11 Things Jewish Friends Just Get

11 Things Jewish Friends Just Get
11 Things Jewish Friends Just Get
Published on 10/16/2017
11 Things Jewish Friends Just Get


"That seems a little harsh"
"I don't know you guys have Hell" - AMAZING!
"Can you vote Democrat and still have a job?" 😂👏
Make one for arabs/muslims 😂 I bet it'll be hilarious!
This is the only page that teaches me things and makes me laugh while doing it.
I'm not Jewish and my mom thinks I'm dead if I don't answer..... . Well probably because I'm black...... and a girl....
What's so good about being the top comment?
Thank you for creating this. I am JEWISH as well and this is perfect.
Lol "my mom will think I'm dead"
On. The. Nose.
Also gets all up in your business about where you are and who you're with and what you're doing and when you're coming home and if before that can you stop and pick up the manischewitz for shabbat.
I'm Jewish
I love this!!! I love it even more because I knew what they where talking about!! I watched way to much "Nanny" as a kid!
I vote Democrat and have a job!
I was barmitzvah'd because all of my friends were Jewish when I was thirteen and I dressed up as Lenny Kravitz for Halloween; Black Cuban/Dominican Jew who went to NYU, how bout you?
Oy to the world.
Fun Fact: You actually can be buried in a Jewish cemetery if you get a tattoo. Its just a myth that you cant :)
"What does [schlepping] involve, exactly?"
"We just walk, but we complain about it."
Yes. Yes. All of the yes. That is exactly right.
They get free Palestinian land at the cost of dead children and women.
That mom thing applies for ALL moms.. Trust me Lol
This has been the best thing buzzfeed has produced yet
I actually knew nothing about Jewish culture before watching this video... Thanks Buzfeed!
"I can't she'll think I'm dead" 😂
"Does he vote democrat and have a job?" You can only choose one of those options.
You guys have hell so yeah lol
We also cannot name a child the name of a living relative for the same reason. And Oy, a tattoo? Don't plan on getting a place in your families' plot.
I'm the furthest thing from Jewish and still get all of these jokes. That's what happens when you live in Boca Raton I guess!
"Goy" is offensive
Corinne, we both married these people and slowly morphed into them as well. 😹
Well, to be fair... It started well before, didn't it? 🙈
Hope Kiefer I know you have a lot of Jewish friends because I understood pretty much all of this. Also this is funny and I think you would like it.
Coming from a religious Jew im finding the only accurate one is that if u miss ur mothers call she'll think ur dead 😂 oh yeah n the think of being burried is a myth tho still forbidden to get tattoos
The "not ring able to be buried in a Jewish cemetery if you have a tattoo" thing is not true guys
Lol Nadav Korman funny thing is i AM that girl with the rest of my actual non jewish friends
I didn't watch the whole thing but the beginning where she says no she'll think I'm dead and she goes "hi mommy" is soooo me hahahah Melissa Lerner I love you
Allison Snyder this made my life. This is seriously us wow. Jewish Friendship GOALS
Tara Coyne Mara Ramos Danielle Alexandra I knew as soon as I saw the title they would say our word. now we have a whole new vocab to add!
every single one of these is true and I have said😂 I've actually already seen this since I'm a Jew who stalks buzzfeed when I'm procrastinating KKatie Merport
Maya Lubarsky ily my Jewish friend ❤️
Sophia Lorrimer lol :,) he isn't Jewish .. will your family mind? Literally asked that every time you met someone xxx
The kids will be Jewish anyway!
"But he's not Jewish" "does he vote democrats and have a job?" "Yes" "well our kids will be Jewish anyway"
And the confusion over random insertions of Yiddish in everyday conversation.
"did u ever get a tattoo, no i wanna be burried with the rest of my family" lmao thats me, no tats <3
i loveeeeee being jewish lmfao #lachaim #shalom #toda
It looks like it was filmed in Boca Raton. 😉😎
The part about my mom thinking I'm dead if I don't answer the phone is spot on. I am 45 and still speak to my mother every day. If I don't answer the phone, she freaks out and assumes something terrible has happened rather than I might just be out having a good time.
Oye vey! Lol! That was hilarious!
LOL "jap" = jewish, american princess. classic
If I found out the person I was dating was Democrat. Ya gotta go!
Shmaltzy and stereotypical. You could've done way better.
I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and totally understood all of these :)
im over here ploztns

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