14 People Describe What Feminism Means To Them

14 People Describe What Feminism Means To Them
14 People Describe What Feminism Means To Them
Published on 11/19/2017
14 People Describe What Feminism Means To Them


Feminism isnt just for women, its for men. So men can be who they are, so men dont have to live life being told to "man up" or stop being a "little girl"
Feminism is just as much for men as it is women.
Listen i'm all for women having equal rights but if your man wants a sandwich just make him a sandwich. ;)
I'm fine with feminism, but I feel like most put a pretty terrible face to their movement, then get pissed when someone says they choose not to go by that label.
Extremist feminists piss me the fuck off!
IN MY EXPERIENCE, feminism means women who are career-oriented get to insult those who choose to stay home and raise a family, saying that they are "setting the movement back." Feminism means demanding to be treated better than men just because we have a vagina. It is emasculating every man you date then complaining they aren't man enough. It's like affirmative action for females. You get extra points for having a twat.
I think that feminism is a hijacking of humanist beliefs and re-branding it with a vile form of bigotry while pretending that it's not that at all.
Always curious about this, do feminists believe a man should be able to hit back and defend themselves if he is struck by a female? What if it was a man of similar size and strength?
Means women's rights and Equality. But I believe in Equality for everyone
Women and men are physiologically different. I don't understand why people make that out to be so bad! Yes the majority of men are physically stronger then the majority of women. But the majority of women are more tender and nurturing than the majority of men. I love the way it just naturally balances out! The differences between men and women bind us and we work together as a team complimenting each other's weaknesses and strengths! It's a wonderful thing! Stop making it into something it's not. Equality is such a conundrum anyway. It dumbs down the population and it's the reason our education is so horrible.
It's all about love. Just love everyone no matter what weakness or strength they have.
Rant done.
I am a feminist because I believe in equality for everyone and strive to take down the patriarchy. I need feminism because as a kid I was taught that my worth resided purely in my virginity and I want girls everywhere to know that they are worth so much more than this.
I love how females push for equal rights but still...
In a fight: Don't you DARE hit me I'm a WOMAN.
Proposing first: I can't do that, I'm the lady.
Working hard/lifting : I can't, that's a mans job.
Say a man says he like skinnier girls? He gets trashed... but if a woman says she likes more built men, it's just acceptable. The list goes on and on.
I'm not saying all women do that, but it's really aggravating.
Feminism is just another excuse for women to bitch about something.
I don't understand why people don't look into egalitarianism. If they are all for everyone's rights, then being an egalitarian is the goal, not feminism.
you're not a real feminist if you say that women shouldn't be in the kitchen. how many of you got into a fit from reading that? now, let me explain. i'm tired of the so-called 'feminists' that chastise women who prefer to be a stay at home mom, housewife, homemaker, what-have-you. because real feminism is about having the choice. so, if you say that women shouldn't be in the kitchen, you are ultimately condemning those who choose to be. because being a feminist is not about telling women and men what they should do. it's about giving them the opportunities to make a choice that is their own, without gender specific standards. same with the men who decide to be a stay at home dad/husband. don't praise women for choosing to work, become a boss, live the non traditional life. instead, praise what gave her the ability to choose. take out the standards by which our society has grown accustomed to and there wouldn't be inequality.
I LOVE how they have men in there too
I am a stay at home mom of 3 homeschooled the kids christian and I am a feminist. I stay at home because I want to because it works for us and my family not because I am not smart enough to get a job. Thank you to all that have gone before me so I can choose to stay at home.
Nice to see people still know what actual feminism is :)
I am 66 years of age. We put this to rest in the 70s and 80's. Is it so hard for the younger women to take care of matters in their lives. Why do we have to act like we have a chip on our shoulder? Get real people, does everyone have to march for their supposed injustice. Sit down and really take a look at your life and what you are whinnying about.
feminism in a nutshell:
man: *politely holds door open for woman*
woman: "what, you think because im a woman i cant open the door for myself? i bet if i had a penis you'd think i was strong enough to open it on my own."
man: "ummmm...." *lets go of door*
woman: ""what, because im a woman im not good enough for you to hold the door for me? i bet if i had a penis you'd hold it open for me out of respect"
at this point the smartest thing for us to do is just walk away, shes obviously crazy and you're not gonna win this one..
and with that, all of the guys in this video need to have their man cards revoked. hahaha
Pretending to be oppressed.
"If you are not a feminist then you don't believe men and should be treated equally"
that's a stupid judgmental statement right there
If feminism isnt just for women why does it need to be called feminism?
Feminism is gender equality folks. Take it from the people that actually learn about feminism instead. To be honest, I've never met a feminist that legitimately hated men and wants them to die?
Wait so you don't like a cause because of the word used to represent it? The word caters towards females because when the feminist movement was started that's what it was about, it was about women gaining a bit more power in a world where we had none. Times have changes and you shouldn't let your dislike if a name keep you from supporting.
If woman think they are equal. Put them in an intense labor job and see if they can efficiently do the job like a man can. Something's woman aren't equal in. It's not being sexist or prejudice. It's just fact.
My experience with "feminism"
"Women can't rape or sexually assault a man. How dare you think that!"
