12 Exercises To Change Your Life

12 Exercises To Change Your Life
12 Exercises To Change Your Life
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Published on 10/18/2017
12 Exercises To Change Your Life


Butt was censored? -_-
All I could do was look at her boobs, lmfao! I totally missed all that he said during "boob shot" moments. I'm not even lesbian but I was totally distracted lol!
If all workout videos were narrated by Andrew, I would probably exercise more.
Nice narrator.
what is with the cursing?
All I did was look at her ass 😂
Good video but seriously was the beeping and cursing necessary!?!
I get the joke behind the vulgar but it gets a little annoying at some point. the beep sound that is. either you say it fully or you say a little or you don't. don't kill the video with the beeps hahaha. nice concept anyway!
I love these exercises. I do them at least 3-4 times a week. It's hard even for some one in shape. Push yourself you'll feel better and look better
Lizzie Turner, I wish people who taught classes talked like this. It would be awesome
Liked the exercises but found the commentator annoying & distracting., Is it really necessary to insult people
Sarah Abrera simple yet effective
Really? Is the swearing necessary?
Travis Doty, I'm going to do these tonight when you work out. Sound good? That way we can work out together but I can do something better for me so I don't get burnt out and it'll be quicker since you won't have to switch the heights so often!
i just focus on girl not on exercise :'(
Yeah... Good exercises, but whats with the sensored
stuff!! Really... Get serious! Wasn't impressive or inspiring...
Kath ito oh haha
You know you watch too many BuzzFeed video's when you know who the narrators are. hahaha. Andrew.
The bleeps made me laugh because they came at random times.
That moment when you say, "that's easy!" "I should do those!" And then... You never do. Because every day is your lazy/rest day. This fat ass has issues 😕
Deanna Joy these are the best 12 exercises ever i do them at the gym and at home!! Try em you'll notice a huge diff in a week!!!
Can you be my trainer when I get back Zerina Narejo
I can see this changing (ending) my life, hahaha!
To change your "wot"? Seef Lord
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Brittany Raplee Kurr O'Neill Joey Young
"Keep your chest up, like you give a f**k." 😂😂😂
Irina Pav...I like how this guy talks lol
hello Reynalaxy!Thnks for sharing,,I gonna do this..
I guess It will change our body shape not the life XXX
I only watched this because of Andrew tbh
So I'm waiting on someone with my boys I see this lovely to do exercise for me as we are watching it the instructor is making bleeps my sons can't stop laughing SMH! I'm laughing too!
Andrew needs to be my personal trainer, ya hear me buzzfeed? Hook me up!
Aira Krystel lol
Janeth Rose Ann mmya gwin n ntin to!!
Who is Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him?
من هو محمّد، صل الله عليه وسلّم؟
He is the one who defended the rights of all humanity 1400 years ago.
هو الذي دافع عن حقوق كل البشر منذ 1400 عام.
He defended men's, women's and children rights
حفظ حقوق الرجال وحقوق النساء وحقوق الصغار
He commanded and fostered the love between relatives and neighbors
أمر بالحب والود بين الأقارب والجيران
He established a coexistence relationship between Muslims and Non-Muslims
وأسس علاقة تعايش بين المسلمين وغير المسلمين
He organized the relationship between the members of the family putting duties on sons and daughters towards the parents
ونظم العلاقات الأسرية التي تضمن للأب وللأم حقوق كبيرة وعظيمة على أبنائهم
He fought injustice, called for justice, love, unity and cooperation for the good.
