14 Moms You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

14 Moms You Won’t Believe Actually Exist
14 Moms You Won’t Believe Actually Exist
Published on 10/23/2017
14 Moms You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


one of your worst vids
How does this have anything to do with race? It is really sad to see how much people make race so important when this video was supposed to be funny? They picked random pictures to show funny and crazy moms and they all happen to be white. I bet on anything that if there was pictures of just blacks, asians, hispanics, people would say that they are racist for only picking them and showing them in a crazy way.
Guess you guys forget ethnic mom's exist.. there were no Asian, African, Latina etc mom on here.. zip none nada...
but these moms are adorable.
My favorite is the double mom
This sound sounds like a commercial song for the Sims.
Why wouldn't I believe these Moms exist? I don't get it......
i believe they all exist
My 11 month old son liked the music for this video, he was dancing while it was playing
Double mom. Omg I cried lol
There aren't any ethnic moms because white people are crazy af..
Lol you guys are idiots if you think buzz feed is racist. Have you seen their other videos?
I expected more from you buzzfeed.
No mom ... Thanks buzzfeed .
Love us no matter what haha
The who race thing has gotta stop. Seriously. I am white Hispanic girl and I don't care that they didn't show mexican moms screwing up...Lol come on peeps
The mom with the punk kid, was really nice! I liked it..
OMG! That last one tho.... X'D
They all shop at walmart ironically lol.
For everyone complaining about race, you could be looking at different ethnic moms. Half ethnic or just caucasian looking. People forget that a lot of Spanish people are blond with light skin. As a half Mexican chick, I don't look anything like my ethnic mother but that doesn't make me less Mexican.
Phew, thought maybe I was in that
That peeing baby has better hair than a lot of adults.
why is buzz feed on a mommy kick right now its cool but why
Never understood why people troll buzzfeed videos just to complain about race. Seriously get a life.
The twin mom and double mom pic was funny
I think I had that sunflower dress....
Wow.....let it go! Really
Looooord. Lol
Bryan ur the baby in the last pic
I seem to remember matching sunflower outfits. Lol
They forgot to add Bev from the Goldbergs
The 80's seemed so bad ass. Don't get me wrong these times have their own thing going. But to think of all the lives that were experienced or lost in that time only makes me tip my hat to you guys.
I love the punk mom. Oh my goodness.
Happy Mother's Day tho!
Thank you! Happy Mothers Day to you too!
The girl on the right at 0:26 looks like a brunette version of Cameron Howe on Halt and Catch Fire!
I'd be a Rock n' Roll someday. I'll influence my children with my music. ❤
Twins one is creepy!
These white moms
Always dangerous to have a naked baby boy around xD
Love this
The ones shouting "There's no people of color" are the most racist people of all! Color doesn't matter!
Be strong to my mom....we lost our brother which my mom dearest kid.The last one really describe her.Brought me to tears :(
What no black moms out there
I can believe this totally exists. It's called HISTORY. However I dislike any video where we mock people for simply being themselves.
these moms are scarey!!
😂😂😂😂😂 I'm pretty sure the point was not to make ethnic moms non existent. Cmon people. Laugh a little.
some kids need a smack down.

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