18 Siblings Who Need To Be Stopped

18 Siblings Who Need To Be Stopped via America's Funniest Home Videos
18 Siblings Who Need To Be Stopped
Published on 12/11/2017
18 Siblings Who Need To Be Stopped
via America's Funniest Home Videos


The running over with the toy cars is so scary to me, I would freak out.
the face of the one who blew out the candles. Kid was determined. like today shall be the birthday where her wish is mine. then his face at the end "what shall i do next" #LMFAO #priceless
those car ones aren't even funny
Now all the people saying "omg they could've seriously been hurt" or "they need a spanking" will comment , when literally each clip is 5 seconds long and nobody knows what happens after . I'm sure if any of these kids were seriously hurt they wouldn't have ended up on Afv /.- enjoy life a little and laugh a little . You won't die .
some of those kids need a spanking ...
The girl on the pink car is evil! 🙉
I am glad I was an only child. lol
The kids being ran over by their siblings in toys cars is horrible. Not funny videos at all in my opinion.
Just another 18 more reasons why I'll never have children.
Kid's are like little assholes, for real!
That baby with stickers over her eyes never even saw it coming.
When the baby got ran over....I know I'm terrible but that's funny 😂😂😂
To those who are saying the car ones weren't funny: BuzzFeed didn't say it was funny. They said that needed to be stopped. Which they do.
Jo , il faut clairement te mettre dans ce video après tout ce que tu m'as fait!!
(La face du bebe a la fin, je meurs!!)
y'all needa chill the fuck out the parents aren't "bad parents" as you can see from all the videos it was innocent fun that they were filming until one of the kids just went a little overboard WHICH ALL KIDS DO legit like in the car ones you can see the parents start to drop the cameras and rush over, and you'll never know what happens afterwards. chances are these videos wouldn't have ended up on afv if the kids were seriously injured. take a breather and enjoy life a sec, you're not gonna die from it.
Future sociopaths...
Shesh kids are violent lol they never wanna share
That last one tho... XD
This is exactly why never got you a barbie jeep and a sibling. You can say "thank you" now.
Ferny Becerra my brother and I should be in this video 😂😂😂 haha I swear that last little girl was possessed 😆😐😄
I guess we have all this to look forward to Steve Finnerty. Harrison was watching it with me...getting ideas lol.
There was sometimes I wanted to run u over with my barbie car (n still somedays) but I just couldn't lol Liliana Alatorre
The baby with the stickers on their eyes is the only reason why I liked this video
That little girl ran him over on fucking purpose, little asshole..
That is not true. Those kids are brats and need a spanking
Reason number....well...another reason I do not want children <_<
It's a good thing you only have one sibling......Ann! Lol
most of this is not even funny, its cruel
Well according to Nationwide's "Make Safe Happen" campaign. They're going to die.
Some of those kids looked like they got seriously injured.
The parents are the ones that should be stopped! Where those jerks went?
Ruby Trejo the one when the girl pushes her and then helps her and then pushes her again that be me 😏😏😏💋
the last one was my favorite :)
Jonelle, this would be us if were siblings.
Jill Dela Pena
Angie i can't imagine what you did to me..
Nothing funny about those videos. Children were getting hurt.
Tania H Ortiz Heovana Ortiz you Abi and Geo would be the little girl who drove away from the kid in the jeep and then ran the kid over!! Hahahahha😂😂😂😂
Sierra Ramirez Tony Allison
monsters in the making
Best and only funny one to me was the face on the kid who blew out the candle. Lolol
Kristy Persello I'm in the pink car, you're the littlest bitch in the birthday cake scene
Omg!! Lmao Fernando Talamantes Manuel Barocio-Mendoza Ulises Panda Cuevas Yasil Navarro Higareda Gaby Aceves Alyssa Mah Alejandra Morales Yadira Rodriguez Brayan Cruz Rodriguez
bahaha Samantha this kid getting thrown into the ball pit twice 😂
I don't like kids....
Phoebe Sparrow the last clip - you on my bday for a number of years
Thos kids in the cars are dangerous. 😯
Hahah the last one is soo cute
Tristan, does that sticker one bring back any memories? 😂
Omg the last baby's face!! My brother always used to do that to me :( ...why did I use past tense? I'm 20, he's 26 and he still does it lol

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