15 Awesome Ways To Open A Wine Bottle

15 Awesome Ways To Open A Wine Bottle Warning: techniques used in this video can be hazardous. Do not try at home.
15 Awesome Ways To Open A Wine Bottle
Published on 10/20/2017
15 Awesome Ways To Open A Wine Bottle
Warning: techniques used in this video can be hazardous. Do not try at home.


These all take a lot more effort than owning a corkscrew. The blowtorch one though <3
or go to your local convenience store and buy a wine opener for less than 10 dollars.
This is just stupidπŸ˜’...
Idk man. A house that doesn't have a wine opener doesn't seem like a house I want to be in
All that extra work
Jajajajaja good ideas .. algunas jajaja thx amiga Anya Uvinagood tips para la winita o sea Dulce DΓ­az jajajaa
15 ways we can open our wine without a wine bottle opener HAHA. They forgot plyers and a screw but I do like the blowtorch… Mandy Dhaliwal Rechell Singh Sharn Hari
Mitzi when the cork gets stuck on the bottle opener next Time we'll know what to do
Lmao Sandra Salcedo Jessica CastaΓ±eda
Sammy Comer Tracy Velazquez
Haha Kim Howard and Alex Davis you could have used this a few months ago.
For those times when life gives you lemons Emily Elisabeth Heard Alesa Kiser Belvedere
Mary Smack Gülce Kaya Gâkçe Kaya for next time ;p
Amanda Hayn Shannon Doyle
I don't have a blowtorch πŸ˜”
Khaled Salam LoΓ―s Talpaert
Mando Villaneda Richard Martinez Carlos Manzano They forgot the shoe trick!
Gris Gutierrez Karla Borquez Kelly Almada Raquel Ys Alejandra Alcaraz Claudia Maria Crockwell Robles
Dulce DΓ­az Erick UviΓ±a Irasema Rodriguez-George
Hahahaha vou amarrar a rolha no meu long, e bater na cabeça da Marianna Tranin,
Tauany Carvalho Dias
Para o próximo almoço, Raysa e Lucibele. O último é meu favorito, haha
Sometimes the struggle is real!! Asa Diaz Michaela Carabajal Alyssia Hernandez
Goku Gongora Corinne Gonzalez Victoria Schmidt Manuel Hernandez Kathycat Calleja Martin Sanchez Francisco Almaraz we should open wine bottles like this at work!
Chris Castle i see you testing these tricks!!
Hahahaha Pebbles Selbbep
Richard Pawulski-Saunders Jordan Graf
Denisse Aguirre Ximena M. Ondarza
Ana Alvarez De Soto
Wilma Hoekstra
Alex Coupsta
Pernille Brorsen Christensen
Yesenia Delgado
Christianne Leigh
Arnt Roger Myrvoll
Nicole Sheckler why did we never think of these things
Lo Fo life skills
Just in case you're ever stuck without a bottle opener Christine and Lawry haha!! Desperate times, desperate measures ;-)
Vanessa Tzorin
The battery one is scary, do you really want it sitting in the bottom of the bottle?? Not bloody likely!!!
Violeta Bluitt
Hahahaha wir hΓ€tten es auch schaffen kΓΆnnen Erika Ge Wiebke Rudolph
He Ha
People with a dirty mind shouldn't watch the towel + wall part
ViriDiana Rodriguez Portillo jajajaja ok
Robert Quotskuyva
Meg Gonzales
Richelle Anne Borigsay
I hope you won't open fine wine like this...
Darlyl MontaΓ±ez Rivera

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