12 Last Meals of Famous Death Row Inmates

12 Last Meals of Famous Death Row Inmates
12 Last Meals of Famous Death Row Inmates
Published on 11/17/2017
12 Last Meals of Famous Death Row Inmates


35 counts of murder and a last meal? Um no. There are starving children in America who have never murdered 35+ people and don't get to eat like this...
I'm sorry if you brutally murder someone, you don't deserve jack shit but death. Their victims didn't get a fancy meal, or final last words so neither should they. It's sick.
Can i have some fries and a coke?
"Is pepsi okay?"
bruh dont say that -_-
168 counts of murder 😳😳😳 the last thing he deserves is ice cream.
better then school lunch
Shit. I have to wait til thanksgiving to eat that good. -.-
Those punks last meal should've gone to the homeless...
FOR ALL THE PEOPLE SAYING "why would I care?" .. it's interesting because the food they chose kinda tells a story of who they are.
If I got a last meal I would order crab cakes and a shit ton of shrimp. I'm allergic to shellfish. But hey, gonna die anyway and they won't see it coming. πŸ’πŸ˜‚
Mine would be 10 big macs with extra cheese and bacon
10 large fries
100 chicken nuggets
2 large pizzas
Heavy, large tin plate of bbq pork ribs
A whole chocolate cake
3 2 liter sprites
6 double whoppers with cheese
A 20 piece bucket of popeyes chicken
They're still human beings.
Yeah, 38 counts of murder is ridiculous, but there's literally nothing we can do worse than capital punishment. They're already getting the worst punishment possible.
Wanting to starve/beat/rape (Because you want them to feel what they did to other people) and other inhumane things does nothing but put you on their level. Do you think they would care? If they're already in the mindset of an animal they wouldn't, no. Treat a beast as a human, and he can feel regret with his dying breath and it live on with him for the rest of eternity.
Or you guys can keep fucking whining. How about you stop bitching about feeding a prisoner some KFC and maybe vote people into office that would put that tax money somewhere else?
Just a bunch of whiners with no outlet but the internet.
Did this creep anybody else out?? Or was it just me...?
Guys just please shut up , your opinion don't matter they give them a last meal so they can eat what they want before they die so at least they have something to look forward to instead of just death, your opinion on here or anywhere doesn't matter. What goes on in there isn't out here. They won't change there traditions because you guys have a hissy fit over it
Last meal should be rat poisoning. No one that does wrong like these people deserve a stale saltine cracker..let alone KFC and a Steak?
Ya'll seem to forget, yeah they murdered someone but now their government is murdering them. Why not a decent last meal? Most of them end up on death row because of an extremely shitty childhood that lead to murder, and they have probably never eaten like that in their life!
And yet, two people were executed and then proved innocent.
It's sad that they get a last meal yet we decline to feed school children whose parents are behind on their lunch payment smh
"saving it for later" shit if i was the guard i wouldn't have slept much that night
I feel bad for people who are wrongfully convicted and receive the death penalty
To the people saying they didn't deserve a last meal. I'll tell you why they deserve a last meal, it's because no matter who they are, you should still be nice to them somehow. I know it seem dumb giving someone who killed 100+ people something special. Imagine what it feels like to be a guard though. If your whole job is literally ending people's lives, you probably feel like shit all the time. It probably feels a little better knowing you didn't just treat them like shit right before they died. We're all still human and ending lives isn't easy. It probably brings a little peace to the prisoners and the executioners when you can feed them a last meal. They're still dying, just let them be at peace. There's no reason to snoop to their level. For a human, its hard to kill another human, especially if they've been around them for a little while.
That dude that ate his last meal while watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy and died by Firing Squad....way to go out with a bang.
Last meal my tush -.- they didn't deserve anythin.
I wonder what their victim's dinner was before they were MURDERED. That's what they should get to eat.
Might not seem like it, but this actually tells something about these people.
Anyone else wanna know the reason behind the single olive with the pit in it?😟
I'm renaming steak & eggs with hash browns & toast to "Standard last meal"
Yall so ignorant, whether theyre criminals the justice system cares that its a human life theyre putting to an end. A human life ruined by their upbringing, choices and influences. Btw! Go feed the poor and stop moaning on facebook about it ya clowns. It aint gonna help is it.
