13 Photos That Perfectly Capture Music Festival Fashion

13 Photos That Perfectly Capture Music Festival Fashion
13 Photos That Perfectly Capture Music Festival Fashion
Published on 11/17/2017
13 Photos That Perfectly Capture Music Festival Fashion


I once saw a 70 year-old man with full on wizard beard wearing nothing but a pink tutu.
Can girls seriously just stop with the fur boots? Retire them, they're done.
Panda man wins. A+
Music festival fashion? Please don't start making festivals about anything but the music. I hate when people ask me what they should wear. Wear what you want!
Don't forget about the flower crowns. Everyone needs a flower crown..
Obvious 1st time ravers! That was me😂 and the girls who wear nothing, and the people who wear way too much!
This is terrible. This isn't music festival clothing at all.
I love going to music festivals in cosplay
What boring festivals are you guys at buzzfeed going to?! Lol AUSTINS FESTIES ARE WAY BETTER NOOBS. 😜
hey BuzzFeed Video we are awesome ppl here creating amazing comments ...... you should pick one of us to come and make a video with you *_*
There is always the guy in the banana suit
Clearly you have not been to EDC yet 😂 crazy outfits galore!
Level: Sparkle Pony!
At firefly 2013 there was a group of guys walking around in banana hammocks
You forgot about the girls who love crochet
and don't forget the cultural appropriating assholes.
@ 0:22 was that the colossal titan or....
EDCLV i cant wait!!
No body paint? Really?
lord that man didnt taste the rainbow...he is the rainbow
A guy in a bright orange morphsuit, with face-paint and a mohawk to match. Aside from the purple lips.
white and gold
Where's Waldo at Something Wicked 😂
I like the skittles dress :-)
I was digging the golden mustache
I danced next to the first guy at a set !
Haters gonna hate! :)
Come to an English festival and you will see REAL festival fashion. This stuff doesn't even touch the sides, was this really the 'craziest' outfits you could find?...
Which I could post a picture of a girl I saw at coachella lol
i once saw a man wearing a poncho and a sombrero at a concert...
These were all at coachella fest so sad
You haven't seen anything till you have been to carnival in new Orleans!
Batman with Cookie Monster head.... There are some pearlers at Soundwave
I live in NYC so I've seen waaaayyy worse... On a normal day.
Let's bone!!! Lmao 😂😂😂😂
cultural appropriation
I had to urban dictionary "coachella " and I'm glad.
This is why I don't go. F***ing hippies....
This isn't even really accurate.
I saw a gingerbread man at SCMF😌 that was awesome minus the 100 degree weather
Hannah Kate haha James franco enthusiast.. that's you isn't it😂
Coachella trust fund kids. #douchechill
Just go to Walmart and you'll see tons of crazy outfits.
Bailey AHAHA I vote for use to be dressed like the Glamourous guy!! he seems like a lot of fun
Christopher Miller. This made me think of you becuz of your awesome shirt.
have you seen anything like this at festivals you've been to? Ulrich haha

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