12 Reasons Why An Introverted BFF Is The Best

12 Reasons Why An Introverted BFF Is The Best
12 Reasons Why An Introverted BFF Is The Best
Published on 11/19/2017
12 Reasons Why An Introverted BFF Is The Best


Spot on. Not only with the recharging, but excuses? Ugh, I always want to make so many up. I always talk myself out of going out to dinner or somewhere because I found a great book or just prefer the comforts of home. But lemme tell ya, I'm great at Taco Tuesdays.
I am more of an introvert looking at this video. I am happy with the description.You should add the part where you proofread your friend's messages/profiles and help them look at orders/contracts. Plus video games 😜👍
Except me and my best friend are both introverts, so we literally get zilch done. Like we watch parks and recreation for 32 hours straight then slept for 16
I think there are misconceptions to introverts... It’s not that introverts are shy or don’t like to talk, it’s that they prefer to listen before they talk. Introverts choose their words carefully and they think small talk is a waste of time. But they are more than willing to engage in a deep conversation about topics they’re passionate about.
I feel we introverted are often "liked" because we basically always listen and are told we are being "nice". Yet often you simply use us as this "nice person" without ever asking yourself who we really are. If you´re a self-consumed person, you probably don´t ever reflect about yourself and think we actually like the way you´re all day talking about yourself. I had some bad experiences with extroverts of this kind and I don´t like those stereotypes about introverts always being the "nice, kind, wise, thoughtful" ones. How about you thinking before you speak once in a while?
I can never keep a best friend. They always get bored with me after, like, a year.....
We introverts don't just "do nothing." We do stuff, just not with crowds.
Lol- except for the fact that being an introvert makes it nearly impossible to make friends that actually want to hang out with you on a regular basis:p
I dont think ppl love having introverted bf ! Im introverted and im sure no one like to stay with me 😅
But wait, I thought being the Extroverted BFF was the best :'(
Buzzfeed, all your BFF videos make me slightly depress.
Buzzfeed's idea of introversion vs. extroversion is a bit off. Extroverts are not always loud or constantly on the go just as introverts are definitely not always antisocial beings whose only idea of fun is Netflix marathons in their sweats. It's really about what energizes you, whether it's solitude or social interaction. I've met incredibly friendly, bubbly introverts who just need lots of time to recharge & I've met some quiet, independent extroverts. It's not as simple as talkative vs. shy. Honestly, the healthiest individuals have a balance of both!
I gets so annoying when someone who doesn't know me well asks "why are you so quiet" "what's wrong" when in reality I'm just listening.
I'm glad some people see these qualities in a best friend as being "the best" because a lot of these are actually my insecurities haha.. I wonder if this is just me or other introverts too?
"I've mastered every single way to order food without actually talking to a person!"
Definitely the introverted BFF...yep.
I'm am introvert and it makes it incredibly hard to make friends. Ones that are worth it at least.
They should do 'perks of having an extroverted bff'
I am the introverted BFF.
A lot of the people who think are introverts are actually clinically depressed...
We introverts are special creatures
Aaaaah I am sooo conflicted here. I must be an introverted extrovert.. it's the only thing I can beeeee!!!
Lesbians instead of BFF :P
I' m so introverted I can't even make friends, I prefer to be quite it has its down sides like everything else.
Am I the only one that thinks that buzzfeed got their definition wrong. An introvert is a shy person that keeps to themselves while an extrovert is more outgoing and robust. This girl in the video seems more like an extrovert. Idk...
Wtf does extroverted and introverted even mean!!!????
The name Caitlin (and any variation thereof) was made for introverts. Most definitely.
I am somehow both of these girls. I'm definitely introverted though.
This is so me and my BFF! I'm the introvert and she's the extrovert. It's a match made in heaven. These videos are spot on.
I'm so introverted I can't even make friends, I prefer to be quiet it has its down sides like everything else.
I feel like this portrays introverts pretty wrong. Extroverts too, probably. We're not all sweatpants and textbooks.
I didn't expect this video. It's awesome. Thanks. From an introvert.
I don't even understand what introvert/extrovert means... um
That's me. I'm the introverted one.
I'm definitely the extrovert
Totally thought the extrovert said she 'over-pooped' herself haahhha!
Mais on est pas introvertie toi ni moi!
First comment
I don't mind being introverted until people think I'm rude, mean, and/or judgmental for being quiet and keeping to myself. :/ Please stop blaming me and other introverts for your negative self-talk.
lol recharging is a real thing !
Honestly these relationships are hard to keep if one of they are too extreme then the other will take advantage of that or one is going to feel less always!
Are you sure this isn't about a lazy bff
Andrea Ramos siento que la gente que esta con nosotras le pasa así, jaja además tu y yo las dos somos extrovertidas, que pasa en ese caso?
"you're yelling" "oh i'm just so excited" hahaha Shelby Newell
"you mean besides me?" XD
My life lol, except I do stuff, just in the comfort of my own room haha. Kiari Seward Busola Oshin Mimi Ampomah
Hold up . 2 days ? I would break up with him too . Tf
Lorena Sarasua def a combo, I guess. I'm excellent at excuses and sweatpants and Netflix and doing nothing to recharge. I'm so confused about my identity!!! Introvert with extrovert personality? I'm starting to wonder if I might be an extrovert but with social anxiety? I don't know. I'm just an anxious turtle with a lion mask on, like I'll do everything an extrovert does, but I'm anxious while I do it.
In the beginning she was talking about supernatural 😂
Ha hahahahha too funny

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