14 Reasons "Cards Against Humanity" Should Never Be Played With Family

14 Reasons "Cards Against Humanity" Should Never Be Played With Family
14 Reasons "Cards Against Humanity" Should Never Be Played With Family
Published on 11/19/2017
14 Reasons "Cards Against Humanity" Should Never Be Played With Family


"With enough time and pressure, grandpa's ashes can become hot pockets" was played at friendsgiving. By my little sister. She won.
What would grandma find disturbing, yet oddly charming? The gays.
I won with this last night... with the family:
Black card: During sex, I like to think about ____.
My white card: "Firing a rifle in the air while balls deep in a screaming hog."
I'm sorry but playing with my family is the best!
Specially when my 15 year old cousin plays the card bout seeing grandma naked.......And grandma is playing
Best moment ever!
Played this with my mom and a friend yesterday (yes I know we should have more people , but it was the first time playing and we were testing it out. Anyway.? Question was "what am I giving up for lent". My moms answer: "being a dick to children" 😂
My 67 year old mom kicked out asses with her horribleness 😂
Black Card: He who controls ____ controls the world.
White Card: Morgan Freeman's Voice.
"What do you not want to find in your Kung pow chicken?" -A stray pube.
"Here's the church, here's the steeple, open the door, and there's ___." -Bitches
Playing with my family and someone using the answer "queefing" and my uncle asking what that meant and if he had ever done it before!!!! Hilarious!!!!
Am I the only one who has no idea what this game is?
Our worst combo was "what is the new fad diet?" Auschwitz
Amber Brock Harry Stephanie Jack Kerri Daniel Carly Ben Christine Jay Tani
Wife and I Tried this on thanksgiving with her parents..
Why did we do that???? Worst time ever trying to explain a gloryhole to the mom in law...
hahaha i swear i put down some of those combinations!
we played with a friends parents once and had to explain Bukake to her mum!!! hahaha
Mine is "When you think about it, 'a ferris wheel hurtling uncontrollably toward the sea' is really just 'a windmill full of corpses' "
Wasn't it 12?
Jack Ryan Zack Zenere Jono Liondis Lachlan Watt Peter Finneran Elizabeth Daher Hannah Bresnahan Liv Borg Macy Cocking Susie Robertson Tautvydas Anusaitis Mathew Owen Erin Kenna
Lucy Burke Samantha Chittenden Maddy Hobbs Katelyn Jones Brittany James Jack Stranger Georgia-Lee Floyd Brielle Musgrove Rose Vucic and we thought ours were bad!!!
Fernando Bonifacio Jr. Claryssa Lozano Matt Lozano Marlene G Garcia Alexis De Anda Marissa Hernandez Melissa Garcia Hernandez ... "What will always get you laid?"
... "Bitches!"
Billie Slip Michael Hutcheson India Jeffes Laura Hayley James Macintyre Tammy Bouman Emmy Harkins Sarah Larkins Molly Mccrann
Jamie GreyMyles JeffriesWilliam HallJacob AbbottJack CollierLaura BeavenOllie SmithChristy O'ConnorElease Hobson
Lisa Qin Darren Lim Eu-Junn Seng Michael Italiano Gilbert Choi
Brinnah Kavanagh Tanisha Matthews-Gunn Charmaine Matthews-Gunn Mark Fuhrmann Grace Leddin James Dean Scanlon Nicholas Bowles Abe Knynenburg Georgia Yendall Alex White
Josh Whitten Andrew Fechner Krystel Rose Josh Harry Miles Clinton Ramsey Mylyn Dat
Laura Elizabeth Emmaline Rider Emma Rachael Chiara La Rocca Sarah-jane Ossino Jo Davey Ella Hayes Victoria Vecchio
Edbert Leong Michael TingKevin Lee Jaomi Tay Andy LimDanielle Chin Wei Yin 😂😂😂😂
Catherine To Elaine Seow Chris Ong Gary La Hang Luong Katherine Chau Priscilla Woo
Liss Chloe Ashley what's worse is that I don't need the game to make these kind of jokes LOL
Colin Chan Alice Tian Lin Feng Wong Bryan Tai
Sean WalesJosh LongAlyssa MonteDylan FrancisRonald Rixer
Estela Cardenas Lisette Chavez Daisy Marie Veronica Cardenas Mikey Cardenas Elizabeth Amador 😂😂👍👍
Sylvia Las Jose Magana Michelle Rodriguez Kayla Vivas Samantha Santana 😂 well then...
Gina Johnston Justin K Smith Susan Drew Dáití Mansfield Ana De Jesus 😜
Helene Julie David Mikkel Casper Det her kortspil skal vi spille næste gang i stedet for :3
Avalon Angelina Arty Nicola Jess Dylan Annalise
Lilly Thomas Sara Brenda Norman 😂
Kristyne ArneillCooper Jessica AllisonWade JohnsonKurt Cassin
Janelle William
Sarah MacAlevey
Greta Valentinotti Ecco il gioco di cui ti avevo parlatooo
Michael Stone
Craig Cuthbert Aaron Cuthbert Mike Cuthbert Cherri Cuthbert
Sophie Parent Alex Mailloux
Cat Cat
Tamara Lee Yates 😂 Goblins!
James Facciolla
How did the "jerking off into a pool of children's tears" card not make an appearance
Rebeccah aaaahhhhh
Melissa Olenik Renee Olenik Chrissy Nicole Justak
Sadena Nichole Coleman Emily Manley Audrianna Musgrove
Bailie Reheis Joleen Intwert Paige Ankerstein Sean Forward

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