11 Struggles Skinny Girls Know Too Well

11 Struggles Skinny Girls Know Too Well
11 Struggles Skinny Girls Know Too Well
Published on 10/19/2017
11 Struggles Skinny Girls Know Too Well


I wish I had these problems haha
This video is spot on!!! But I wish they would have included the skinny men as well....skinny guys Can get it just as bad sometimes . " dude you need to workout!" " I can put my arms around you, you so skinny!!" "You need to eat"!! Etc ugh it's annoying plus your most likely to get beat down by someone thicker than you
Im kinda chubby and I don't talk to thin women like that. Its rude. Everyone is made in their own unique way and everyone has their own struggles. We shouldn't discount others' troubles bc we don't share them.
I'm overweight, and I've actually had skinny friends who take it upon themselves to say "you'd look sooooooo good if you just lost the weight." Even when they see me busting my ass to exercise and turn down every dessert that's put in front of me. And I know that people see my weight as "proof" that I'm lazy, selfish, or disgusting. underweight people don't have to deal with any of the same stereotypes. And no study has ever found evidence that skinny women are passed over for job opportunities. Sorry, skinny girls. You don't get any sympathy from me. You can't support all of society's terrible attitudes towards plus size gals and then whine about how hard you have it.
I'm so confused by today's culture of skinny vs curvy. Maybe if we stopped calling eachother "skinny b*tches" and "big b*tches," we'd realize the entire competition is in our heads. There's more than one kind of beautiful, and shaming people for looking different is just one more kind of discrimination that the world could do without.
My parents forever thinking I have an eating disorder because I get full really quickly when eating<<<<<
"Why are you working out? You're so skinny."
Really....?! Something I know and hate all too well.
People don't understnad that it can be insulting if you call out someone for being skinny! I would never point at someone and say: "WOOOOOW you are SO fat!" Think before you say something!
Why are girls/ women so concerned with their bodies? Skinny girls are ok. Fit girls are ok. Chunky girls are ok. Plus girls are ok. Stop buying into this one body fits all! Be proud in your own skin. If it bothers you that much......,... Make a change for YOU!💥
Yup... always hungry always cold
Thank you! I fully agree with everything in this bloody video!! Argh! The amount of people who make me feel guilty about me not being 100% happy with my body is ridiculous! They also forgot the whole "look at how tiny you are! I could snap you like a twig" comment. It sucks and hurts to be called anorexic when you're just naturally skinny and to be constantly told you need to eat more. Then when you do eat a lot you get the "wow are you really going to eat ALL of that?? Where does it all go?"comment or if you eat a small amount you get the "jeez you're making me feel so fat" comments. Just shut up and let me eat in peace!
Fuck off with the"skinny girls don't have problems" comments. It's never okay to dismiss someone's problems just because they aren't your problems.
I am skinny. I am not anorexic or bulimic. I WILL faint if I go more than five hours between meals. Meals, not snacks, pay attention.
I have ALWAYS been underweight. When they did height and weight checks on the kids, the counselors would invariably call my home to discuss with my parents their concerns about my health. I would invariably get grounded. After which I'd have to listen to my parents complain about how expensive it was to feed me.
As an adult, I have often had to deal with rude commentary about my size: I once went on a date with a guy who literally told me he wasn't comfortable with me using the restroom after dinner because he thought I was going to force myself to throw up. People I don't know think it's okay to grab/touch/poke me to illustrate how tiny I am. I get rude commentary about what people think I should be eating, about my flat chest, about my non-existent ass. It's awful.
Just remember that nobody owns your body but you, and nobody had a right to your body but you. No matter your size, someone will be rude to you about it. But if you do the same to others, you're no better than the people putting you down.
I like all you ladies. Skinny girls and big girls.
Awwwh poor skinny girls -_- you get no sympathy from me. 😒
Tbh skinny people eat the most most of the time fat just doesn't like us
I'm pretty sure all those girls are skinny lol
Yes guys. It goes both ways. It's offensive getting called anorexic or too skinny, just like its offensive getting called fat.
they forgot the part where people ask you to go into tiny spaces to get their stuff that fell in
Pencil skirts = they're just not made for skinny girls. If the thing fits on my waist, then it's swimming the rest of the way down.
Larger women complain that stores don't carry sizes big enough for them but it happens to skinny people to. I can't tell you how many times I walk into a store and they don't have XS or they don't have long enough jeans in my waist size.
Why is it okay for someone to say to me OMG you're soo skinny but it's horrible for me to say OMG you're soo fat. It works both ways. No one has it easier than the next. You just don't realize the other persons issues because you don't walk in their shoes.
I like that they did a video like this because there is defiantly a double standard to how people talk appropriately about weight.
Sometimes that just how bodies are, they don't deserve praise or shame they just need to be accepted, just because you aren't happy with how your body is doesn't mean you need to put down anyone else's. Skinny girls get sick of hearing just as much as fat girls would. It's never your place to comment on anyone else's body.
