12 Facts Of Life Every Art Student Knows

12 Facts Of Life Every Art Student Knows
12 Facts Of Life Every Art Student Knows
Published on 12/10/2017
12 Facts Of Life Every Art Student Knows


To all of you saying art degrees are pointless:
Everything you see is designed by someone. Every sign, commercial, magazine, brochure, website, advertisement, card, pamphlet, book cover, movie poster, article of clothing, EVERYTHING - is designed by someone who studied art. There are many more types of art than studio art, and there are potentially endless artistic career fields, such as illustration, animation, graphic and web design, and probably countless others that even I haven't heard of. So, please, stop with the shitty McDonald's comments and educate yourselves.
The only time art school is a waste of time is because you have no talent to be in a art school in the first place 🙌 when you have the talent and love what you do...you will make $$$
Just got my bachelors from an art school. The only 2 things that were correct in this was the no sleep and mass amount of debt. Oh and we're not homeless, assholes.
Art students get under appreciated. But without us there would be no logos, furniture, clothes, houses, etc.
Being an art student does definitely make me pull alot of "all-nighters" D:
But I try to get at least 2-3 hrs of sleep when I do get busy.
I'm in love with art but I studied neuroscience and micro biology because my family pretty much made me feel like a loser for wanting to pursue art... Tho I'm pretty damn good.
By the way... Any job is hard to find in this day and age unless you kiss some sweet ass and lick the taint. I'm lucky for the few people I know other wise I'd be stuck folding panties at Victoria's Secret the rest of my life (which actually isn't too bad 😏 2-3k a month while still finishing classes I'll take it). And let's be honest... A lot of us are living off snack foods a dollar menu items not just art majors. Fuck off them. You're just mad you lack creativity 😜.
that's a lie art school was sucha waste of time.......
A lot of people here are naive to think that fulfilling an art career makes you poor. Do you know that art is all around you?? Who do you think makes your favorite movies?? Movie Designers! Who do you think makes your clothe? Clothe designers. Who do you think created social media? Web designers? Your house? Maybe an architect. Without artists this world wouldn't be as beautiful and amazing with people's brilliant ideas as it is now. Art involves so much more than you even know about. Without artist that paint, there wouldn't be any art museums. And Europe wouldn't have such a beautiful Sistine Chapel. Maybe the 7 wanders of the world wouldn't even exists. And much more. So before you trash talk something, do your research. :)
I'm an art student. And nudes make me uncomfortable. If I have to look, I'll look, but I won't enjoy it.
You should do one about computer science and engineering students.
art is a waste of time, doctors, lawyers, engineers are where the money is at ....
video games
stop watching/ playing these then
Well Buzzfeed, I'm an Artist, and I disagree with most of your views. Please go back to promoting realistic and educational facts, instead of these one sided bullshit things you dare to call facts, when they are clearly opinions. Come on man. You guys used to be cool, now you're like just wasting time.
Art school is fucking hard. You always lack sleep. They expect a lot from you. Thet expect you to produce nice art but the deadline is always close to the date it was given. You view the world differently. People think you're wierd. Your fashion sense is pretty different but it looks good. You crave art on your body like hair dying and tatoo
This is so wonderfully accurate hahaha.
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