12 Celebs Who Look Just Like Their Famous Parents

12 Celebs Who Look Just Like Their Famous Parents
12 Celebs Who Look Just Like Their Famous Parents
Published on 10/18/2017
12 Celebs Who Look Just Like Their Famous Parents


SURPRISE! People sometimes look like their parents!!! Next up...boys have penises and girls have vaginas.
Jayden Smith favors Jade Pinkett Smith more than he does Will Smith. It's Willow that looks like Will Smith.
I was more surprised by some of the people who were related then how much they looked alike Audrey Willard
Isn't it soooo strange how kids look like their parents. Who else are they gonna look like?
some of the resemblances weren't so strong (like the Smiths), but then again during the conception of a child, there *are* two parents yielding genetic information. others comparisons were spot on! lol!
mariska and jayne look like twins
I don't look anything like my mom. And don't know my biological father but have recent pictures and don't resemble him exactly either. It's a pretty even mix to where you can't tell what I got from each side. I think it was cool, not everybody looks that much like their parents. So all you naysayers can get off buzz feeds ass.
I'm just finding out Tom hanks has kids 😭
Angelina looks like her mom actually.
Kate Hudson is so flippin' gorgeous!!!
Cute. It never occurred to me who some of these people's parents are!
Martha Smith Willming I did not know that Mamie was Meryl's daughter!
Every woman thinks her son looks like the baby daddy...until Maury says "you are Not the father".
Who the hell cares? Pronounced peter griffin voice
U mean WILLOW and will smith
Rovin Thicke is Allen Thickes son?!
Non celebs look like their parents too.. Why are you impressed by this?
Did people not pay attention in Biology Class You are 50% of your Mom and 50% of your Dad so when you look like half of one of your parents how is that weird or creepy
But btw how is that jaden kid being recognized as a celeb already just by casting in one or two movies under his father's halo? So being a celeb is quite effortless nowadays especially when your father is big name.
How come the black people weren't put size by side?
I believe that's how genetics works on the kids....
This is so fucking stupid no shit they look like there parents 😒
1 minute and 21 seconds of my life I'll never get back..
Mariskaaaa <3 <3 Alex Gillis
Woa didnt realize jayne mansfeild was maritza's mom
Jaden doesn't look like will smitj
Buzzfeed just figured out how genetics worked
I wonder why they look like their parents I mean it's not genetics or anything
Ritter was the man! Rip
shieeeettt my brain just imploded Mady Tom Brown Hannah de Fonseka Sophie Beckwith
#illuminati!! Theres no way celebrities can look like their parents i mean omg!!! Wtf!!! Other assorted text talk!!!
Colin Hanks?! I didnt knoww :'((((
Jael Joya cause you're bord
Buzzfeeds video you can do better stuff than this 😰
Regina Lozoya Adrian Martinez
Erika Zaragoza sólo faltamos Nicole Orona y yo!!!=P
2 things:
Mariska Hargitay is HOT! and could they not find a WORSE picture of Donald Sutherland? Good lord
Ray LopezXochitl BlazquezJoy ThrasherZeina M Shatila
Tonya Gossett
Julian Pennington
Airien Sadhoe
Adriana Mendez
They look like their parents, until BuzzFeed smooshes their faces together and you're like, "Oh my god! What is this squishy face, it's giving me a headache!"... yes, I actually said that...
Sandra Avila
Sara Taylor-Estes
Tina DeZonia
Also don't forget the ! After everything
Typical Danny response to one of your posts: (Insert something cute)! (Insert emojis, preferably a heart)
Cody Thomashide

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