13 Shocking Wedding Confessions

13 Shocking Wedding Confessions
13 Shocking Wedding Confessions
Published on 10/22/2017
13 Shocking Wedding Confessions


Awwwww the last one is sooo cute
This upsets me so much. I feel like nobody takes relationships/marriage seriously anymore. But the last one was nice.
No wonder so many marriages end...
The one i married.. & the one i wish i married... Kinda sad and messed up at the same time... Made me angry for the wife or husband... Should i be? Too late I already am..... Maybe its just pms idk.
Some of these are really sad.
The last one was actually really cute
She lost her virginity to a limo driver her wedding night, waited all those years to not even lose it to her husband, pathetic much?
Sex with the limo driver? 😦
A 3some with ur new husband?😣😦
Had sex with ur husbands brother!!!
What the hell ppl?! Does love n marriage mean nothing now?
What happened to romance? 💔
And taking it slow and feeling butterflies when u get to tht level with tht special someone. Being over protective and just wanting them and no one else..and knowing 💯 they love u back. Relationships r a joke nowadays.!! This made me sad tbh.
Does anyone else mute the video & just read them? I think the people who read them are obnoxious. :/
some of ths are like wtf
The driver..? Went from virgin to cheating, nasty slut in one FOUL swoop.
I waited to have sex until my wedding night and the sex was uncomfortable at best, but that is normal. We have amazing sex now that we've had time to learn each other's preferences and personalities. ^_^ Sex for the first time with anyone probably won't be amazing, because you haven't had time to adjust and learn.
I see why most of these are anonymous. the majority of them are terrible.
the last one was sooo cute
My husband had to leave right after the vows due to food poisoning from the pizza the night before. .I stayed helped clean up in my dress then came home to find my new hus and asleep on the living room floor in his underwear with the yrash can a note that said im sorry...your the love of my life..dont wake me up..looking back at least I have a fun story to someday tell our grandkids lol
the last one was the best!!!!
Whisper is kinda fucked up.
No wonder theres an increase divorce rate...cause some of them cheated from the day theyre getting married...tsk tsk
I'm a completely straight guy and I thought the last one was pretty awesome. Is that weird or am I just a helpless romantic? Or both.....
My husband & I got married at the courthouse on a Friday afternoon... Went to our favorite bar, got drunk with our friends & went home. It was perfect. Our relationship is pretty much the same one as the girl who said they drank a brew & watched Family Guy. Wouldn't change a thing
Most of these are reasons why you should have trust issues.
..... Lol and her dress what hideous!
Why would you get married to someone you don't actually get married to.. I'll never understand that. (I'm assuming that it wasn't an arranged marriage btw)
The last one was so cute
She gave her v-card to a driver instead of the guy she married?! How stupid she was!
I'm so banking one the first one not to be true lol
very disappointed that these were the best they could find...on my wedding day my story better involve a missing body or i know i need new friends.
Last one sounded like a true marriage❤️
Good enough reasons not to get married.
my secret was on my wedding night, we spent it opening the wedding gifts as he pulled the 80 bobby pins out of my hair and then we fell asleep cuz we were too tired to do anything else lol
Wow there are some truly horrible people out there. His brother? The driver? What was the point of waiting?
Most of these are pretty fucked up. A good portion of these women were fucking other men on their wedding day/evening. So....You spend thousands of dollars to fuck someone else and to more than likely not be married in a few years. Priorities.
I got married, and my husband left four hours later. My life as an army wife started as soon as it possibly could.
Smh all of these are depressing, no wonder why the divorce rate is so high. People who cheat should never find love. 🙅🏽
The only cute one was the last one. 👌🏾
Wow!! What is wrong with these people!! Sad!!
most of these stressed me out...
my wedding is coming up 😩😳
Lmfao , the one where they waited to have sex till their wedding night, and it ended up being horrible. 😂😂😂 I died lmfao
its no wonder people dont stay married anymore
And people say legalizing same sex marriage will ruin traditional marriage....
I watch too much gossip girl, a lot of these reminded me of that show.. 😂
Haha first! now im gonna rub it in your face and be obnoxious that i got first comment! Take that!
well that was just depressing, thanks for making the last one good
Just because these 10 or so people are not happy in marriage does not put the billions of people in the same category. Don't want a shitty relationship them don't date a guy who isn't into you. Don't cheat and don't cling. Also trust one another!
Well, that was upsetting.
I'm not surprised, especially at the confession of the man who danced with his wife and dream woman. That's what happens when you settle. Don't.
What the hell is Whisper? People really need this? Lame. Find some friends and talk shit about people with them like a normal person. And the last one sounded like a Secret deodorant ad.
The last one made me cry. 😭😍
Family guy and a drink after the wedding love that! Chilled
That last one... 😢💕
On my wedding day, my husband an I married at 10 am than went home went to bed got up an got ready for work (3rd shift) no sex no honeymoon, an no one knew (except our witnesses) for a while that we actually gotten married. We worked at the same place. I wouldn't have changed a thing we are still married an happy, unfortunately we don't work together anymore seeing how 3 months later they noticed my name change an it was against company policy to allow it. #Workaholics

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