13 Things Women Want Catcallers To Know

13 Things Women Want Catcallers To Know
13 Things Women Want Catcallers To Know
Published on 10/22/2017
13 Things Women Want Catcallers To Know


It frustrates me when men defend catcalling. Women are literally saying they don't like it, end of story.
To those who are saying, or going to be saying so immaturely, "who would ever cat call these ladies? They're ugly! Do better boys." OR "haha I love getting cat called. I like it because I'm getting compliments." DO YOU realize how ignorant you sound? There is a fine line between a "oh hi! You're pretty! :)" and a "Ooh sexyyyy that ass! ;)" No human being should be talked to like that, it's simply degrading in a sense that women are considered only sexual objects. There's a huge difference between a simple compliment compared with something that will scare you and make you feel uncomfortable. In this video, they're talking about the scary, frightening things that come out of men's mouths when they're cat calling a girl. The message is to STOP. It's not annoying getting the point across like this, it's a message of, please stop cat calling us girls. What are you going to gain? That's right, nothing. All women (& men!) should feel comfortable and safe in their environment. This video is based on women talking about catcalling because GUESS WHAT! Women tend to get cat called more often than men. (And yes men do get harassed as well just like women.)
The fact that guys freak out and call you a bitch when you tell them to stop is really disgusting, please don't even try to breathe if you're like this.
It's funny the men are pissed about this. It's a real thing and it can escalate and it's scary as hell
Men: I don't understand women.What do they want? Women: We don't like this and this. Men: No you don't.You want this
First off, there is a huge difference between catcalling and giving a genuine compliment. I don't catcall and I think it's disrespectful. If you think a women is beautiful keep in mind that there is a time and place, like read the surroundings and think about how she might feel if you approach her to give a compliment. Also you should know how to properly and politely speak to a woman or people in general. If it's a genuine compliment don't expect anything in return, not even a thank you. If she says nothing just apologize for bothering her and be on your way.
And now we wait for those "OMG what's wrong with all of you? I LOVE BEING CATCALLED!" comments.
Can the 99% of uncharming men stop this please - you are screwing things up for those of us that actually respect women...
Never be afraid. Do what you need to do to feel safe. Pepper spray, knife, anything that makes you feel safe, don't fear men,
It's a big turn off as well
I don't think that catcallers understand that it's like a backhanded compliment and it's coming from a stranger, so it's rude and scary when you are all alone, I think if anything they should just stop for the sake of allowing women to feel safe enough to walk alone.
what people dont realize is that its actually sexual harassment? im laughing at the men defending this here. its not okay.
The thing that irks me the most about this is if you speak up about it in any way guys will call you a crazy feminist or say you can't take a compliment. Guys just need to understand we ignore it and keep walking because we feel we're in danger if we retaliate.
Finally they did this. It literally feels like being verbally raped every time some rude, strange man decides to be inappropriate and its not just the cat calling but its also the embarrassment that follows with it. If they do it in public everyone stares and you get 1 of 2 reactions. You are either a bitch for trying to ignore the situation and walk away from it or maybe you get a few sympathetic eyes from people that just stand there and watch. Which makes you feel like you are doing the walk of shame, as if you did something wrong even though you are the one who was being violated.
I have never seen such a sad group of men so offended by the oppression and objectification of women. That all they got out of this video was a hurt ego (how dare women speak of men in this way) and the appearances of the women in the video. **All they care about is the appearance of females**Many men also don't realize that 'feminists' strive for equality in ALL genders.
This is exactly why I dont say anything to any woman on the streets or anywhere unless I know her.
Fuck that. I feel excited and happy when people call out complimenting me. People are taking time out of THEIR day to take an extra glance at me and make me feel beautiful. Maybe it's because I don't live in a big city, but I like cat calls to be honest. They're what has made me go from shy and insecure to outgoing and beautiful feeling.
Guys, think about every girl you got lucky with, I bet you did not get to any of them by Catcalling.
