12 Of The Cringiest Things

12 Of The Cringiest Things
12 Of The Cringiest Things
lol kate
Published on 10/19/2017
12 Of The Cringiest Things


That brother and sister must be very close...
the song was pretty cringeworthy tbh
i watched this video on the toilet...
Damn. Im gonna have this song stuck in my head for the rest of my life.
Is it just me, or does the part of the card that Ethan signed say "our condolences on your lust"?
That brother and sister picture was a bit much
That sibling one is a bit creepy lol
Ummmm...that kiss though?!
Buzzfeed i love you guys! Making awesome videos everyday! Keeps us all distracted from the media. Thank you for not focusing on the bad.
Happy Birthday!!! Lol
Whyyyy was that child allowed to approach those kangaroos?!? 😱🙊😩
I don't get the hover hand one
You actually blurred the penis on the walrus. Wow. Big clap for American censorship
I once told my deaf best friend to listen to a radio broadcast on MPR...
Is your comment section apart of this video? Cause it should be.
Terah Strickland Maysa Kong Sabrina Amore Caceres Ellen Williams Coffee Thompson
The word "moist".
Charan Preet Maryam Kaizar Avantika Narasimhan Kulsum Tejani Mizrab Nadeem Mahroo Khalid
Rachel Backlund Miguel Rodriguez
Michael Farhad hahahaha totally reminded me of you xD
Ashley and Andre
Megan Kate
Lol Berenice Gonçalo
Deborah Oyeyemi Melisa Dindoruk Tristen Salina Sarah M. Aldin
Jane Slowey Caitlin O Gorman
David Matthew Balderas Cenny Nmn H
Sebastian Peterson Suprememaster McCall Maya Juarez Kookie Kimiko
Ashlina Wallace Eleonora Bonazzoli
Kimm J M Anthony
Steve Bonfield
Alfonso Avalos
Stive Tenorio
1:02 is that miss Mac? Grace Sophie Evie Georgia Gypsy Amy
"our condolences on your lust"?
Yusra Sohail Tooba Ayub Qasim Hanii Nawed Hania Imran Aabra Ghauri
Lisa Bernhard
Nick Day Elin Roberts😂😂😂🙈
Diandra, Kate, Christine & Ivana...der song o_o
Marie-Josée Roy
Christian Gonzalez lol
Salomon Villegas hell no
Christian Menke
Noah Parks
Sam Sueoka Shanna Nishiyama hehehee
Shayna Taylor
Shotae Tveter
Zac Read
William Radecki
Carlos Garcia
I don't feel so alone now lol
Alexis Collins

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