16 Golden Retriever Puppy Dorks Who Will Win You Over

16 Golden Retriever Puppy Dorks Who Will Win You Over
16 Golden Retriever Puppy Dorks Who Will Win You Over
Published on 10/23/2017
16 Golden Retriever Puppy Dorks Who Will Win You Over


everybody likes a good behind the toilet nap.
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Golden puppies are the best.
We raise them and there is never a dull moment. They're dumb dumbs all their life.
They should make a Pitbull one 😊 they're silly
This needs more Golden Retrievers attempting (and failing) to catch tacos and/or pizza in their mouths.
There needs to be a dachshund video!
goldies are cute but i think there the dumbest dogs something about them seem off lol
Too funny
Well, I for one appreciate this "useless" post about Golden Retriever puppies. You guys just made my day that much better. Thank you. :) <3
HA - I call my golden retriever a dork everyday. He makes it so easy...
I thought it was so cute. Katie and I had a golden retriever once and that was probably one of the best dogs we've ever had. She was extremely intelligent and very loving and affectionate. Her name was Brandy and we miss her very much. Thank you for sharing that Katie.
Golden retriever lover !!! 😍😘
Is there anything cuter than a Golden? I don't think so.
I love my golden. He's the biggest baby ever. Sweetest little thang. 😚😚😚
Blondes have more fun.
Make a husky video!
Love my Goldens!!
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What breed is Riley lol
Angus Ngour bobo b actually looks like a golden retriever in darker color. Gorgeous bobo bbbbb:)
Do one with husky dogs!
Arya needs one
Andrew either a golden retriever, a husky, or that one you planned on getting
Cute. I like the dishwasher one. Lol.
Amber look at the kitties
Thank you, BuzzFeed
Mia Carvajal I'm sorry I just had to xD
Sounded like a tire screeching against the ground the whole time I was watching this hahaha (squealing with delight)
Bahar Arpaci this is why I want a golden retriever. They're just so adorable fml
Golden retriever? More like mazda retriever James
i miss my Nala
Do one for Jack Russell Terriers!! 🐶
Boxer's are the best breed of all dog's!
We love our golden!! She is super silly and EVERYONE is her BFF 😊...or so she thinks! Lol!
Nicely done, BuzzFeed. I think making a little video out of the stills, with some music, works better than just a page with pictures and animated gifs.
Meh show us some rescue dogs. ;)
I love dogs
Goldens are the best dogs ever. I have two of them. They win my heart everytime ♡
Love these!
So sweet.
Tal Bryce its official. As soon as I can I'm getting a golden retriever puppy.
Bored much? haha
Absolutely adorable 💛💛💛
The netflix one looks more like a corgi
love 'em
Yes yes golden retriever puppies
They're extremely cute
Everyone's favorite
What could be more cliche
But my favorite are the ones nobody wants for some reason
What about the adorable mutts? The elderly dogs? They're cute too and often even more loving but no one ever thinks of them
I want one!

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