منع الظلم ودعا للعدل و المحبة والتكاتف والتعاون للخير
He called for helping the needy, visiting the patients, love and exchanging advises between people.
دعا لمساعدة المحتاج وزيارة المريض والمحبة والتناصح بين الناس
He prohibited (by orders from God) bad manners such as stealing, lying, torturing and murdering.
منع على المسلمين المعاملات السيئة مثل السرقة والغش والقتل والظلم
He is the one who changed our lives and manners to be better.
إنه من غير حياتنا وطباعنا السيئة إلى حسنة
A Muslim doesn't steal
المسلم .. لا يسرق
A Muslim doesn't lie
المسلم لا يكذب
A Muslim doesn't drink alcohol.
المسلم لا يشرب الخمر
A Muslim doesn't commit adultery
المسلم لا يزنى
A Muslim doesn't cheat
المسلم لا يغش
A Muslim doesn't kill innocent people
المسلم لا يقتل الأبرياء
A Muslim doesn't harm his neighbors
المسلم لا يؤذي جارة
A Muslim obeys his parents and helps them
المسلم يبر بوالديه و يخدمهما
A Muslim is kind to young and elderly people, to women and to weak people.
المسلم يعطف على الصغار وعلى النساء وعلى الضعفاء وكبار السن
A Muslim doesn't torture humans or even animals, and does not harm trees
المسلم لا يعذب البشر ولا الحيوانات ولا يؤذي الأشجار
A Muslim loves his wife and takes care of his children and show mercy towards them until the last day of his life.
المسلم يرحم ويحب زوجته ويهتم و يعطف عل أبناءه حتى آخر يوم من عمره
A Muslim's relationship towards his children never stops even when they become adults
المسلم لا تنتهي علاقته بأولاده بعد سن الرشد أبدا
He is Muhammad (PBUH)
إنه محمد رسول الله صل الله عليه وسلم
Did you know why all Muslims love Muhammad (PBUH)?
هل عرفتم لماذا يحب كل المسلمون محمد صل الله عليه وسلم؟
Did you know what does Muhammad mean for Muslims?
هل عرفتم ماذا يعنى محمد صل الله عليه وسلم للمسلمين؟
Every Muslim loves Muhammad (peace be upon him) more than himself and more than everything in his life.
كل مسلم يحب محمد صل الله عليه وسلم أكثر من كل شئ
Before judging a Muslim be fair and:
قبل أن تحكم علي أي مسلم كن محايد:
1-Listen to this person, and watch his doings.
1- أسمع منه هو شخصياً ، أستمع الي أفكاره ومعتقداته ولاحظ أفعله.
2-Compare his ideas and teachings with what is Islam and Prophet Mohammad PBUH ordered.
2-قم بمقارنة أفكاره ومعتقداته بما دعا له الإسلام.
3-If you think that his thoughts are typical to that of Islam and Prophet Mohammad PBUH, and then compare them with his doings; is he applying these teachings?
3- إذا تطابقت أفكاره ومعتقداته مع ما دعا له الإسلام فأنظر إلي أفعاله، هل هي متطابقة مع أفكاره
4-If he is applying these teachings and sayings, so for sure represents Islam, if not then he calls himself a Muslim but doesn't represent Islam.
4- إذا كانت أفعاله تطابق أفكاره ومعتقداته فهو يمثل الإسلام، إذا كانت تتناقض فهو يدعي أنه مسلم ولكن لا يمثل الإسلام
Mohammed Ansan and far from extremism and lying which has marketed
محمد أنسان رائع وبعيد كل البعد عن التطرف والكذب يقول يسوق له
We as Muslims we publish a genuine people's love you oh Lord weiamhamd
احبك ياربي (ارجو نشر )
Buzzfeed pls
tomorrow's session? Charlotte Voisey Sian Byrne Rebecca Knowler Stuart Graves
Jody Lee Tyson Jenkin Lucas Rais-Colvinthis made me laugh
Shiraz Amir Shawan Manpreet lets drill...
Lol Emery James Jenkins as a coach Shaun Bell Dametri Elletson Gunner Howard Graber
Rhaffy Reyes Bobby Francis Pagdilao Sierra Cadiz Ramo I guess I'll be doing these at work tonight lol #noexcuses
Maddie Knobloch Gillian Bourdo Rachel Anne Dallavalle I thought you'd enjoy the narrator and we could totally try some of these!!
Rachel Kiernan Abby Norris Lisa-Jane Paszek 😂
Elin Siik Jenny Pettersson Linn Henriksson
Linda Her Asil Chieng Nancy Cheurtong
Rianna Nick
Angelina Zeinab Gemini Ariana Stellz
Priscilla Landeros
Lailah Rose

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