13 Weird Things Former Dancers Do

13 Weird Things Former Dancers Do
13 Weird Things Former Dancers Do
Published on 10/17/2017
13 Weird Things Former Dancers Do


This video applies to guard as well. Jay, Lexi, Haley, Logan, Niki, Aleesha, Christina.
former? I'm a dancer and I do all this now... Timothy Uhrig Annemarie Lillis Heather Christa
Lovely Do you do these? Haha. Thought of you when I saw it...though I know it says former dancer but I know you still dance. Lol.
Lily Helmly I can imagine you 30 years from now totally relating to this 😂
Reginald Peat Alison Cook Shannon Nossum Megan Higgins Abby Conger Kelsey Woolsey Kelly Backous Genay Tucker Kayla Rogler Robyn Dalke Kristine Mauss Maricar Drilon Derek Drilon Kenica Aplass Jennifer Bauer Jenny Boyle Laura Crockett Stefanie Robbins Danielle Crabtree Valerie Pettebone McClain Julia M Limoges Mark Schell Onnolee Schell Darcy Stockton Nicole Hansen Nicole Liljegren
lol Mikayla Tipps Alyssa Cavazos I feel like yall should've been the stars of this video.
Ariana Sabatini, Shannon Daugherty
Couldn't help but think of you guys randomly dancing in Hendo's class haha
Watching this while subconsciously sitting in splits..lol Monica
People nowadays don't know what Modern Dance is. The only way I can explain it is to refer to what's called Contemporary dance like on So You Think You Can Dance. And yes, 30 years from now.... I'm right there or more, and very few people get it. I met a man at an open mic last week who did. Wow...it felt so good.
This is so funny!!! 😂 yeah I don't do it so much anymore, but I used to dance around the house all the time doing my old routines!! Lol!!!
Tere Herrera Laysha Yanei Paulina Sanchez Camila Sofia Rosete Fanny Saldívar Danay Madrigal
Haven't done dance since I was a little kid. But a lot of this is pretty much me. The cracking, the positions I think are comfortable but others think I'm just showing off how weirdly flexible I am... Everything but the dance feet and buns. And Bobby pins. I have short hair.
Even though I don't look as good as the girls in the picture , I still do all this! Even some tap dancing in the kitchen ☺️
Orion Dajnowicz does this explain to you why my body always cracks, why I want you to dance with me and why I'm always bouncing around on my toes?!
Luis Torres casi todas contigo, like cuando hablo contigo (por cel y personal), las bobby pins, mi pie, alzar la pierna xD oh, i love you. I'm comfortable doing that with you. :D
Megan Ratcliffe You do this anyway cos you're weird
i loved across the floor🙈 lol remember when we used to have to kick and spell tiger dancers...those were the days Madi Taggart Autumn Rome Ashton Peake
Jody Judd this is hilarious and I feel like you would relate (even though you aren't former)
Gloria and Danielle!!
Shannon, "when american apparel is too expensive, shop discount dance" part is the story behind the leggings 😂
William Wilson you've experienced all of these things with me (and we both know about that drawer in my closet with a million old pairs of Pointe shoes lmao)
I've danced my whole life and my feet didn't turn out nasty even during dance season. I made sure that they didn't. I stand at work like that lol
Cate Bules.... Even though you're a current dancer and not a former, totally made me think of you. 😂
Ok discount dance supply I do shop it, and the video "We can do that" definitely, but that's it!LOL!
Ishani Das seen you doing some of that... A LOT !! Casual thursday stretching session, I remember that one pretty well rubber woman 😋
Emily Mary Christine .... Why I am constantly stretching: all explained in one video
Emily i think this is one of the reasons i'm good at buns btw
Brittnee Cutler you're not a former dancer but you still did/do this shit when I'm around and when we used to hang out 😂
Oh my lord the phone and the posture Kristin Turner Ashreale McDowell Mershauna Renee Clay
Rachel Block "wanna learn this dance?" *4 hours later* *2AM* *everyone in the house is asleep* "HOT TAMALES! IM. ON. FIRE. FIRE." 😘
Sarah you're still a dancer, but i found this so funny. you trying to learn that dance during thanksgiving :)
Danielle Borromeo Tyra Valerian Gomes Margaret Demmery Emily Bellicoso
Sarah Comisac Kayla Prezelski Chloe Prezelski we danced for years and I feel like none of this describes us lmao
Hannah Chung Christy Cisneros former or not, haha reminded me of you beauties <3
Strip is probably in the top 10
Michelle especially when you already knew how to do those twirls in belly dancing class! Hehe
Kil Kelley OMG right on it !!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Anna Scherberich Anna Ko Greta Goodworth Greta Lovisa Lara Gedicke Céline Juliane Celina Sarah Marilena Boehs
Ashley Rutkowski Olivia Emond Sarah Johnston Marie-Laurence McConnell Sara Masciotra-Milstein Natasha Medalsy
Hannah SharpAimee Palethorpe Eleanor Johnson Ella Marie Ross Clarissa Coombes Ciara Mai Francesca Maria Chiappetta Chiara Colella
Amy Querin Alejandra Arguello Meaghan McCready Megan Parker Nikki Hill Lucas Reyes Shanna Milano Zachary V. Garcia Jennie Bryant Jackie Aldern Hannah Cavallaro Emily Buttles
Megan Holland especially the first one
Hahahaha! I did 90% of these by 10am today lol
Brenna Schwenker (you're still a dancer but you feel me) 😘
Malischa Ogé so this is how you are in closed doors lol #formerdancer or just took a break from dancing
Yes, even though it was a lonnnng time ago. ;)
Your not a former dancer but this still reminded me of you. Natasha Partridge Butler
Grace this reminded me of you lol
Dylan Thomas all of these except for the ones that involve random dancing and the posture one bc i do not dance in public and we all know how bad my posture is
Faith Griffiths Hannah Griffiths the learning the dance from YouTube reminds me of us
Ashari Buell .....feel like this is us butt with Cheer lol

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