It does not work, stop doing it.
I love how most of the hate on this video comes from guys......
I feel as if many of the commenters are confusing a compliment with cat calling. Not the same thing. If you think it's comparable it's really not. I'm an Afghanistan war Vet. Yet I've been straight up approached and degraded and cat called while out with my sister and then by ignoring it just provoked rage. When did I feel safer, while I was armed. Because I had control of that situation. It is never ok. Be respectful.
The funniest thing about this whole fucking thread is that people are literally telling you "I DO NOT LIKE THIS." And there are people on here going "SHUT UP YES YOU DO."
You have catcalling and flirting. Catcalling is yelling out obscene things to a woman in an aggressive way which isn't very manly at all. Flirting on the other hand is a cheeky way of getting a woman's attention.
Women aren't against flirts and flirting with one because to flirt you first need to be accepted by the woman. Catcalling is superimposing yourself on a woman's day even though she has rejected you firmly and in certain cases multiple times. If you like catcalling you are very childish and don't understand it's repercussions.
I feel like there's a difference between being complimented and being cat-called. Like, yes, I love it when someone says "Your shirt is pretty" or "You look nice" POLITELY. But when it gets to someone talking about my ass or my body, or has something to say about me in a sexual manner, or even just shouting at me from across the street, that's when it gets scary.
I don't cat call I walk up and say hello. Be a man not a coward catcalling is for losers.
Dressing modestly does NOT stop cat calling. Thinking that it does is like saying it's the girls fault for being raped because of how she is dressed. Truth is rude men will treat women however they want no matter how they are dressed.
I say we walk around with those loud horns that people use at sports games. And when someone catcalls you push the button and blow the horn at them!
A few days ago my car died in traffic. A nice man helped me push it to the parking lot behind the gas station across the street. It was dark, I was upset and felt vulnerable. I was asking strangers for help. This one guy overheard me asking for a charge, he walked up to me and said *with THAT smirk on his face* "hey girl you like chocolate?" (african american "gentleman") "Are you serious?", I said. "I'm asking for help not a pick up line!" He told me to F off and walked away.I felt scared. I don't know this guy, I don't know if it was just a cheesy pick up line or if he was up to something else. I looked around as I walked back to my car where I felt somewhat safe. I saw him staring at me over by a corner. Luckily for me, these two nice men in a truck gave me a charge and wished me luck getting home. Had there been no one around who knows what might have happened to me.
sounds like a bunch of paranoid women....."it's a guy saying he owns your body and is entitled to speak to you because you're in public"??!!?? i can't believe i just heard her say that.....i know this is the smartphone/texting/instagram/facebook/online dating age but seriously??!!?? for you to say that someone doesn't have the right to say something like "hey beautiful, how's it going?" is asinine. the fact of the matter is that you can't tell me that it's a realistic request to ask people to ignore a pretty girl.....you're attractive, get over it.......don't like people complementing you and catcalling for being attractive? stop taking advantage of the attractiveness in other aspects of life.....how many free meals/free drinks/free gifts have you gotten from men you care nothing about just because you know you can ride the gravy train? stop pretending that you get to choose when you're talked to and how.....you're in no physical harm, you can choose to ignore them, or you can choose to lie and say you have a boyfriend THINK A LITTLE
I've always wondered why it's so very difficult for some people to simply listen to someone's perspective or opinion of something and just accept it. For the men disagreeing with the video, not all women like to be called out because you find them or some particular part of their anatomy attractive. Some men really are scary and take it to another level that would make a woman fear for their safety. For the women calling this an exaggeration, you might like this kind of attention, or not mind it; they don't. Accept that. Why must you turn it into "You don't agree with me, therefore you're stupid and must be insulted."
I find catcalling annoying and disrespectful . What really pisses me off is little girls getting catcalled . A woman or girl could be dressed covering everything and get whistled at or honked at . It's really annoying because you don't treat a lady like that . She's not a dog , so don't whistle at her . It's really unattractive and it bothers me . I find it really uncomfortable .
