12 Evil Pranks Taken To The Next Level

12 Evil Pranks Taken To The Next Level
12 Evil Pranks Taken To The Next Level
Published on 12/10/2017
12 Evil Pranks Taken To The Next Level


This was great until the cat in the microwave.
it's not a real cat guys. it's a picture taped to the inside
Those M&M's, Skittles, and Recees made me cringe
Guys, the reason is a prank is because it's a PHOTO of a cat, taped inside the microwave... Christ...
The toilet one. Such a mess waiting to happen.
I good prank is putting toothpaste or glue on a Oreo were the cream usually goes
That last one is messed up
At least when you get the shit scared out of you, it will land in the toilet
the cat in the microwave! Whyyy???? ROFL!
I don't think cat in a microwave is a prank
Who the fuck wouldn't see a fucking air horn duct taped to the side of their toilet?
Even if the cat is just a photo, it's not funny. Sick people really do that. It's cruel and awful and never ever funny.
I don't know what to write when I finally have the chance to be one of the first few comments.
Damnit, Franchesca.
My friends and I recently discovered that mayo, and dr. Pepper in a cup look an awful lot like a root beer float... X)
The last is NOT funny
I want in on it lol
That teacher would have another thing coming if they gave away Game of Thrones spoilers!!
The cat is a picture 😼I'm sure people can read right?!
The cat one is NOT funny, not even close.
That fish at work !! I need to do that !
I've done the Lego fire walk and surprisingly, it's not that bad. I even pranced across them like I was a unicorn!
Merrie that gift wrapping one needs to be done. I nominate your son to be the first to receive that special gift.
This my cups in the hallway picture! Yes!!!!!
That teacher has a special place in Hell for those spoilers.
The toilet one will loosen any and all constipated bowels.
Those M&M's, Skittles, and Recees would be easy.. Skittles have S on them.. M&Ms have an M on them and Recees are blank... I think they're blank...
Nah the money prank was the most heart breaking. You think you about to pay that phone bill? naaaaaaahhhhhhh son.
And lol lick em to know for sure? Haha or you could try bouncing them, or feel them haha
animal cruelty smh...
Well if you didn't came in the bathroom to take a dump after that first prank. Should be a breeze after that.
Did yall not see that it said PICTURE of a cat ?
The cat one is fucked up, what if that cat was really shoved in a microwave and someone took a picture then someone used that picture off of the Internet ad a joke but the whole thing really did happen... did anyone else think this too?
Poor paper kitty 😱😘
Oh hell no
Poe kitty
The cat is the funniest one. The picture is like the cat saying "help me". Can u imagine if someone thought it was real ? Lmbo
The Lego one isn't even a "prank" do you know the meanings of words before you use them?
That picture of the cat int he microwave was creepy!
Putting a cat in a microwave isn't a prank. It's a public service.
I have a feeling that these were invented by Jim Halpert
Game of thrones one should be the most evil
That last one tho.....XD
I have to see the victims.
Lego is the evilest
For everybody who think the cat in the microwave was real, you just fell for the prank.
Some of them aren't even pranks.
Give it up for the cups.
One of my teachers did the Game of Thrones one
If someone ruined Game of Thrones I can't even go on lol

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