12 Extraordinary Before-And-After Weight Loss Photos

12 Extraordinary Before-And-After Weight Loss Photos
12 Extraordinary Before-And-After Weight Loss Photos
Published on 10/22/2017
12 Extraordinary Before-And-After Weight Loss Photos


Why can't people just be happy for others? Why do we have to constantly judge other people on their journeys? Who gives a damn if she got weight loss surgery! Anyone educated would know that its not an easy fix by any means. It takes just as much work and effort to get the weight off and keep it off! She still has to eat right, eat much smaller meals, and stay active to lose weight and keep it off. Surgery is just to jump start it! Be happy for the woman and stop being so damn judgemental! Im sure a lot of you don't have half the confidence this woman has now thanks to her huge lifestyle change. Go beth!!
That's photoshop put to good use (: plus thumbs up on staging this pictures, they were really well planned!
What is sad about the comments on this thread is that instead of lifting her up and praising her for losing 150lbs and choosing to be healthy, some of you women want to bring her down. Getting this surgery isn't a "lazy" decision, you have to weigh a certain weight to even be considered. Not to mention the healthy lifestyle you have to maintain afterwards. Keep up the excellent work Beth, you look great!
These comments are ridiculous! Just because you get the surgery does not mean she didn't work out! Just say something nice and move the fuck on! Y'all are a bunch of miserable ass people! Congrats Beth! I lost a cousin to obesity and we constantly tried to get him to do something about it and he eventually passed away! I'm proud of you for taking a stand and striving to be healthier! Way to go!
Reading these comments I have learned how fucked up our society is. People are assholes.
motivation. 🙌🏻
Do you know why people who desperately NEED to have this surgery dont? Because of people like you who are saying OH THEY CHEATED. Give it up folks. It don't have a damn thing to do with you and your opinion shouldn't matter.
I had gastric bypass. I am now down 110 lbs. And when people give me THAT attitude I know they aren't people I need in my life. SO SEE YA, WOULDN'T WANT TO BE YA
I wish I had the damn motivation...I'll lay in bed and think about the next day starting a diet...wake up and eat the breakfast sampler platter at Cracker Barrel. 😔
How come the fat side of her is more often portrayed as either masculine or a loser to the thin side? FAIL!
Has anyone ever seen my 600 pound life? The surgery doesn't make you lose weight, it helps you lose weight you can get it and still be fat you have to have the right mindset to be able to lose all the weight
They say “You are what you eat” so I guess we should eat skinny people.
I think these pics were awesome! What a great unique way to show before and after! Great job to her!!
the main thing that bothers me about this is i feel like it suggests that she was not "as good" when she was her original size. I understand that she feels healthier and even better about herself now and I understand the humor in it. I just wish she was shown as empowered in the before picture as she looks in the after picture.
i hate the internet so much. yall will always find something to bash on.
i want to get fat and then loss weight just for taking this photos :D
There's work that goes into being approved for a surgery like that and a lot of work that happens after. It's not just snip snip and all of the sudden you're skinny. She could have killed herself had she not done the right things after surgery. Anyone who thinks having a weight loss surgery is an easy way out needs to do a little research.
Those are the BEST before & after photos I've ever seen! Good onya Beth! Xxx
Pretty awesome for her, and an interesting project.
They were so fat, loss weight, and end up having big boobs.
People need to understand that surgery isn't the "easy" option for a lot of people. I'm sure there are some that think that they'll have it done and everything will just be magical afterwards and they won't have any of their previous issues with food. This is not so for a lot of people. You'll still struggle. The surgery just makes it so that you can't eat as much. People are driven to surgery because they feel hopeless and for whatever reason they have an extremely hard time controlling their eating. If you don't have that issue you cannot really speak on it. I'm not a drug addict, alcoholic, anorexic, or bulimic, so I can't really judge people that are in that position because I don't know what that's like.
Good for her ! More people should have the motivation to lose weight
LeAnn Bunch, your pictures should be here. Your journey is incredible and your life now phenomenal. Not just the weight loss but the whole lifestyle change coupled with it.
