18 Unreal Magazine Photoshop Fails

18 Unreal Magazine Photoshop Fails
18 Unreal Magazine Photoshop Fails
Published on 10/19/2017
18 Unreal Magazine Photoshop Fails


Like half of these aren't photoshop fails, it's just how they look... Like everyone gets "gumby" legs when they're sitting like that. His torso is there, it's a weird angle. Their necks aren't super long or weird, they look perfectly fine.
I think Paris Hilton really does look like that. Doesn't she???
Lmao I love how much some graphic designers suck. Then there are people like me, who are meticulous and realistic, and working in food service. I mean, that's my fault, but it still makes me laugh.
I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the Mariska Hargitay one at 0:25.
Why is Photoshop even necessary ? Magazines used to run fine back when there weren't any such softwares. Just take a look at fashion mags from the 60s to the 80s , everyone looked so perfect. Makeup, angles and lighting is enough to cover any flaws.
Buzz feed don't make videos while on monster lol I was like pausing the video after every picture lol
Soooo with the "giraffe neck" thing.. only the last one was extreme... the first definitely could've been real. Giraffe necks are possible guys! I've been picked on for looking like a giraffe a lot because of my long, slender neck (and apparently I have big eyes too)
Anyway, I love these videos but as a giraffe necked girl you poked my feels a little bit. That's all. Keep making kickass videos guys
Video was way too fast for me to catch half of the photoshop fails.
Okay the Oprah Thing Killed me
Lol R.I.P photoshop
I think that's how Justin really looks. I don't see no photoshop. 😂😂😂
Why can't they just let them look the way they look... They're on the cover for their talents. Not only what they look like.
Photoshop is the devil.
Most of these were just....anatomy?? The body is awkward. The fact that a lot of these weren't extreme photoshop and got made fun of kind of makes a circle explanation as to why people photoshop
Didn't think Bieber could look more like a girl lol
Im a belly button and I find this offensive.
Photoshop is the best. I don't want to see some gargoyle in a magazine. My shallowness has no bounds.
Is it me or does the photoshop Taylor Swift look really scary O.O
Try slowing this video down you can't even see the fucking pictures.
BuzzFeed, you're running out of video ideas.
na-feature si katrina halili. 😄😂
The worst one was kim kardashian wtf
That Taylor Swift one is kinda creepy. lol
I don't think any of these graphic designers got internships in college...
They had a magazine from Denmark in the video! 😄😄👍
Photoshop - not for everyone
Why can't they just put them up as they are. I don't see the point of photoshop.. maybe to fix the lighting? Other than that I don't see the point. It's dumb.
Who else had to pause the video a million of times because it's going to fast?
I could find what was wrong with 1/3rd of these..... Haha
thnks God To Photoshop?
Justin 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈
Okay that Oprah one though. 😂😂
I think people who photoshop their pictures are extremely insecure with themselves!
Buzzfeed equals office boredom on a budget.
What did I just watch ...
"Gumby legs"? She was sitting with her legs tucked, wth was so photoshopped about that? I have a long neck, those exist, and the floating hand? That's more the fault of the photog or even more so the editor who CHOSE a photo with a floating hand. If it were a photoshop the hand would have been chopped off completely and no one would have even known it was there.
The belly button and the leg ones were funny though:)
0:18. I ones heard that that girl didn't have leg. So it wasn't a photoshop fail. Or am i wrong?
Why photoshop? It's not even attractive anymore. Natural and realistic is sexy to me.
I died at the hand crop😂😂😂
yooo there isnt no toro crop in the first one .-. just look carefully and the torso is right there
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You know some people actually have a "giraffe" neck. I was always self conscious about mine.
What's wrong with the good housekeeping one?
Slow down I could barely see 😱
Leave Zoe harts legs alone!
Katrina Halili
The Oprah one can't be real😂😂
Uhm, I'm pretty sure there ARE actually plenty of surfers missing a leg...

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