16 Kids Having A Worse Birthday Than You

16 Kids Having A Worse Birthday Than You via America's Funniest Home Videos
16 Kids Having A Worse Birthday Than You
Published on 11/24/2017
16 Kids Having A Worse Birthday Than You
via America's Funniest Home Videos


the one who punched his sister 😂😂
@0:030 Chucky reincarnated slid in and blew that candle out like it was no ones business.
who the fuck hands a lit candle to a child
If I had a mullet, I'd be pissed off too
OH! Oh NO! Da baby put the candle in his mouth! Oh NO
My birthday's on Christmas, it's bad every year!😂
I'm feeling the kid who put the candle in his mouth
😂😂the one who ran in & blew out the candle. Hilarious
eww all that drool on that cake though... birthday party rule #1 never eat cake at a kids birthday
wtf was wrong with that pissed off kids hair @:38 mullet? LOL
Watching cake fall on the ground hurts deep in my soul
0:15 looks like Eugene was afraid of sparkles when he was younger 😂
LOL @ the one who punched his sister 😂
How fitting my birthday is tomorrow lol
The one who drooled all over the cake 😩😩
How'd you know it was my Birthday, Buzzfeed????
This video came just in time for my birthday
nobody went to my birthday this year. ahhh funny
Oh poor kids....but anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
Should I be laughing this hard.
Love those type of funny videos
How do I turn off a candle like a boss? Easy, put it in your mouth.
yay it's my birthday today tooooo:)
Yo this z like Babur birthday stunts 😂😂😂😂
Literally it is my birthday today and nothing went to plan lol
Emily This is for you because you had to revise on your birthday. After watching this, I now know it definitely could have been worse.
That kid was definitely mad about his mullet
Lol Loogie at 49 seconds! Cesar Davalos
.32 seconds. HIS FACE LOL
The comments tho😂Makes the video more funny😂
To all my friends who had a not so great birthday Celests Innis and to Kev. Jacqueline Palshooks boy getting ready to celebrate hope you have a better day than thses kids honey. xoxoxox
Rida Khan i know having a birthday during cies sucks, but after watching this you should be thankful:p
hello sister... i am fine and i see video the children of birthday a party , i m still laugh after say you did wrong for video we show it Facebook..
shit the guy who punched his sis.. LMFAO
Hope this makes you feel better about your terrible birthday Josie Proctor hahaha
Jenna this popped up on my feed 😂 happy birthday girl!
😂😂 one he punched his sister in the face like "bittccchhh"
Their all wicked funny.but the one drolling is so funny.
Joe Toscano me crying every year on my bday doesn't seem so bad now lol
Everything changed when the fire nation attacked.
This is awful *cringes* omg
Chris Morgan my video touching my 1st birthday cake candle and burning myself so would have made this video
Happy birthday to me :D
Brenda Gonzalez I like the kid that punched the other kid haha
Lol today is my bday 🎊🎉
My birthday is 4/20
I feel like the candle in the mouth would be my daughter as everything ends up in her mouth. So glad I saw this. She wont be getting a lit candle in 4 months lol. Maybe a plastic light up one lol!
Natsu as a baby eating candles and fire.
the one who ate Candle damn won!
I never understood why parents make a big deal over 1st birthdays. Is it for the child or you? The child will definitely not remember it.

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