16 Strange Prom Photos

16 Strange Prom Photos // Awkward Family Photos
16 Strange Prom Photos
Published on 10/22/2017
16 Strange Prom Photos
// Awkward Family Photos


why is it bad that the girl had two dates while the guy who had two dates was praised? standards....
Not very happy that this promotes that it's ok for a guy to have multiple female dates while its wrong if a girl has multiple male dates. Not ok Buzzfeed, super disappointed.
I know the duct tape one has alot to do with college things such as aide, and grants and free college money! some girls at my high school did that back at my senior prom in 2011...it was pretty cool in my opinion.
Last photo, was he pulling her hair? O.o
Hahaha. The fish 🐟🐠🐟🐠
BTW first, let the hating begin 😂
I actually like the duct tape one.
hahaha I'm actually friends with the "It's a wrap!" dude.
Where's the mexican girl with the soccer shoes on?
fish in the sea??? :o :o :o why he made photo like that?? :3 :3 :3
wuuuh~~~ that interesting life choice! hahahahahhaa
There's a scholarship that you can apply for if you make your prom dress out of duct tape so maybe that's why they did that
We all know who got pregnant on prom night.. ;)
LMFAO look at 0:57 thats gona be michelle and Kevin
Wearing sunglasses =/= throwing shade.
hahahahaa the guy with the fish. that's too funny
I remember this kid who was afraid he wasn't going to get a date came up with ten dates. It was awesome because he was such a nice guy to literally everyone.
i liked the last one :)))
Why is it that when a women has two dates there is silence but when the guy is showed having two dates himself he gets an "Oh Yeah" from the background?! Like seriously Buzzfeed not cool. That is like the standard that if women have multiple partners that she's a whore but if a man has multiple partners that he's cool and praised. Seriously guys WTF!?
Awesome, but why is there a negative conotation to a girl with two guys but both pictures of two girls with one guy were held in positive light. Buzzfeed, either be all inclusive or don't. Stop pretending. You look like idiots
Corey Banning lmbo!
Normally, girls donate their dresses to make duct tape ones... then the the girls get a scholarship
The last one reminded me of that gypsie wedding show lol
excuse me tuna boy
The last pic, he looks like he was riding dirty... Junaina lol
A) this made me cringe so much, I'll be very conscious about prom photos.
B) the puns here are lovely, but you're not that great so just use it as reference ok Yusuf Mirza
Bags the one with the fish
Omg last photo.... from turkey! 😱😱
How does buzzfeed find all these weird photos??
Jeemin Cha this will not happen next year LMAO
Lmao I about died when that poor girl took her little brother to prom! 😅😂😂😂😆
literally dating a fish
More of these please
Uh... The duck tape thing is a scholarship competition. But thanks for mocking people trying to earn a little extra money for furthering their education.
A lot of people were doing the duct tape thing cause the company was having a competition to see who did the best.
Just...stop trying with these videos....first the "time machine" duel disk and now this...
😂😂😂 watching buzzfeed makes my day!
"there are so many other fish in the sea"
Really buzzfeed? Antifeminism, sexism, and judgement all in one video??? Talk about going down hill...
I know the guy with the fish!! 🐟
A man having two dates is completely fine, but not a girl right? Hum, you should revisit your standards...
Omg so funny
hahahahhaa the strangest photo is the Egyptian one they are married :D
the boy with the fish #for_ever_alone :'(
hahaha last photo!!! yes we are turkish ppl :D :D :D
Hahaha that fish probably would have given you more eye contact than your date! Cinthia Estrada lmfao hahaha I'm actually dying of laughter cause thisbjoke!
Tamera True *sweats nervously* how about you and I try to make it onto the list- if you know what I mean?
Matt Longenette 😂😂 remember when we used to look at weird people pictures! The kid with the fish tho! 😂😂

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