15 Signs That Will Make You Question Everything

15 Signs That Will Make You Question Everything I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes.
15 Signs That Will Make You Question Everything
Published on 11/24/2017
15 Signs That Will Make You Question Everything
I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes.


I saw a sign by a bathroom in a restaurant one time that read," For your convenience, the handicapped restrooms are located upstairs." I was confused as to the convenience of this.
in oklahoma on i35 coming over the mountains just north of ardmore there used to be 2 billboard signs one on top of the other. the top one was about substance abuse and getting help for addicts and the bottom one was for a massive liquor store.
The sign on my new curling iron said "for external use only".
For every dumb sign there was an even dumber person behind the inspiration.
I went to a Dairy Queen one day and they have a sign on their drive thru window saying "ice cream will melt" etc etc. We asked them if they had to do that and the girl said yes because they had recieved calls and complaints saying that when the customer got home they found their ice cream and blizzards had melted. We thought it was quite obvious but i guess some people didnt get the message..
I once saw a sign that said "warning! Contains peanuts!" On a pack of peanuts on an airplane
My curling wand says don't use on eyes
I was buying a towel at walmart once and it said "reversible" on it... I was like ummm.... and you're special because?
My hair straightener has a warning reminding me not to use it on my eyes.
Thank god I read the warning.
On the bottom of a bathroom stall at my school, someone wrote "watch out for limbo dancers"
but the don't close the lid before you remove your baby was on the outside. so by the time they see the sign it might be too late
"Rainy weather may cause wet floors"
My OBGYN had a permanent sign put on the front door under the name of the clinic that said "Deliveries in the rear". I was terrified.
It's sad that they made sign for these things... That just means people were stupid enough to do it...
The "Please Do Not Clean Fish In Rooms" is a hotel sign. People would go fishing for the day, then bring the fish into the hotel room to clean them. So most signs do have a reason behind them 👍
Reading the ingredients of a bottle of water..
Contains: water.
There's signs in the restrooms at my workplace that say, "no grooming." Which is odd anyway you put it but I work in a casino and apparently have had trouble with homeless people cutting their hair and what not in the bathroom. But I digress. A group of foreigners, some from the UK, a couple from Australia, are all drinking at my bar. One leaves the bar to use the restroom and returns distraught. Apparently, in the UK, grooming means to, "bait children." As in the old, "Hey little boy, want some candy?" trick. After he tells me what grooming meant to him, me and a couple locals started dying laughing and I exclaimed, "Sorry man, we got a real problem here!"
In a a hospital "this is a 24 hour unit, do not go in after hours" umm wtf is the after hours??? Danielle Dobrai'enski
I saw one once that said " please do not molest the alligators"
In DCA airport security I saw 'do not leave child on conveyor belt'
Emergency exit employees only
The tag on my sweatshirt says:
"Wash on cold. Tumble dry."
"Not dishwasher safe."
"Contents may be hot."
... Thanks but last time I checked I don't wash my clothes in the dishwasher.
Walked into a public bathroom and saw: "The sinks are NOT toilets. They're on the other side of the bathroom. If you are too drunk to know the difference, please go ask another person for assistance."
So in the dance room at my high school, the button that calls the front office said "release the kraken"
When I was on my way back from Coney Island in NY there was a sign that said "Leaving Brooklyn...Fuhgeddaboudit"
There is this sign hanging on the door to my pool in my apartments that is kinda weird. It says "having currently active diarrhea or who have had active diarrhea in the previous 14 days shall not be allowed to enter the pool water" I have a picture of it but it doesn't give me the option to post it here. Lol
"Fire Escape" on the door of my hotel room, with a "break for key" glass case on the wall next to the door. WTH?
My local laundry mat has a sign that says "beware:unattended children will be given mass amounts of caffeine and a puppy"
The sign at the city park here says:
I have seen one in a shop window saying 'SORRY, WE'RE OPEN' I mean how bad can that place be if they have to apologise for being open...
In the restrooms at Disney, there are little signs above each sink with numbered instructions on how to wash your hands.
"1. Wet hands then apply soap.
2. Scrub hands and rinse.
3. Dry hands.
Hand washing instructions provided by Bounty."
Thanks, Bounty.
Do not put deodorant on others thank you. Like what happened
at this restaurant there was a sign in the bathroom that read "employees must was hands...if an employees is not available wash your own hands." priceless
Please remove your baby before you close the lid...Dammit. Almost forgot again.
There was a sign in a restaurant's restroom that said "please do not throw a tissue or a ipad into the toilet ^_^ !" Followed by a drawing of Steve Jobs saying, "Steve Jobs is disapointed"
I was disappointed that their drawing skills didn't match their spelling skills.
My favorite one was in Chile: it said: "Pavement in a bad state". Total unnecessary info. You had to come to a complete stop to read it due to the bad state of the pavement.
A "wet floor" sign in the parking lot at McDonald's
I went to a restaurant this weekend that had a sign that said "If our food does not meet your standards, lower your standards". I thought it was hilarious!
We don't swim in your bathroom, so don't pee in our swimming pool.
Saw a sign in my hometown near the site of a new Wal-Mart that said "Clean Dirt Wanted".
Road wet when raining
"Dont dead open inside"
I went on a school trip and on the toilet door was a sign saying "please only put toilet roll and items that you have eaten first down the toilet. Please remain seated for the whole performance."
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