11 Things You Do When You're Drunk

11 Things You Do When You're Drunk With Quinta B.
11 Things You Do When You're Drunk
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Published on 10/16/2017
11 Things You Do When You're Drunk
With Quinta B.


The worst thing is the next morning where you remember all the embarassing things you did and read all the messages you sent people
I never call my ex's I can never find my phone.
"Tony you're out of control, we're over!" 😂😂😂
And have that part when you start to speak another language 😂
I love Quinta!! :)
12. The hangover 13.the bright sun 14.random people texting you because you gave out your number 15. Best friend in all your pics laughing lol
who the hell cries?
The dreaded drunk texts
Kissing someone you shouldn't have
Blacking out
Climbing on the roof
Losing a shoe
Going streaking
Grinding on a midget
Kidnapping a friend's pet...
I want to get drunk with Quinta.
The transition tho.
I can't believe she didn't finish her burger though 😭
Passing out in your vomit. ....🙋
Quinta's hair on fleek
ummmm unprotected sex is a big one to
How about the one where you tell your coworkers how you REALLY feel about them!!!! Let's just say my coworkers don't invite me out drinking with them anymore!🙊😬
Out of all 11 I only binge eat, so I think I'm good! 😂
You forgot the 2000 second snap chat and weird facebook statuses.
I hate the spinning world feeling.
I remem... No wait, there are 6 hours I don't remember from a party, but my friends do. I even kept talking and all but my brain was like in "Auto"
And then I woke up at the hospital laughing about the joke they told me 6 hours before ,.,.
Andrew's lovely voice <3
Never stop drinking!!! 😂😂
Quinta's hair gives me life.
I want to get drunk with Quinta and the Try Guys. BuzzFeed, make this happen.
Glad I'm alcohol free
The narrator has a nice voice.
Drinking is over rated ha
Don't tell me how to live my life!
Was this all done in one take?
If so, great job. Lord knows how many takes you guys did.
Waking up and viewing your snapchat story and all the snaps you randomly sent, yikes!!
I don't do any of this besides argue with my boyfriend, that's why i don't bring my phone in where ever I'm going. Lol.
Never been drunk in my whole life and I'm proud of myself :)
The worst thing is blacking out.
Lmfao hahaha some of that is true
I love Quinta.
Did anyone notice Quinta was eating a mcmuffin 😩😩😭😭😭 or im just thinking about breakfast
Now I want to drink
That was the quickest break up and get back together that I've ever seen 😂😂
Wqit panuorin ko na lang sa er haha
Or nahhhh
Adam you do all this except crying. Sleeping on bus stops , making out with animals, getting out of taxis , out of control
What about the bit where you swing from a chandelier and break the ceiling
I think I laughed a little too much at this
Nancy you ever wonder how it feels to be drunk. Well here you go now you don't have to do it
They forgot number 9 1/2. Breakup/makeup sex that you never would've had while sober lol
Yeah all 11
Lmao !
You guys forgot #12 all the drunk photos you took/were tagged in
Puke, pass out and let's do it again!!

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