"All men are sexist inherently"
"A man who impregnated his wife should be charged with attempted murder because sex, no matter what, is violence against women and pregnancy has the possibility of killing"
"All sex is rape because society tells you to say yes"
"Women are objectified by what society tells us to wear"
Then "I should be able to wear whatever I want to no matter how revealing without men looking at me"
Sorry, I want to identify as a feminist, but given these experiences, it's hard. Also feminism is filled with so many double standards. "I want to be able to wear what I want without being judged for it." Most of the time this argument refers to women being judged as sluts for wearing revealing clothing. Well another argument of feminists is that wearing revealing clothing is objectification by society. So which one is it? Another fine example of the double standards in feminism is in the video. They spend a while taking about how feminism is for fighting for equality for all, but then they only talk about issues facing women. What about ones facing men? In as study conducted, the research team put a man an a women in a public area. The women would become physically abusive and verbally abusive towards the man and she'd claim dominance over him. No one stepped into solve the issue and most laughed. Later they flipped it, with the man doing the same thing to the women. The entire square stopped and pulled the guy away. How is that equal? Another example is custody battles. Men are less likely to win one because of stereotypes. Point is if you make a video like this, talk about both side of inequality like Emma Watson did. She helped me to be more willing to identify as a feminist because she saw the issues men face.
No, saying I don't believe in feminism means I don't agree with the Idiotic "men have been more powerful for long enough its time for female domination." I agree 100% that women and men should hold the same power and all of that, but saying Im a "feminist" is not what Im going to say. Because Im not a sexist piece of shit who thinks that women should get special treatment because they have vaginas.
Lol I tease ever woman at work who can't lift the heavier stuff with equal rights equal pay equal work haha
I agree about equal rights for men and women blacks whites everybody. I'm probably gonna get a lot of shit for saying this, but I personally don't think this will do much for females around the entire world. Let's be honest, some cultures will NEVER change how they treat their women. If you have to be a feminist and fight for your equal rights, in a way you're saying that men already have more rights. And while it may be true, talking about it won't do much. It's all in how women carry themselves. (and some but not all women who claim to be feminist are fucking insane) And being a feminist already off the bat tells another person that you currently are not equal to a man. It's all in your head. Fuck other people and what they say or think; if you honestly believe in your heart that you are equal to a man, that should be good enough for yourself.
The concept of feminism is fine. The problem is those that are the most outspoken about it tend burn bridges in the process. In my experience anyway.
Feminism..the excuse to eat that extra doughnut at the coffe table. Because men should like "curvy" women. Lmao
The reason I don't like feminism is because the root of the word specifically caters it towards females.
It was a good video until she said "my work place is dominated by straight, white men." It's a video about feminism, equality. How is brining up someone gender, race, and sexuality equality? The way it's said makes it feel like it's bad to be that.
These people understand feminism. I just can't stand the women who believe that women are better than men or feel they deserve everything to be handed over to them on a silver platter and just give orders just expecting men to comply. Thank you for reminding everyone what feminism truly is and weed out the feminine dominant and masculine dominant people. Everyone should be equal in all aspects
I completely support 100% equality between genders. But if women really want equal rights, they should call themselves egalitarians, not feminists. The word feminism sends the wrong message.
Then let's get rid of men's and women's events in the Olympics.
I'm seriously shaking my head at all the women that aren't feminists.....
bullshit feminism is feminism. equality is equality. there is a male version of feminism its called misogyny.
I'm pretty tired right now so I'm not in the mood to write a thesis about this. But I JUST have to say something about this kinda topic so I'll put it in point form.
- NO MATTER what "feminism" actually means, it's FEMINism. (Not equalism.)
- Everything begins with its name.
- There are lots of women who know what feminism actually means, and there are lots of women (too) who couldn't care less what it means (and call themselves feminists).
- Somehow, apparently (I repeat: apparently), with the rise of feminism comes the rise of misandry.
- Somehow, apparently (I repeat: apparently), with the rise of feminism comes demonization of men.
- While some mature and level-headed female feminists fight for genuine equality without bias, LOTS of "feminists" exhibit vengeance.
- The innocent men of today have become victims of revenge for things that the "bad men" of the past had done.
- No matter what feminists say, we've hardly heard of feminist groups fighting against unfair treatment of men. NO MATTER what feminists say. (Don't you dare challenge the fact that men are also treated unfairly.)
- When you (mainly) fight for the rights of your own group, you don't want equality. You want special status.
- Like it or not, in reality, feminism brings about unintended, unwanted effects in unexpected ways.
- Due to people's selfishness, immaturity, and the desire for vengeance, gender inequality is self-perpetuating.
- Both genders fight against unfair treatment towards themselves, but would silently love to keep the unfair advantages that they're unfairly enjoying. (Meaning, they're reinforcing the very things they're fighting against.)
- Until every single person on earth gets rid of selfishness, immaturity, and the desire for vengeance, gender inequality is here to stay.
- In other words, gender equality on a global scale is virtually impossible to achieve. (You'd need a utopia.)
As a woman I don't care about being equal to a man , our strengths are different because we're meant to complement each other not replace each other.
As a human being though, equality should be the foundation to everything.
As long as we make it about genders when it's so far beyond any of that, we're just going to keep missing the point.
Feminism is a fucking joke
I believe in equality
But whenever I see feminists it's always "we are better then men and we don't need men ever" Jack Yu Jade Marie James Wright
First of all fuck laci green. Second, feminism is not equality. Equality is equality.
I hate feminists
Feminism isn't about equality. It never has been. Its even in the name. It is about female empowerment. Not equality. Egalitarianism is about equality. In every way. Start calling it by the right name.
Keegan Stevenson this is bullllsheeeiitttttt
Safaneh Mohaghegh Neyshabouri
i teringat sbb u buat research psal feminism in architecture.. so alang2 i tag youu :) Fatin Suza
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