17 Celebrities Without Teeth

17 Celebrities Without Teeth
17 Celebrities Without Teeth
teeth sam taylor
Published on 11/19/2017
17 Celebrities Without Teeth


Their gums look like scary little teeth 3:
Seriously BuzzFeed... what was the point of this? -.-
that squeak though.
They all immediately looked like old vagabonds. The Samuel L. and Taylor Swift ones were the best though.
I wanna see Kanye without teeth.
They all either look like bats or just cracked out on meth. :'3 This thoroughly brings me joy.
why would they do that to David Tennant !!!!!
The squeak sound is killing me, lol
Liselotte Faña the first one though lmfaooo
Cuitlahuac Sanchez
Sara Cozzo Galiano Samantha Guess teeth are all i think about now -_- have a good day!
Sąni E Zâhra Głamořous Quəəņ SHukur Ullah Kårbålaì Eshål FåTmå Jawad Razaa Shaz Bakh
What in the world hahaha Huma Hafiz Khan Saniya Zac Sam Pingoo Khan
If you've ever seen a person without their dentures, you know the accuracy of this video.
Celine Ong Blur Sharon HAHAHAH
That sound for Taylor swift was too funny! Shellbell Andrea Clancy Courtney Smith
Veena Charals I can't believe I wasted 2 mins of my life watching that!
Oh my gosh it's just like the no eyebrows!! Josh Boston Amanda Cooper Hannah Trowbridge
Echo LoBue Raianah Oveson Sascha Mikele Carson
Ariana Dato Caylin Canales Dai Sannie Nguyen
Lmaoo Sam Rahman Raisa Nishat Tamzid T-Zids Imam Tahsin Imam
KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Min Kuroki Renata Menezes Letícia Luzbel Camila Filadelfo Mariana Parpinelli Thalyta Azevedo
Amelia Jacob Doolin Ain't Foolin
Matthew Lu Cherry Lam Cindy Lau Sophie Bernhardt
Allison Colston
Hannah Uhl
TaylorMay Styles Spackman
Fer Puga Diana Magallanes Melisa L Sandoval Zuleyma Gomez
Brent Drake Kirsten Caron
Denyse Ariele Treñas Thom Duppstadt
LeighAnne Burton
Malene Matz Mikkel Brændbyge
Ruby Trejothey wrong for peeta
Nicole Cabrera 😂😂
Gonzalez Jr Martin lol
Charles Evans Brenda Velazquez
This will make your day! Tsu Rita Allan Afreen Lara Vince Farax Rashmi
I feel like Ash Jestand Tod Whisler would be the only people that enjoyed this as much as I did
Crystal Noelia haha Taylor swift!! 😂😂
Gina Vang Karena Vang 1D
Jaelyn Softli Sam Haile
Make it stop. scaryyyy
It's 2:15am and I was trying so hard not to laugh really loud.
Dania Buttu
Nathan Cummins at :40 it looks like you but older
David Pearse
Abbie Leonhardt
they look old
Pedro Isaac que miedo XD

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