12 Inspiring Rescue Dog Transformations

12 Inspiring Rescue Dog Transformations
12 Inspiring Rescue Dog Transformations
Published on 11/19/2017
12 Inspiring Rescue Dog Transformations


There is no reason for pet neglect. A pet is for life, its part of your family. Even when people neglect them, dogs still get excited to see their owners after a week of been left home alone. They're dedicated to you, so dedicate yourself to them.
You can actually see the happiness in these dogs after! Love animals and don't understand how anyone can treat them so badly and neglect them.
😭☺️ At 2, I'm going to pick up my family's newest addition, a black spaniel retriever... He's coming from a high kill shelter in Alabama. Adopting dogs and cats from the pound or in my case, Suncoast Animal League, is so important 💗
I can't believe the last one, the whole thing is shocking :(
😢😭 I want to adopt every homeless dog out there!
Can you guys make a video about overpopulation of dogs because of backyard breeding now? I mean, I'm already crying from this video. What's one more
I cried..😭😭😭 it's so beautiful!!!
I rescued a dog from a local shelter...this video made me hug him a little tighter than I already do. To those that don't believe in spaying and neutering your pets...take a walk through your local shelter and see all the incredible animals that need homes. You may be able to find homes for your pet's puppies or kittens, but look at the potential homes you're taking away from those in shelters! These animals are so loving and deserving of a good home. Give them a chance to prove that!
Brb crying. 😭 Nate we need to rescue a puppy...
Or 3.
There's a special place in hell for people that mistreat dogs, I have a Germans Shepard husky mix who I rescued from the pound, her prior owners starved her and used her as a bait dog for dog fights when she was a little puppy, sadly she is both physically and emotionally scarred because of this, her face is covered in scars, her tail bent, and she has a complete mistrust of all dogs (except for her best friend mako my cockapoo) she shakes and cries if she sees a knife, fire or a gun, loud noises send her into fits of sobs and one thing I learned from owning her is that she deserves so much love, she's been broke down and beat up but now she's in a home that makes her happy and playful. But let it be known if I ever find out who her prior owners were I'll go to jail. Every time she has one of her fits due to her fears I want to cry. She's the sweetest dog in the world she didn't deserve what happened when she was a puppy
I love that all of the pups are smiling in the "after" pics.
Massive respect for those who volunteer to save them.. Barakkallah!
Seeing these transformations make me SO happy! Not just because the dogs look healthy and happy, but because it shows that there are SO many people that have such compassion and love for dogs, that they're willing to do anything to help/save them, and then loving, big-hearted people then adopt these dogs and give them a second chance, regardless of any "flaws" they may have. I'll NEVER understand pet neglect, because having a pet is a CHOICE. If you can't/don't want to take care of a pet, then DON'T! Surrender the animal. Immediately. It sickens me how many people in this world, especially in the United States, are so absolutely heartless and cruel in terms of caring for their pets. How would you like it if someone COULD feed and take care of you, but chose not to?... Dogs just want to love and be loved back. Plain and simple. =/
Lauren Lundstrom I love videos like this!! i hate the culture of buying a dog from a breeder... not only are they more money, but they have more health problems from the incest and its completely unnecessary because there are so many good shelter dogs in need of homes #rantover #ilovemystreetdogs :)
God bless the people who have taken these beautiful dogs in and cared for them. I hope there is a special place in heaven for them.
I'm tearing up, I'm so happy for these beautiful furry babies ;~; sadly there are many more who don't even get that second chance...
Thanks Buzzfeeed for the dog awareness video. 🐶🐶
When we rescued our amazing and gorgeous golden retriever keesha, he was so skinny. He was the dog of a trucker and he would leave
