19 Badass Cats You Won’t Believe Are Real

19 Badass Cats You Won’t Believe Are Real via America's Funniest Home Videos
19 Badass Cats You Won’t Believe Are Real
Published on 11/19/2017
19 Badass Cats You Won’t Believe Are Real
via America's Funniest Home Videos


A good therapist as well :) (their purrs do have healing action.).
Smarter than most humans because they take a crap on a toilet?? lol! I'm glad I'n not a part of this majority or humans who know not how to use a toilet...
But but but cats are scared of vacuums xD
Cats are awesome! 😸
Oh, I believe they are real. Because cats are awesome!
Great video, who says cats aren't smart.
Totally cool..Cats are great!!
"they are fearless" "nothing scares them" nice
Gotta love den cats hahaha
You gotta watch this!
Where's the video of the cat scaring off an alligator??
too funny, thank you Bob , hard to believe some of the stuff cats do. crazy
Hilarious! All cat lovers know this!
love these cat videos, so cute>
I love this video - gonna pass this one around !!!
This is why I adore cats!
don't show my cat this
Buzzfeed, ruining videos with their logos since 2006.
I believe it! I've got two pretty smart Toms!
Ubaldo watch it again n_n you're one of them omg
Human struggles to open jar and gives up. Cat walks over, with a few swipes BAM jar open....At least that is how I like to imagine that went down. lol
I taught my cats dog tricks. Too bad smartphones that record video hadn't been invented when they were alive. Next cat.
The best cat video yet
Damn,too much bad pussy out here
I hate cats. They're evil.
My cat needs to see this.
Cats are very smart 😸 I love them!
Well, obviously one of these cats figured out how to cut off the video! LOL
My cat is the opposite of everything stated in this video. .
The cat on the hood of the car has a seriously irresponsible owner.
Badass cats
Badass is right! I want a cat like that.
Here's two videos if you want to toilet train your feline. The first one is a commercial product that is likely the impetus for the second video which requires minimal amount of money to purchase equipment.
Best of luck to you hearty souls! The second video claims that over 20 years, the lifespan of the average cat you can save, I believe $2,800.00! :)
We used to have two cats, one of who could open the sliding screen door and the other who could close it. Good for us they didn't like each other enough to cooperate.
Actually this is cut off. The full length video is 1:42 and you can go to YouTube.com then type in badass cats.
I love "need for speed" cats!🐈🐈🐈🐈
I really enjoyed that. They are bad ass cats.
This video is specists. It needs more dogs!
Nothing scares them.
Allow me to get out my can of compressed air.
That's what I'm talking about, their better than dogs.
All in video is true . I love cats
Lol I rescue both dogs and cats, they each have their own quirks :)
Some cats are cool Mel
See Calob! Cats are awesome!! You just haven't seen how awesome because you haven't roomied with one yet 😂
Amazing. Video. I. Love. It.....
And thats y I love my cat so much they r too much entertainment
Wait, if people prefer dogs to cats, then why are they watching a video about how cool and badass cats are? Things that make you go, hmmm...
Tiwana Jackson , now I have to resort to watching videos, lolol.
BTW, those cats are still young enough to teach to use the toilet! I tried that with mine, but they were grown and my 15 lb male kept falling through the training tray cause he was too heavy. Fat ass!
Ted ... cool cats
When my cat, Oreo, was a young cat I bought an expensive automatic cleaning litter box for him. One night I heard this terrible racket in my bathroom and discovered Oreo virtually beating the holy crap out of that litter box. He seemed angry that it took his poo poo before he could scratch the litter and and he is one happy fat cat!! bury it. He beat that poor litter box to its death until he found his poo poo. Needless to say, I threw the litter box out after his first use because it no longer would work and bought him a palin box that just fills up with old fashion litter and he is now one happy fat cat!!!!
Exactly my cats so smart that's why I Lav my pets so damn cute

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