ice box! International Falls MN and if the road has 8 inches of snow on it, we still drive on it! You just don't go as fast.
We use em here in Ottawa Canada for the highways. I drive a plow for the city and we always run 2-3 trucks deep for our big roads. I'd love to have one of those
Have not seen one in Michigan yet so..
Looks like so much fun to drive!!
Canada has been using them for years, they can't even keep up with the falling snow some days
Yep, we got one in Houston cause it snow everyday day.
Saving the taxpayers money except one probly costs about 15 times as much as a regular plow truck. probly wouldn't pay for itself for about 7-10 years and by that time tens of thousands were spent on repairs then they will probly sell them for cheap and buy some new high tech equipment to continue the cycle of spending taxpayers monet faster than they can win your vote to raise taxes
Missouri has them
Yes we put the plow on the front of the truck,..crazy thing happens, ..it still clears the snow away.
Good idea, I got stuck years ago behind 5 plow trucks plowing the garden state parkway. We went about 10 miles in 40 minutes. That was rough on the patience
They've been here for over 20 yrs, New England
Seems like overkill to run that rig to do the shoulder.
Michigan has them.
Got them here in edmonton, alberta, canda
not that ik of i wish
Stuck behind for miles or crash cause of the snowbin front... Hmmm
emile langlois
I've seen one sitting at the MODOT garage down the street from my work. Until seeing this video I didn't know this is what it was. Never saw one on the road before.
All 6 states in New England have them. Awesome stuff. :)

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