Here's the bottom line ladies, there are a lot of douche bags out there and it's not necessarily their fault. Honestly I blame bad parenting. I grew up in a household where I was taught that women are to be respected, and cherished because if it weren't for great women that become great mother's I and many other people wouldn't be here. So yes you are right it should stop, though it's going to take several years for that to kick in. Stay strong and eventually you'll come to find a gentleman that isn't a total jackass like those that catcall.
So many ignorant, arrogant asshole men are responding saying they "wouldn't even catcall any of these women." Are you sacks of shit missing the point? You aren't entitled to talking to a woman, especially raising your creepy voices to a woman, simply because she exists and you're a man. It's NEVER just a compliment, it's NEVER just a way to make a "new friend." Catcalling is a man, engaging and forcing his dominance over a woman, regardless of what she is wearing or how she looks. I hope you guys get gonorrhea or something, because you sound stupid as fuck.
A friend and I were having this problem the other day, walking around a outdoor mall. We were walking and there was about 6 or 7 guys spread on each side of the sidewalk and we were forced to walk through them, all of them staring at us. Awkward, but fine, whatever, easy to blow off. It wasn't until the, "HEY GIRL HE WANTS YOUR BODY" was bellowed, followed by laughs and "aayyee bro's" that it became not awkward, but INSULTING.We went in a store and when we left, they had followed us, continuing to yell snood comments at us.
Understand guys, the difference between "Hey, I just want you to know you look beautiful today" and "Hey girl look at that sexy ***"
The first comment, if said respectfully, not yelled or in a suggestive tone, is mans speech, talking to a women, like shes a women, like she is a human being, and will make most ladies smile. Sometimes, it is just what is needed to make a day at least slightly better.
I used to have this classmate who would say to girls who looked upset "Hey, wheres that beautiful smile? Come on, share it."
It always made them smile, and I have heard many people say that that little comment improved their mood. These comments are ok, they are gentlemen-like, and very nice.
But the second comment, said in any way at all, to a stranger, is boys speech, talking as if you are talking to a object, that is yours. And will surly make most ladies feel threatened, and disgusted. IT IS NOT OK. She is not yours.
Shortly, It is sexist. It is can not be defended. Women do. not. like. it. STOP IT.
What cat callers should know is that if it didn't work the first 10 times it won't work the next 10 times.
Theres an obvious difference between a compliment and catcalling. Compliment is fine. Bring downgraded to a sex image for another man, followed and whistled at, thats the part that can be scary. Theres a difference guys.
Some people really need to differentiate between someone being friendly and catcalling. Cuz some of this shit being complained about is not catcalling. Neither was half of that shit in that stupid video that started this nonsense.
Why is it that the men commenting on this video feel the need to make superficial comments? If that's the route that you want to take then maybe you should look in a mirror and realize that none of you are attractive, especially when making those types of comments.
My first catcall was at age 9. I was still playing with dolls. There is nothing complimentary about "hey, are your tits real?"... at least I got that at 16. It's only gotten worse. What is really creepy is when the dickwad follows you. And they do follow especially if you ignore them.
As a man myself I honestly think cat calling is the worse way you could approach a woman I cant even begin to imagine how that feels as a chick to just walk and some perv is like"hey mami" or "you fucking or nah" that shit is lame and never actually works you just look desperate and sad now if you approach a woman and keep in mind you need to know a time and place with a general compliment you're not wrong but whistling , grabbing, blocking their path,yelling,following is out of line and probally freaks the fuck out of them .I put like this if you were a guy in prison and you were walking in to a cafeteria and a group of bigger dudes were like "hey boy I like that ass" or "you should suck my dick" you would be freaked out too. Compliments and cat calling learn the difference
Im 20 years old Catcalling is a very scary thing. I know from experience. walking home alone some landscaping men were cat calling and I just ignored them until one man actually ran up behind me and tugged on my backpack pulling me backwards. He was a very large man and me being only 4"11 I was extremely scared. Ran into a McDonald's nearby where they had followed me in i sat there next to a nice old lady until they had left. My point is whenever a man catcalls to a women we don't know if this man comes with any actions and that's what makes it scary. I get that it's not always like that. But it's just what's in the back of our minds. I guess it can be flattering but not when it gets creepy.