Cute. I envy this. I went from 375 to 250 on my own. Gained a few pounds back and I'm a dedicated vegetarian, dedicated to exercise and low carbs. I cannot lose anymore weight regardless of what I do. I never saw surgery as an optio, but her beautiful results has made me reconsider. After 10 years of fighting... I'm tired :(
I love this! Great and playful way to show her weight loss journey! And for the nay sayers, she literally could have lost no weight at all after surgery if she didn't also follow a a healthy diet and a more active lifestyle. She did a great job!
I am so sick and tired of certain people being famed for major weight loss. I weighed over 300 pounds when I was 12 years old. I lost almost 150 pounds by the time I was 14 and sustained to keep the weight off. My story is like anyone else's, who's struggling with their weight. Yet, only a handful of people get glorified for there success. So to anyone who is and has lost weight: Congratulations! You've taken a step forward to change your life and I'm proud of you.
Why do people keep worshipping weight LOSS instead, try self LOVE.
looks more likely like twins ... just one of them big fan of fast food (if it's for real and she was thinking to make this pictures 2 years ago than congrats for the idea and weight lost)
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She looks gorgeous! This is such a creative idea!
Love this. Very unique.
I love this BuzzFeed
So we should celebrate her being fat then cheating to lose weight....then using photo shop to glamorize it?!......no I'm out!
I love this idea, she seems to have had fun doing this. And people, stop pissing on her parade, I mean really. She went out, got gastric bypass surgery and reached her goal. For anyone who seems to think surgery is the easy route, you're a fool, it takes time to heal and even after getting it you still have to work to lose weight.
Beth could have died running down the block or on an operating table. She lost some weight and that is all that matters. Good for her. A person's body is their own. Whether you treat it like temple or like an amusement park....the decision is one's own. Cheers to anyone whose doing what they got to do. Just do it and learn to live a healthy life. Live long and prosper. ;)
If she is happy that's all it matters,how she did it to get where she wants should just matter to her and no one else...she did something to fix her health.
Gastric bypass is not cheating for some it's the only way out. My dad was heavy all my life, he had to lose weight just to get the surgery I cried seeing him in pain, I Cried seeing him vomit, I cried seeing him starve, I cried seeing him depressed. That was just me how my dad went through that is amazing but also saying that is you can always gain the weight back which my dad did gain some weight back and now he has to work hard to lose it again. This is why I am on my own fitness journey to lose 60lbs I'm 35lbs from my first goal.
Everyone bashing her because she had weight loss surgery do know you don't just walk in and schedule the surgery. You have to be psychiatricly evaluated, take classes and loose weight on your own before you get approved for the surgery. In the beginning you do lose weight at a rapid pace, but it's because you just had major re plumbing of your intestines and organs. Once you fully recover it's on you to maintain your weight and not stretch your new smaller stomach out. You have to exercise and eat properly. Having weight loss surgery is not an easy fast fix. It takes dedication, mentally and physically. So try not to be a judgmental douche and give her props for wanting to better her health.
Now that's cool
To all y'all with the negative comments.... She could care less about you, because she's happy and she recognized by a lot of people... Your still on your couches eating leftovers and being bored on Fb...
This was so awesome, I can't even believe there are negative comments. GO BETH!
Love Diego and Frida.
I don't understand the point of this. Having a surgery that shrinks your stomach isn't motivation. She wasn't even obese. So she not only cheated but she was lazy.
Get it Beth!
I'm not even gonna read these comments because I know if I do, my faith in humanity will diminish even further.
she looks GREAT!
As someone who has had the surgery I can tell you every day is a battle and as long aa you dont walk in our shoes you have no clue how hard it is I have now lost 131 pounds and can say it was the best decision I could take even tho every day is a struggle so please people think before you speak ! As for Beth congrats girl good job
Liking the buzzfeed page was such a good thing to do :) keep em coming!
Where's my photo!?!? Oh that's right- I gained weight lol

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