14 Dogs Who Regret Their Decisions

14 Dogs Who Regret Their Decisions
14 Dogs Who Regret Their Decisions
Published on 10/23/2017
14 Dogs Who Regret Their Decisions


I feel so bad for the dog who got into the salad: all that trouble and it wasn't even worth it!
At one time or another, we have ALL been these dogs.
My dog is the one with it's head in the fence!!! That's really my dog!!!! That is the fence to my house :)
most of them don't seem to regret a thing 😂😂😂😂😂
Pretty sure this was a written article before.... slow day huh Buzzfeed?
Cat videos are better
Daniella van Egmond hahaha the poor puppy gestoken door bijen
that is so cute
As a dog owner I hate to tell you but most of, if not all of, these dogs did not regret their decisions at all.
i expected live videos. I am dissapointed.
BUzzfeed runs out on ideas
Aww pit a pic of ur dog with his fat face lol
Hahaha my slight obsession with dogs MAY be why! Lol I'm glad you did, they're gas!! :D :D
That puppy that ate the bees has that "Can you not?" look on em... LOL
Music makes this very boring... ._.
Lmao thats cute
The only one that was cute was the one that ate bees, besides that.....Boring :l
The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters.
Nope. I used poop as lube!
In all honesty I've had sex with three out of these 12 dogs
I LOVE buzzfeed!!! lol
Awe I love dogs so much this made my day a lot better
I'll just let the hedgehog loose.
Poor puppy that ate bees. :(
Curious pup at the end is a shiba Inu!!
Awe, very cute!
Yeah I have no idea what it is with dogs and Bees, mine got stung one time and now she sit in front of the lavender bushes and watches them like TV. Maybe she things she's protecting us from them? Lol she's a doofus but I love her ^_^
I like the leaf-blower one x3
So cute.
The dog who ate the salad. Lol
The ferocious fido!
very funny
Well, I would show you my pug that ate ants but I can't post a picture for some reason lol
Hailey Elizabeth
Andres Cota
Just funny !
just made my day... and i really needed this. Thanks X)
Good one
0:21 pup who ate bees
Angela McColl
Oh my gosh Jessica I'm lmao
I love it! So funny! People need to just relax and give buzzfeed a break! It's a good thing they have a variety of videos.
Our famous pooch!

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