13 Dogs For Anyone Who’s A Little Bit Sad

13 Dogs For Anyone Who’s A Little Bit Sad
13 Dogs For Anyone Who’s A Little Bit Sad
Published on 11/19/2017
13 Dogs For Anyone Who’s A Little Bit Sad


"I was having a bad dad until my best friend held my paw". 😍 I'm feeling feels
Nothing better, to make you smile! Ayy
Yay, pit bulls!! True happiness 😁
I love dogs, and this made me happy! Thanks BuzzFeed!
Should've renamed it, "slideshow of dogs Keith would be if kieth was a dog"
Awwwww Great! Thanks! :) <3
Those guys could cheer-up just about anyone, great video !!!
What kind of dog is the 11th one??? So cute :33
:) I needed this, thanks!
I have two cats but I also love dogs so much 💕💙 they're the best I can't wait until I have a bigger place so I can have a dog!
Fab!sure does cheer you up!
Dear Buzzfeed. Not everything has to be counted. This could just as easily (and not annoyingly) been called 'Dogs for Anyone Who's a Little Bit Sad'
The dogs are so cute
Next time maybe a collage of funny dog vines cats already have like a million of them id like to see some funny dog vids lol
Hi buzzfeed thankyou so much my cat just died and this makes me feel a whole lot beta THANKYOU
I love dogs but I'm still sad 👍
so... the last picture, is the party black dog optional?
i wont live this life without my favorite companion!! They truly are your bestfriends , never shady, always loyal, no judgement, discrimination, or ever put you down. Just love and fun thats all <3
my dog killed my cat tonight when i went to the grocery store so fuck these dogs
I don't need dogs. I just need to get laid.
Hahaha, so cute! Made me smile :)
Cool dogs they made me smile
Thanks Buzzfeed! I needed that! 😊
I freaking love dogs 😍😍😍
I watched the video and I can confirm they are all a good boy.
Oscar Molero crec que aixo ara mateix et ve que ni pintat 💜
You get one smile. That's it.
I read banana as "bandana" and I'm like "that's not a bandana ...silly dog >..>" (Peter Griffins voice)
Give me them all. Give me all the puppies.
So happy that pibbles were included in the video <3
I'm in love with the 3rd dog.😘
On my newsfeed*
Sira Casper for the not good days.
I'm a cat person
What about angry people?
Cats are still awesomer
I was crying but this made me smile like crazy 😋
Is it bad that it didn't make me happy? Still in a shitty mood.
Gotta love a dog!
Flower crown is my fave
How can you not resist of not smiling? Specially if you will see those cute dogs
Thank you, I smiled a lot!
I'm feeling pretty good now. 😊
Made my day 100x better <3
My dog died last weekend... This made me giggle. I miss him so much but this made me so happy <3
oh my god i needed this. Woke up to turn off my fan and gave myself a concussion when flopping back down. puppies really can help anything <3
Where is Doge buzzfeed ? 😁
Lauren coon
i wish i had a dog.

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