14 Athletes Who Prove It’s Okay To Fail

14 Athletes Who Prove It’s Okay To Fail via America's Funniest Home Videos
14 Athletes Who Prove It’s Okay To Fail
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Published on 10/22/2017
14 Athletes Who Prove It’s Okay To Fail
via America's Funniest Home Videos


The girl at the end! That was pretty good!
Kids were way cooler in the 90s man.
That last one. Wow
The belly flop tho.... it hurts just thinking about it
I hurt watching this.
That guy who got his leg stuck in the basketball hoop? Yeah, that was a trip to the hospital.
That Aerial at the end was perfect!!! 😍🙌
That foot in the ring! HAHAHA
I love the marching band part. That would be me.
I thought I was gonna see a bunch of pros failing
April 19 1992 the was a riot on the streets tell me where were you??
Some of those people got really hurt though :(
Since when are the band geeks athletes?
I died at the marching band one XD
Buzzfeed+ afv= some funny crap
Now that hurts. A lot! Hahaha 😂
The first one tho. The kid was happily jumping rather than feeling guilty breaking the glass door 😂😂😂
Thank you for recognizing all sports by putting a marching band in this video! You never fail me, buzzfeed. 😊
😂😂😂 ayy comieron tierra
Its ok to be died...? Nope it was wrong.
I'm crying 😂 😂 😂
جميل جدا
Bat in the door, that's dad's fault! Sorry
Lol, the skill of the little girl at the end though
90's/early 2000's was the best <3!
so funnier
I wouldn't exactly call them athletes...
That belly flop though...
Ouch! Yea!
These literally hurt me to watch.
The last shot is amazing
That little girl though...
I love the first one
I love bein 34. I 'failed' every day. It's just nobody had a camera around to record it! 👍
This is true.
The marching band part actually happened to me during practice the morning of the show.
The funny one only the last one 👍
Pretty cool
That aerial at the end was fabulous
I never laughed as hard as i did when that guy fell off the treadmill and the bike. Just the look on his fave made me laugh hard. I also laughed hard because i can see myself doing the majority of these
That was me trying in all the sports.
Oh, that hurts!
Somebody forgot to add the mark Sanchez butt fumble...
90s where so much funnier!

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