Most people won't care but here are my two cents anyway:
It's the use of tone, body language and the way something is said that can make it either come off as a compliment or a catcall. If a man came up to me and introduced himself and said to me "I wanted to let you know I like your dress" or " I wanted to let you know I think you are beautiful, have a nice day" I would have no problem with that and would start a conversation and I think most women would too. But when someone yells at you as you walk by "Hey, I like your dress" and gives a creepy smile along with it then it becomes a catcall and a backhanded compliment.
Also for people who think someone is asking for because of the way they are dressed: Just because someone dresses in a certain way doesn't mean you are entitled to talk to them in a certain way either. They are still people with feelings. And maybe they like to dress that way, not because they are asking to be talked to in a derogatory way but because that's how they like to dress. For example I see a homeless man on the street there is no reason I should be rude to him because he is dirty and in rags, for all I know he could be a war veteran that fought for our freedom. There is no reason to judge a book by its cover.
Why is every girl in this video absolutely ugly and I can't see where anyone would hit on them.... that frustrates me LoL. And no I don't cat call.
The number of heartless and ignorant people in this thread is mind boggling.
mannnn dudes must be drunk catcalling these women... you right O.e. Williams. It's not to be done in a disrespectful manner either... women are taking this to gosh darn far. We're not saying we own your body or anything like that, it's just a reminder that hey, you are attractive {well not these women} but the women that should be getting catcalled.
There's a difference between a compliment and cat calling.
If you find a women attractive guys, let her know in person, instead of yelling it out. Don't shout at her "Hey, beautiful." Because not all girls feel comfortable with compliments like these from strangers. In addition, the comments in here are very dissapointing.
Honestly I'm 17 and the amount of grown men who have made comments about my appearance(all very explicit) made me feel extremely uncomfortable not scared or insecure... Just plain uncomfortable. I get it some of you girls take it as a compliment but after awhile it gets old and annoying. There's a fine line between saying something along the lines of 'your pretty' as where guys simply say things like 'shake that sexy ass' or 'I can show you a great time.' That is simply disrespectful and it makes me feel dirty to be honest. As for the guys saying these girls aren't pretty enough to be cat called. Hey I'm no where near pretty and I've gotten cat called so many damn times and I'm an ugly duckling, so your point is invalid. Cat calling is seriously disrespectful, and not necessary.
It's not necessarily what catcallers are saying more than that it's the way they say it. If you're aggressively yelling at me that my "tits" or "ass" look good, I'm going to have some negative feelings about the situation. First of all, you've put me on the spot. You've revealed that you find something sexually attractive about me and you've made it known to everyone around. I don't need or want to know what you think is sexy about me. I don't need or want you to try and force a smile from me then call me a Bitch when I don't. I don't need or want to have to worry about if what I'm wearing is going to attract unwanted, aggressive harassment. If I want to wear a v-neck shirt and skinny jeans with some cute boots, I shouldn't have to worry if some asshole is going to harass me based on my outfit choices. If I want to look cute or sexy, I'm doing it for me not for you or any other guy. I am not a sexual object and I don't want to be treated as such. It's not a compliment. It's shitty. We don't like it. If we say we don't like it, then don't do it. Simple as that. There shouldn't have to be a huge discussion on common decency. Just stop.
Cat calling can lead to some crazy things. When I was 17 an old man drove by me like five times saying some nasty things. I told him to fuck off and after that he demanded me to get in his car so I just bolted away from him. I know there's different degrees of cat calling but after that I'm terrified of any strange man that tries to complement me or cat calls. It's scary because you just don't know what they might do.

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