keesha out in the winter, NO shelter, on a chain, his water would freeze solid and he'd run out of food :'( if it wasn't for a very compassionate neighbour, Keesha would have probably froze to death/starved to death. We stumbled upon keesha, out of nowhere. It was meant to be. He was meant to be part of our family. I'll never ever ever have another dog quite like my Keesha bear.❤
The last two were really heart breaking
They gain an immense amount of confidence... You can tell they are more comfortable in their own skin... Partly because they are nourished and covered in more fur! I literally love all dogs, and the last one touched me the most. Reminded me of my fluffy dog that I've had for 8 years... The change was so significant!
Se me parte el corazón en millón trocitos.... 😢.... Pq la gente es maldita.... Pq no les cuidan... Ellos lo único q quieren es amor no su odio..... Ellos les aman y ustedes les pagan mal..... Ellos son el ser vivo fiel q existe.... Y ellos tb tienen corazón...... El corazón es incluso más grande q el de nosotros.... Son inocentes y saben cuando alguien les da amor..... Ellos son pilas... Tal vez más q algunos de nosotros..... Simplemente necesitan q les enseñen a q es lo q esta bn y q es lo q esta mal pero jamás a base de golpes..... Son seres vivos y necesitan alimentación sin eso se mueren...... Ustedes no coman varios días y alimentense de basura..... Van a ser los más feos desnutridos pero pq. Las cosas no son así......??? No son así pq nosotros tenemos manos y pies y podemos hacer, nosotros pensamos y estudiamos..... Ellos solo juegan comen, duermen, aprenden si le enseñas y te aman q es lo mas importante.... Jamás un perro te va a fallar si le das la confianza y el amor q el necesita...... Nosotros no tenemos perros, ellos nos tienen a nosotros...... No compres, Adopta.... Y como todos comentan en inglés capaz y no me entienden.... Solo quería desahogarme...... 😞
I want to adopt every cat out there ):
Thank God that there are people who care Little Life's made Happy
So important to spay and neuter and adopt!
That last one was a miracle.
I can't understand why people get a pet then neglect it to the point of almost death. They are disgusting human beings. Animals just don't deserve to be treated this way.
It makes me sick how people abuse and neglect our wonderful animals. All the rescuers are heroes.
Kerrie Rogers Tash DiScipio Kate Mazzarella
Babe I'm going to work extra hard so I can buy myself a farm and rescue every dog in the world. Juan Cervantes 😘💗
Casey Ross Vincent is a different dog now then he was when I first got him ☺️
Sioeli N Misti this sparks my passion makes me happy to see them all look alot healthier i want to be able to help other pups the same way or more
Crystal SquirrelyGirl Murphy Daniel Marti III I thought of y'all when I saw this
Orla Kate O'Connor Caoimhe Ni Bhroin
Sasha Christina Pruna Anthony Lopez
And this is why i volunteer with an animal rescue.
Abel Arellano Jessica Fowler Christian Gibson Kaylee Dunham
Loving these rescue dog and pit bull videos!!!!
Nicole Mozelewski-Baldwin
A dog being neglected is the worst thing to see because their loyalty towards you is for life. Even if you hate them they will love you more than they love themselves.
Mark Strange this is why when we're older I want to adopt dogs not buy them but give them a happy home even if they're older, I still want to do it
<3 <3
beautiful, bless those good people for saving the lives of these neglected little animals.
& encourage people to have their pets desexed ...!!!!!!!
THIS is what animal Rescue is all about ... Saving those who have been abandoned &/or mistreated ... & returning them to be the best they can be with love & care.
While I write this our dog is right at my side on her pillow because she wants to. My neighbors dogs are ALL outside barking all day, they are so lonely. Some people love dogs, others collect them and put them in cages.
que tristeza y a la vez mucha alegría ..
Nicci N Shaun Donnelly Reasons why we should get one from a pound and not a breeder. Look at how much we could improve their lives !
Theseb are beautiful friends why do we take out are frustration on them letting them starve live in oain and gbo without medical help. yO9U KNOW THAT KNOW ONE WOULD LET YOU LIVE LIKE THAT.

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