18 Cute Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

18 Cute Animals You Won’t Believe Exist via America's Funniest Home Videos
18 Cute Animals You Won’t Believe Exist
Published on 12/11/2017
18 Cute Animals You Won’t Believe Exist
via America's Funniest Home Videos


At first I didn't fully realize the cat hiding in the butt was a fake bird... And for a moment I was battling between being disturbed and in awe at the same time.
That chipmunk almost made it to third base
wait, what? a cat hiding in a butt?
Everybody is talking about the goose and cat. But lbs here. The camel was the best 😂🐪
The frog! 🐸💘
I don't know if you guys over at been buzzfeed been living under a rock for god knows how long but pretty sure most of us knew these animals exist lol ...*sarcasm*
Crazy world! Why do so many people have raccoons?
I seriously thought that the goose was taking a shit than I realized it was a cat . 😪 It was a fake goose 😂 kinda looked real to me at first.
Jacob Templar, frogs can scream. They do this when they are being attacked. You can see that the person picking it up doesn't have wet hands.. The salt from that persons hands are actually burning the frogs skin.. That's horrible :(
rat on the cat on the dog
I seriously had a pet raccoon as a kid. His name was charlie
That frog is a minion of the antichrist.
When it got to the squirrel, that was it. I couldn't contain the laughter. 😂
The frog killed me
I'm so glad I read the comments and saw that I'm not the only one who thought a real goose was somehow pooping out a live cat
That frogs screams of pure terror though!
The sears optical raccoon commercial...that is why so many people have raccoons haha! "Come here kitty, come to mama"
The camel is NOT funny at all.
That raccoon looks as if though he's playing a water harp of some sort.
Who gives a shit about any of those others?! There was a fucking tiger there.
I nearly cried when that camel fell but then he was ok
Raccoons make the bestttt pets.
Pretty sure I knew that these animals existed
Raccoons kickass and smart af
You want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?
I want bee
Oh I didn't know racoons existed. Good news Ariel, I found a new species to study.
For all you people that think I'm being serious, I'm not. This is sarcasm.
The rat in the end of the video reminds me of Yuki from Fruits Basket and the cat reminds me of Kyo from Fruits Basket as well xD
The frog disturbed me o_o
cat in a butt ....... what has happened to the laws of nature :P
Liked this.
Great video!
that last one, the rat riding the cat thats riding a walking dog.
well Picture nr 1 was the strangest thing I have ever seen a cat in a butt..
Australia's getting pretty pissed that the Americans have all the cute animals and all we have koalas that drop from trees and eat your face half off along with 40,000 other things trying to kill us.
Lmao at the chipmunk that crawled down the lady's top.
So cute
the squirrel was probably getting those napkins for its nest maybe x
I have a pet raccoon named piper. She is my baby!:)
The chip munk wanted some
To the guy who let the coon bite his nose. Congrats you probably have rabies
I can not believe I just saw a cat crawl out a birds arse.😳
The frog though 😂
lol needed this
why don't i have a raccoon.
Too funny!
I like to have "BEE" too :'(
That frog screamed like it was being murdered
When that lad in that horse head got on the horse as he got hes leg over he kicked the other horse in the face. Cruel ba**ard

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