16 Bizarre Graduation Photos You Need To See

16 Bizarre Graduation Photos You Need To See
16 Bizarre Graduation Photos You Need To See
Published on 10/20/2017
16 Bizarre Graduation Photos You Need To See


That poor dog :(
The one with the hair blown in her face was God doing her a favour because that guy was her side piece.
These videos are just getting worse and worse
I don't understand why he was naked
THE DOG!!!! LMFAO!!! 😂😂😂😂
Haha yours truly at the end!
My favorite. Skeptical grandpa. *side eye*
some of these aren't "bizarre"--when you use that word, I see images of people on unicycles staring straight into the camera wearing half a mascot outfit. Not someone glaring at their sister.
Why is the man naked in a grad photo omg
I will remember not to repeat these mistakes when you graduate, Millie. x
Still has got NOTHING on awk middle school photos
These were hilarious
:40 He Looks Like Jack Barakat 😂😂😂
The girl in the first picture that is dressed in pink looks like cobie smulders
That's animal abuse
Where the hell is PETA when you need them?
Nikoleta sto 1:12 ooo
hahhahahahahahahahwow $u b5zu r3btni :p
For a split second I thought one of those guys was Jack Barakat. XD
Am I the only one who this that the awkward hug guy looks like Jack Barakat from All Time Low?
lmaoooo , too funny
Lord that poor dog 😣
The first guy was just trying to get her to practice for his graduation present
the mom photo bomb was fake
"Usic" .. anyone else catch that at the end
that one guy looks like Jack Barakat :O haha
First girl is robin sherbatsky
That looks like the dog that had the eyebrows drawn on on that meme 😂
That poor dog!! His face! 😂😭😂😂
Poor puppy! 😂😂
Ah families... LOL
makes me more not excited for graduation yay
The girl in pink in "unwanted rose gift" looks just like Cobie Smulders from HIMYM!
Dog was like please....... help!!
Skeptical Grandpa lol
The first guy was hot
that grad guy with the flower is hot
Dream to be top one commenter
Be careful dog can also bite 😊😊
Swear to god, that's my dog! What did they do to my dog???
I actually laughed out loud on a couple of these!
That wasn't even funny.
Nice Usic
Rylee Shaffer lol 😁
Anyone else noticed the missing M
I went to school with that kid but poor dog
Omg that dog.. Por dog jajajajaja
I spotted a typo in the credits.... it said USIC instead of Music. it was missing the m.
Am I the only OCD psycho that saw it said "usic" at the end instead of music?....

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