16 Creepy Logo Designs

16 Creepy Logo Designs
16 Creepy Logo Designs
Published on 07/23/2017
16 Creepy Logo Designs


"Mama needs to go see a doctor" lol
I m sorry, but I am offended. That was a Mosque in an Islamic community logo.
You dont have any right to make fun of religious stuff whether it is about Catholic Church or the Islamic Foundation.
That Catholic Church one was fairly accurate. :/
To all the Muslims saying they are offended by the Islamic Institute showing, keep in mind a catholic church logo was shown as well, as a Muslim i cant say i found it offensive when other religions were shown in the video. Calm down.
i am muslim. you are nonsense! making fun of the dome on the mosque! please go to the institute, understand my religion!
well we cant always make fun of them . i am a proffessional designer and i know at times even clients ask for stupid shit like this !!!
Layan Zainab.... Did they really have to put the Islamic Understanding Institute in the video? Like. Really?
Audra and Brie
My inner childish school kid came out. LMAO
About the islamic institute it is does not make sense for sure..
Adam Lolatchy concentrate on the negative space!
fuck you buzzfeed for making fun of the mosque. lol
Phú Quốc Minh Cuong Vo Nguyễn Tiến Đạt Hà Hiếu Tiên Hân TN Huyy Béoo Huy Vũ Chi Đỗ Đạt Quách Phi Vân
Enya VermeulenJana WoutersLaura HeremansCaro Lambrechts :o
Apryl, Ingrid, Iris and Steffani King. Thought you 4 would get a kick out of this.
"You don't have any right to make fun of religious stuff"
Yes we do.. It's called the first amendment.
Edith Hannah Turdier Nils Piffara Manon Fontaine Juliette Scheirman
Please don't make fun of any religion.
I work in marketing bruh Andrew Hill Calvin Apodaca Kyle Hufnagel Anthony Brown Max Murillo Marcos Castro Carol Nguyen Kathleen Lam
William AkinsSean AtanganSlaven Jokanic
Jordan Armstrong
Gustavo Garcia
Johanna Sick Katja Dzillack Katrin Storch 😅
Hahahahahah 😂😂 Nicola Cooper Flick Millard Grace Stapley
Joe Dodd Ben Hutt Jordan Johnston Blake McPhan Jackson Hammond
Thull Marcel Flavio Costa Guerra Gaelle Monnier
Neil Shillong Naveen Govindaraju Neil Jonathan Chiran Smith Vicky Waran Tejeshwarya Balachandran Bala PS Parvez Rasheed Sastha Nandan Abu Thahir
Paloma Beltran Ana Lilia Javier Ibarra Bty Alvarez
Nadia Ning Bella Aziz Fadhli Ali Sharill Salim
Aaron Naylor Andrew Seels Jake Vidgen Brett Ozzy Downward Dylan Amelia Ellen Wignell
Addie SerranoAdrian TelloAnnette Lopez
Son Nguyen ChiFat Skillz Denis Anand Tommaso Di Iorio Jay Chen Ungi An
Hassan Roshan Hammas Rizwan Fahad Maqsood Zee Shah
Henry Koers Liene Jager Henkjan Daling
Carli Rowley Majbrit Kjeldsen Sarah Grill Skovbo😂😂
Jasmine Carandang Jonathan DeejayStokez Perez Gustavo Gallardo Aaron Cortez lol
Jayme King Jose Pruneda Jose Viveros Alejandro Garcia Francisco Ramirez
Tiiaa Nothelfer show Chris Timson that Emma Mckechan 😹 Nathan Ross
Antoine Desrochers Lapalme et Fanny Beauchemin, des idées de logo...non?
Daniel Gillespie Jimmy Samson
Neo Lolo
Jack Zucko Yissi Leventhal Jordan Kadish Rafi Pincus Saul Goldman Devin Goralsky Josh Max
Ashley Gilder Dave Pounder
Ihit Bassi James Huntington
hahaha Claire Bun Albert Bun Jeremy Chhor A style hahaha à Paris :')
hahaha Lyn Iniego Marinel Rose Rabang Fructuoso Tristan Jeremy David Ryan Ponseca Jacob Angeles
Hannah O'Brien Caitlyn Grcich
Stephanie Andrew Jenny Rennie-Kiwi Steven Eman LOL
Meagan Casey Micaela dodge dealer?! lol

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