19 Things Only Your Mom Does

19 Things Only Your Mom Does
19 Things Only Your Mom Does
Published on 11/19/2017
19 Things Only Your Mom Does


It's weird seeing a buzzfeed video where you don't recognize any of the actors.
It's kinda weird the "moms" were mostly men... Lol
who else thought of joey from friends when he said "you remind me of uncle joey"
Doesn't anybody ever think "who are these people?!" when they show different Buzzfeed employees?
The first one is a def.
My dad will never wake me up as lovingly as my mom does 😂😂😂
When you're a mom and you've done almost every one of these 😅
" You are just like your father!! " lol Oh man that made my day xD great expression on his face as well lol
They should have had some lick their thumb and clean his face
Is that Jerry Seinfelds son????
Your mom: "I can't believe you're 22 already. Time goes by so fast"
My mom: *grasps the sides of my face and kisses my forehead* Aww my Doll-baby, I can't believe you're 22 already. I remember spending almost 13 hours birthing you into this world. My God you had such a big head but you were so beautiful" she then proceeds to go into detail on the whole labor experience...
Me: "Mom!" When enough is enough lol
22? Really
"Have you made any friends yet?" Story of my life 😂
Lol my mom has literally never done ANY of those things
who are these buzzfeed people? i dont know them & im not sure if i like getting my satire from strangers...............
What? No.. sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite?!?!
Is it weird this makes me want an army of my mommy to be walking around the world?
You are just like your father 😂😂
He looks way older than 22
My mom started crying when I turned 18. Be lucky
Time to get up sweetie? I got the lights flicked on and the covers taken 😑
Is this a non US Buzzfeed video?
Lol my mom doesn't do any of this of this 😅😅
Soo like my mom!
Oh my gosh... I now get why my friends say I'm the mom of the group... I do at least half of those things 😳😂😂
My mom did 3 of these today...
When you're not a mom but do every one of these😂
My mom didn't do not even one of those scenarios... Ever 😒
"You have a jacket?" Yep. My mom right there.
My boyfriend says I do most of them haha
I definitely say like half of these things to my friends. I'm 22 years old and I don't have nor do I ever want children. What is my life haha 😂
Yeah, my mom doesn't do any of that shit
Sasha Bruno Idk if it's because this only applies to a guys mom or if what we say is true, but of all of these my mom has only done one and that's check for fever. XD
My mum's Asian so she's super tsundere.
Haha... How about abusing you until your four then getting sent to live with your dad then seeing her five years later saying she doesn't know you and that she doesn't have any kids😂😂😂😂 hahaha haha ha.... 😒
Only my mom does? Apparently she blows 12 year olds and is a whore according to the people on call of duty
I have said and done most of these things to at least one friend
Well my mother doesn't say this to me because I'm not a dude😂👌
My mother doesn't do anything a mother is supposed to. She's a fuck head piece of shit. Happy mothers day.
ATTENTION ALL MOMMYS!!! My best friend & I started a support group for mothers of all ages. Just a place where we can talk and form friendships with other moms. Vent, bitch, complain, cry, whatever to eachother. A place where we can have adult conversation, tell our stories, brag on our children, vent about our husbands, just whatever. So far, we are having a lot of fun getting to know eachother. Anything said in the group is private & no subject is off limits. We are trying to expand our member base & would love for you to come join us. Just come check if out & if its not ur thing, that's OK. And feel free to invite ur mama friends. Hope you join us!!!
Are you eating? You need to eat. Typically mum. Love her for it. 👍👍👍
Happy mother day. Peeps ❤
22? More like 32!
I miss living with my mommy allllll the time. And I've been married for 2 years lol
Lol this was actually kinda great
Or your wife. 😐
who are these people!?!?!?!?!?!?!
My mom has literally never done any of these things
The time to get up Sweety one is bs my mom never did that lol but I also don't wake up nicely in he mornings lol she used to turn the lights on and run away haha
They forgot trying to hold your hand while walkin across the street
Hahahaha the Latin boss, luv the way he delivers his lines! :)

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