Nigga had one olive
So glad Texas abolished the last meal bs. They should all be served a heaping pile of horse poop. With urine to drink
there's a twisted emotion I have with this... my morals come out and I think wow these people are going to die... then I realize they are sick and twisted and it's confusing. I have to say you can tell a persons mental state by the choices they make... the olive at the end... small but what a thing to ask for
They murder woman rape kids and they get whatever they want In the end fuck that , when our veterans are starving to death
Guard: "what would you like for your last meal?"
Prisoner: "I want a steak, eggs, and a coke"
Guard: "is Pepsi ok?"
Prisoner: 😐
I think these people's last meals show how they felt about themselves and what they did. Those who ordered lavish meals didn't care. Those who ordered "comfort" meals seemed to feel some kind of guilt but also wanted to be comfortable themselves. Those who declined a meal or Feguer with the olive, didn't feel they deserved more than the little they got because of what they did. Powerful video.
I would kill to eat this well.
Their victims didn't get a last meal and they were all innocent, how come these fuckheads deserve a last meal? Their last meal should consist of gas, electric, or a lead bullet.
Everyone mentions their 'rights' as humans...well, you choose to rape and/or murder anyone especially innocent children, you gave up your rights. You took the right to happiness and life for another person so we take theirs away. So sympathy for evil.
There are a lot of incredibly judgmental people on here. It's called a LAST meal. They don't eat this way for their entire prison stay. Why the hell is it any skin off your nose to allow them 1 final meal of their choice? It's what separates us from animals. Have some decency.
Treat others how you would want to be treated. It kills me that they did what they did to be put down but they are still human and so are we. We do everything we can to help starving Children in the street. And if the few people we put on death row want a meal, I would pay for it cuz guess what.. They are someone's kids, grand kid, farther, mother.... What if it was your kid who was on a drug and murderd one person and got put on death row.. At least they should get a meal..
This video just made me feel icky. πŸ˜– interesting but disturbing.
Honestly people who are saying "they don't deserve a last meal" shut up seriously... I was sexually assaulted when 12 and I find all rapists and that sort of thing disgusting but ya know what, these mentally ill people are going to die anyways so why not give them a last meal of their choice. Also to people who are saying "people that like to murder and rape children aren't mentally ill" lol SMH clearly someone that enjoys killing people or raping anyone is mentally ill. I also noticed that people who did worse things like rape or murder in this video got a harsher death sentence like the electric chair when people who robbed places or anything close to that got the lethal injection (is painless apparently) So there you go, you people who think they deserve no last meal, they got a painful death. Happy now? I know their victims got a painful death probably as well but there is always a reason for why a person would be that fucked up. So stop thinking they're just born like that day dot.
This is just me stating my opinion. You cannot change it. Thankyou.
Shouldn't be allowed a LAST MEAL... Did their victims get a request for their last supper.. Think NOT! 168 counts of murder and he gets a luxury... ABSOLUTE JOKE..!
Only in fucking America where you get a last meal. They should let the families beat the shit out of these dudes before killing them smh
Was that supposed to make us feel bad...last meals and victims didn't get one.
Well they sure as shit don't deserve sprinkles on anything. Cause sprinkles are for winners.
They did that one guy wrong. If I asked for Apple pie and you present me with the Mcdonalds apple pie, I would have an attitude.
It's surprising / scary to me that many commenters do not know who the Oklahoma City Bomber is....
I'd get a shamrock shake and a mcrib. Why? They're never on the menu at the same time
Timothy McVeigh. Okc bombing. He killed all those people... they should've denied his damn ice cream! Our city is still affected by this! Smh
Their victims didn't get a last meal, why should they???
This just goes to show, inmates are still treated better than the rest of society. Their last meal should have been a fist full of shit and raw pig intestines shoved down their throats and topped off with a lethal injection cocktail on the rocks.

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