17 Secret Stoner Confessions

17 Secret Stoner Confessions
17 Secret Stoner Confessions
Published on 12/10/2017
17 Secret Stoner Confessions


"I've been stoned every day I've worked here."
Last time I was high I sat and watched a cat in the yard for a half hour... Untill I realized it was an empty bag of Cheetos just moving in the wind 😒
Honestly I feel like some of these are bs. It's weed, not heroin.. you don't just "forget" to turn the tv on for an hour
These are really funny but this app seems like the government's wet dream
Sometimes when I get high, I just stare at my dog andvwonder if hes disappointed in me for smoking weed.
I started crying one time and just hugged him.
When youre high, your cat fears for it's life.
I don't even do drugs, but the kittie pool cereal idea sounds perfect!
One time I was really high and every time I moved my arms, I thought I had tentacles and was moving around all over my floor trying to swim.
Trading weed for sex? That's a new one.
And totally not necessary.
Smh. These "stoners" make us out to be tweakers! How bout a real story from a real stoner??!? Like.... First time I really got high, I felt so light like I was walking on the moon. I had an explosion of ideas about the world, munchies for delicious sweets, and laughing my head off because I was unbelievably happy! #truestory
I went to get McDonald's at 3 in morning and placed my order and pulled up to the first window, I waited there for 10 mins till I realized no one was there
One time I was so stoned, I thought Metallica was singing in another language lol
Had my headphones in for an hour while I searched the house for them...
Lol I remember thinking I just got out of the shower. Because before I lit my bong, I said Imma take a shower after this and I was thinking of how nice it would be to run my fingers through my hair while washing it. I then convinced myself that I had already showered until I touched my hair, it was still a bird's nest
I don't even need to be high to think of some of these. I always freak out thinking I accidentally trapped my cat in the fridge/freezer. It's a side by side fridge, sooo....
this one time I got really high & acted like a normal person & not a fucking idiot. #ThatsWhyWeCantHaveNiceThings...
Once I was so stoned I kept thinking I should go home and that I really needed to go home while I sitting on my couch.. At home.
What would you do if your whisper was in this video? Would you be all 'fuck yes!' And showing your friends? Or would you just smile and die a little on the inside?
The cleaning the room one and the secret food thing for future self. Yeah.
Did anyone else learn the big lebowski is on netflix from this video?
I don't believe a lot of these were "stoners"... Weed won't make you think you locked your animal in a freezer, or make you forget to turn your tv on. The worst you'll get with weed is forgetting wtf you were talking about. Don't forgetting eating everything... EVERYTHING.
Dont panic it's organic 👌
How do you get away with being high, don't let them see you sober.
Greg Martinez… Getting high at a friends and eating all the Velveeta cheese packets out of 3 boxes of mac n cheese. Then closing the boxes and putting them back in the cabinet. I never told her. 😂😂 Too bad I missed her face when she went to make mac n cheese.
Almost makes want to get the Whisper app just to read these things
Lol chasing the cat and watching tv for one and half hour with out turning on
Im horrible with bad people at my fast food job unless im high.
Sad???... nope
Lying entitled customers can only be handled whilst high.
Some of these are really fucking stupid.. Like no one jumps in the shower fully clothed while high on pot! Either that person has an extremely low tolerance or they smoked something else.
I stopped at a stop sign and waited 5 minutes for it to turn green before realizing my mistake.
Listening to music when high was the BEST. It felt like the song was so slowed down. Felt like hours.
That evan peters picture tho ;3 the things I'd do to him XD "where are the babes?!"
Yeah I don't think these guys smoked weed, they were obviously on something else 😂
I call bullshit on most of these "confessions"
Shhhhh...when you get older your Dr now tests you, so you can't do what once helped you more than anything -- just so you can get the meds that keep you alive. BUT -- I wanna know WHAT the HELL KIND of WEED YOU PEEPS ARE GETTING NOW!!!! Worst I've probably done was leave my keys in the fridge 'cause I was getting a Pepsi w/ ice in a "to go" cup!!!
Wtf is it with stoners right now? It's everywhere. What about people that don't smoke weed? Why the fuck do I have to smell your nasty shit?
The first time I went to a wake and bake I got so stoned that as my friend was driving me home I thought I was sitting inside of a television watching the people watch me.....I later figured out that my mind had come up with a brilliant metaphor for how reality really is or isn't, but I'll let you figure that one out lol =)
The last time I smoked weed i was scared out of my mind. I felt like I was falling into a black hole and my chest was tight. Everything sounded weird.
I had weed so many times before that...but that was so scary. Never again.
I used to get high and listen to drake while watching sponge bob. It was amazing!!! They move their mouths at the same time as the lyrics omg it was the best Hahahha
Love how there's just MAD nugget in the back round 👌
The cat one was the funniest
My friend got so high one time. She thought her baby rolled her a cig.
These totally made me laugh out loud 😁
Cody Sanders
Some of these sound like their shit was laced.....weed doesn't cause most of these
Idk about a lot of this shit, I agree with the majority, most of this is for straight tweekers!
Needed a good laugh!
repost :P sorry, everyone is full of it on Whisper
Most common word used between stoners ear
"I'm so stoned, I watched tv for an hour and a half before I realized I hadn't turned it on."
Hahaha! We've all been there

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