15 Horrifying Facts About Processed Meat

15 Horrifying Facts About Processed Meat
15 Horrifying Facts About Processed Meat
Published on 11/19/2017
15 Horrifying Facts About Processed Meat


Hell yes. They forgot to mention all the fucking torture going on in these slaughterhouses. Fuck this shit. Thanks BuzzFeed Video !
One Day Because of over Populations People will Eat Humans Meat Like The Movie Soylent Green ..
New low for buzzfeed. Anti-science is at an all time high on pop culture sites.
Don't care. Still eating processed meat atm. Also, rat feces is allowed also. Making this statement while eating processed meat
***15 horrifying MYTHS about processed meats. You fucking morons. Learn to evaluate sources. What isn't an outright lie is a perfectly safe and necessary step that you've decided is "Horrifying". Seriously! Send some of your staff to college, please! Or better yet, hire someone to evaluate all the sources on an article or script before it goes through. Quality control is something you have none of.
Geez,these comments. Why do people become so defensive about meat?! The video isn't saying not to eat meat, just to eat better less processed and cancer causing meat, geez.
This video: "Big companies cut corners and use legal loopholes in order to cheaply sell processed meat compromises health to the unsuspecting public, the effects of which includes such things as polluted lakes and bowel cancer." The commenters on this article : "fuck you buzzfeed, why are you attacking our meat" -_- ..sometimes I really loose hope in humanity
Every single person I know that got cancer ate this crap. I've never known ONE vegan that did. And before anyone says "but but but but my granny ate this shit every day and lived to be 100." Sure, it's possible. Just like there are smokers that live to be 100. But the odds are highly stacked against it.
I find it ironic that buzzfeed posts a video like this, but their video about veganism was so negetive.. hmmm
Buzzfeed video, you are nothing but another media outlet who circulates propaganda to scare the masses into kale-mumching mindless cattle. I'll eat my hotdogs while flipping you off.
So what you're saying is we all should starve? Yeah ummm most people cant afford food to begin with so I'll eat what I can when I can. Been doing it for 20 years now and I'm still not dead. So what meat isn't really the true color or its mashed up animals and such. Big whoop, still tastes good and I bet you anything the people who made this video ate some processed crap today 👍😋
I think people are missing the point of the video. It doesn't appear to be promoting veganism but rather the link to processed meats and cancer. If it were promoting veganism, it wouldn't have focused just on processed meat, and would have been graphic (if the focus were ethical). There is a direct link to processed meat and cancer...it's a fact. People need to understand what the food we consume does to our bodies on a cellular level. And FYI, there are endless recipes that taste wonderful and are vegan (not just eating "leafs" as some state...yes I'm vegan). Every single recipe I used to enjoy as a meat eater, I still make, I just substitute animal products with non animal products. For me it started as a health reason (I've seen changing to a raw vegan diet used to kill cancer in those who wanted to do so naturally...yes it does work), then it became an ethical reason for me. There's no need to bash those that are vegan, just because you don't feel the same way. Please do your own research.
Eww Amanda Westra I think I am going to turn vego... Or just not eat processed meats ever again!!
OMG. Ayoko na ng bacon :(
Processed meats are not the problem.
What is the problem is that people are using animals as resources. These same people believe it is wrong to hurt animals, but are making choices that are counter to their moral beliefs.
Animals are sentient beings. They think, feel pain, can suffer and are self aware... just like white people, black people, human males, human females, gay people, straight people.
If it is wrong to discriminate and use people off of arbitrary things like skin color or gender, it is equally wrong to use beings based off arbitrary things like species.
Dolphins can't do math! So what! That isn't a factor of if we should use an animal as a resource.
Veganism is non-violence towards all animals. Go vegan and help educate others.
Instead of buying processed meat, buy meat from stores like Trader Joe's - companies that organically feed their animals how they should be. Then you don't get processed meat, you get healthy meat.
Well I've lived 18 years on the earth eating meat.. And i've never even got so much as a stomach ache from meat.. So tbh I'm still gonna eat meat.
Not going to lie. I'll probably still eat meat. I try limit the amount of meat I eat and I definitely don't eat fast food.
Vegan life
This is full of misinformation I cant even start. And know whats funny buzzfeed has a bacon video every other day lol
We get it.
You're vegan and proud.
Don't need to strut around this video with that shit, cause no one really cares. 😂😂
People just begging for attention.
Wonder if they cross fit?
Raj Sandhu, Albert Gonzalez
All the sheeple believing everything they see. Buzzfeed is nothing more than clickbait and you all think this is completely factual.
This is why out society is so screwed.
Oh i see, processed foods are horrifying for our health according to this video, so starting now I'll stop watching this. 😂
I'm so glad that i don't eat meat :))) I just don't like meat , maybe once in a week just a chicken !
I was eating processed meat while watching this.
Did you know eating food is the number one killer in America? - buzz feed news jk but sounds as stupid as this video.
And now I'm vegetarian
I'm gonna eat this all I want, if I die at 50, so what. At least I enjoyed myself. I'm definitely not gonna eat just veggies for 80 years and pretend to be happy
