14 New Emojis For Every Awkward Situation In Your Life

14 New Emojis For Every Awkward Situation In Your Life
14 New Emojis For Every Awkward Situation In Your Life
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Published on 11/23/2017
14 New Emojis For Every Awkward Situation In Your Life


I'm proud to say I'm one of the few who watched the entire video.
Alright you guys seem to be losing ideas.
I feel that being socially awkward or having social anxiety has become a trend. It's a real thing that people suffer from!
This is LAME. Come on Buzzfeed...
So umm buzz feed do you need some ideas Cuz I'm willing to help?
BuzzFeed is trying so hard to keep frequent videos out. It's like they're letting any idea become a video. "10 things you think about before putting on your shoes"
Where can I find these emoji?
😐 😕
/l\ <👗\
/\ /\
😉 😳
/|\ /👗\
/\ /\
😚 😒
/|\ <👗>
/\ /\
😍 ☺
/|\ /👗\
/\ /\
😍 😍
/|\ /👗\
/\ /\
😘 😊
/|\ /👗\
/\ /\
😳 😁
/|\ /👙\
/\ / \
😈 /😰\
<|\ 👙
/🍆 / \
/\ /\\/\
// / \
// / \
😭 ☺
/|\ /(👶)\
/\ / \
Best video because this is all around me I'm not ASHAMED!!! YAAA! 👏👏(=^.^=)
That Netflix one though!! 😁 yeshhhh 😻
Give me the taco emoji or give me death.
Once someone says some stupid shit other people feel the need to jump on the band wagon. Congratulations, none of you can think for yourself. Buzzfeed, they're all assholes. I enjoyed it, because I can relate and I really need those emojis!!
I didn't watch it allllll.... Who is with me?
This is stupid.
Not to mention.. Her voice.
*sigh* so obnoxious!
Had to stop watching after "the door emoji".
No not these emojis. What about eye rolling emoji?
Make a video of "things what hairstylist think while cutting your hair" !!!!!!!
They need a raised eyebrow emoji or/& rolling eyes emoji
I need The "her voice is annoying emoji".
Omgsh. I don't know if I'm an awkward human being or not. 😥 I'm only about half of these things. But those half are "story of my life" situations.
The voice just ruined my day. It sounds like a Disney princess but x10 worse... Plus the jokes were corny
Seriously? We need NEW emojis, but not these. These are dumb. I can think of a few that would be great to replace some that are on there already! Idk why they seriously haven't upgraded....
really stupid.
The clammy hands one an be taken in such a dirty way
I'd be shitty if these were the ones on our update😂
Didn't even finish watching
It seems as if they're running out of ideas! 😲
I don't know why. But I want to punch this bitch in the face.
I love I'd rather be hanging out with animals lol. They need to have a girl one with a cat.. That's me:)
the "flirting is not my forte" face ....... oh man.
The one with the guy nd the cat looked weird.... Ok maybe it's just me!
Coming soon but Not yet on Androids..😂✊😁👍
Her voice was annoying
Is it just me or am I the only one who thought of all of these the wrong way
I need them badly
Stupid emoji's.
That animal one was just weird looking.
Exactly! Why call when you can just text?
" when someone has the odacity to call you instead of text you " Dion 😂💖
0.30 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I feel kinda bad for really hating this woman's voice. 😖
So funny!!
Like it was made for me ! 😂
I need these so badly
The I'd rather hang out with a animal cx
Leslie , new emojis?! "I'd rather hang out with an animal" is so me.
That was terrible
Perfect for people like me who have social anxiety
I actually hate texting, so....yeah.
Buzzfeed can you please make an emojis app!
Love these!

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