How about people buy from a local farmer. You know what they feed how they live and how they die. Instead of seeing this video and say I'm going vegetarian or vegan because of this video. Yes it horrible. Or buy from a co-op you get locally grown food meat or veggies. You're supporting your community a local small farms that are sadly dying out.
oh and for the record it's not just processed meat all that nasty stuff is in it's in literally everything EVERYTHING you buy
Oh gosh who eve made this video is about as stupid as Obama that shit pisses me off and if your gonna get meat then farm it I killed 100 chickens last year to eat
The horrifying things aren't the chemicals or that it looks yucky. The horrifying truth is that meat comes from sentient animals that were tortured and killed.
I'll never rethink my decision of being a vegetarian! This is fucking nasty yet people still love & eat this shit. Gross!
Also, if a company tests a certain batch of meat and it shows that it has bacteria in it such as E. coli or salmonella, it doesn't have to be thrown away. Instead of serving it as a steak or hamburger meat, they cook it at a high temperature to kill the bacteria and then repackage it as a frozen or canned pre-cooked meat products.
Yoallan Montiel actually it made me think of neopolitan ice cream when you let it melt a bit and swirl all three flavors together. .....now i want ice cream.
Im vegetarian so I'm good but that's fuckin gross and how the FDA even approves that is.......actually, not suprising
Lol Buzzfeed, what exactly is your mission, I always see gay males doing your skits, so I never take the advice, I always get a super feminist's point of view on controversial topics, and now you're trying to make me a vegan... I'm on to you guys... Oh but you are right about the nuggets and hot dogs, I'll give you a point for that
so this is actually what I got my degree in. And this entire video is a lie and propaganda. First off, there is less ammonia in any meat product than could possibly become toxic to a human. That's less than our bodies naturally produce through urine. Next, a 0.4% carbon monoxide formula is used in meat packaging to preserve a bright pink color. This is done to prevent spoilage bacteria that use oxygen to destroy the tissue of the meat. Also, that "pink slime" they're showing you is actually just a process to get all of the meat off of the bone. It's a finely textured product because it's the trimmings left on the bone. Also, ractopamine is the equivalent of protein shakes in humans. It's a beta adrenergic product that promotes muscle growth. Zilpaterol is the equivalent in cows and all producers voluntarily pulled their cows off of it because there could possibly be adverse health side effects in cattle. Lastly, that pink pond is healthy. That means that the good bacteria are doing their job and breaking down the methane. I wonder if he people who made this video have ever been to a meat processing plant, taken a meat science class, or even seen a feedlot in real life. Consumers have become so far removed from their food. What would happen if grocery stores didn't exist? Who would people fall on to be fed? How would people eat if they can't even raise their own food? Instead of perpetuating lies and bullshit why not actually learn beyond what the media says, read deeper into things, and of course thank a farmer or a food producer because they are the reason you aren't hungry.
If you don't want to eat processed meat, but don't want to be a vegan, hunt your own food! That way you know we're it's from, and it's the freshest you can get the most humane way
Who cares it's a little late now!! Ok if you don't know that eating this crap isn't processed well you are dumb as this video........... Fast food is processed shit full of every horror known to your bowels, as the video that so too late confirms.... Eat healthy lean meat and veg not processed shit full of fancy chemicals 💣
All meat is processed some kind of way. What are you supposed to do kill your own cows and pigs? You'd then have to process the meat somehow or it would go to waste. The older generation ate it for years and they're fine. If it is OK for my grandfather it's OK for me.
Everything is bad if consumed in excess. Just dont eat it every single day 3 times a day or dont complain when you get fat and sick. Youll be alright if you think about it
What is it with buzzfeed lately? All this Vegan propaganda.
Buzzfeed, can you not Peta or Peta2, right now?
😂😂 stfu with this shit! God damn tree huggers I love meat! I'll eat processed meat 2 times a day till I die !
Annnnnnd nothings changed. I'm still eating meat. And no, I'm not switching to "organic" meat because I'm poor as hell. You can eat meat, you just can't go overboard with it, especially the fast food meat. Also, not all of these "facts" are true. Don't believe me? Look it up. Do research.
All seeds are patented...ALL food is fake even your fruits and vegetables. So whether you eat meat or not, it's still fake food...
It's disgusting hiding this from us eventually it'll all be revealed and this is festy man you don't put rodent hair in food whoever invented that rule is sure dew for rodent hair in their next meal 😂🙏
I agree with some of this, but not all is true. For instance, taco bell's "meat" isn't actually meat. But this video calls it meat.
I like how people think it's gross but really ideally all of an animal should be used.
Cellulose in cereal is sawdust.
Peanut butter is allowed to have rat feces in it actually all processed food is expected to have ground up mice/rats as well as feces in it, it's a tiny amount though it's there.
They spray veggies and fruit with cow shit that's fertilizer, and when they harvest crops millions of small critters get chopped up in with the plants.
So everything is technically nasty,
Funny how I'm watching this... Right after one of their "stoner friendly" recipes that contains every one of these products 😶

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