If these skinny shamers want to be smaller, than LOSE WEIGHT! If you are thicker and love it, then don't lose weight! Stop saying "I wish I had these problems" or "that's not a problem". Every woman has body type problems! Skinny, fat, bulky, flat chested, no butt, huge butt, purple or green.., be who you want to be and be happy! As long as you are healthy and you feel beautiful then who cares? Love the skin you're in ladies!
What really annoys me is when curvy girls say that skinny girls are what society want... umm, no. What everyone wants now is curves. They want boobs and butts. Both of which skinny girls typically lack. So go ahead, tell me that society wants skinny girls, the only think that I have to say is look at all the hype about Kim Kardashian's butt, the song "All About That Bass", the hype about Nicki Minaj's body, the hype about big boobs. Now, try to tell me that society would rather have a stick figure than a curvy one.
People make fun of 'fat' people simply because they're 'fat'. People make fun of 'skinny' people because they assume they have an eating disorder or something. Wtf is up with modern society?!
They just aren't happy with their own bodies therefore have to criticise skinny people. If you aren't happy with the way you look do something about it.
So true 👏 actually pisses me of. When people say "oh your far too skinny" that's like me going up to someone chubby and telling them their too fat! If your going to mention the fact that somebody's skinny and mean it as a compliment change your words! 'Slim' is a much nicer word use thT 👌
I hate this. Drama over NOTHING. lmao girls just need something to bitch about. Skinny and curvy. Eat a cheeseburger or go to yoga. Who the fuck cares?
To the skinny girls complaining about finding jeans that "fit"- THIS PROBLEM IS WITH ALL SIZES
I think both skinny and bigger girls have struggles. Saying skinny girls shouldn't have struggles is stupid. All of us have stuff about our bodies we don't like and all of us have people comment and say things about our bodies that we don't like.
This is so funny Bc ppl literary used to kill themselves to be skinny
Either way, curvy; fat; or skinny, someone is going to judge you by the way you look. Society can't make up its mind and woman tend to be self conscious. We all just have to appreciate what we have and be happy in our own skin.
I can't gain weight but I have my own curve, forget what other people say!! They can get jealous or be haters :P
Or what about guys saying they'll break you in half 😖😖😖 tired of hearing that!!!
Aww poor skinny ppl! Life's tough 😪
oh boo hoo, poor skinny girls
The "how to be curvy" search... Yep, done it many times
I'll gladly switch my big girl struggles for thin girl struggles. Lol it'd be nice to find cute clothes that don't cost my arm, leg and first born child, or look like an old lady would wear them :/ Don't get me wrong, I'm a beautiful, sexy ass big girl. But being a sexy ass big girl, ain't cheap! Haha!
Aim for healthy not skinny.
Amber Rose Lawrence Joann Lawrence I hate how girls who are naturally skinny sometimes get crap for being skinny. We don't TRY to be skinny, its just who we are! 😠😊
People don't realize when you say, " you're too skinny". It's like you're saying " you're too fat". It makes people feel uncomfortable and insecure about themselves.
HEY ya'll ppl! I know all too well how it is to receive the "you're too skinny" comments and how much it hurts because I am skinny naturally myself. But what I have seen is that if you want the world to learn to love you, learn to love yourself first! Look in the mirror and say, "This is what God gave me, what am I going to do about it?" Confidence and self-adoration is where beauty starts! If you don't love yourself, then how can anyone else love you? Don't accept the cruel and foolish things people say. Learn to accept what you got and be the Best and Healthiest version of yourself!
Anyways Loves, hope your life will be filled with color, laughter, joy, and every other beautiful thing! Peace <3
These "struggles" sound like extremely minor inconveniences.... Id rather have this.
This Video is so spot on about the struggles that "skinny girls" go through, but at the end of the day everyone that you talk to has a problem or there not comfortable about something with there body, big girls, skinny girls, tall girls , small girls, I personally think that everyone is beautiful and Everyone needs to find some sort of respect for themselves and be proud of who they are, and what they have got! At the end of the day who actually cares if you have boney bits or flabby bits, as long as you have some self respect for urself and for others then why care? Society today is becoming so materialistic its putting problems where problems aren't really problems! We need to learn to be more cautious with our words to each other, be proud of your body be proud of yourself and let's all just be nice :) peace and love xxxx
Seriously, whoooo gives a ***?! Being skinny is AWESOME! :D We look good in everything and always look in top shape... I love being slim... any day, all day, every day ;) skinny and I lovee it!
I should not even start on how many people have actually complimented me on my body. Of course, there have also been those who said I am too skinny, but those have been the sames one who are also overweight ;) so.... LONG LIVE Being a healthy skinny chick! we rock 8-)!
Skinny doesn't always mean ugly I have collar bones and I still have boobs so what curvy skinny your beautiful it doesn't matter I do hate people telling me "you don't need the gym" skinny doesn't always mean healthy JS I want endurance and good stamina as the next person and skinny girls get cellulite yep it happens and it can be caused lack of physical activity or bad health like low immune system
Skinny girls are usually the sweetest just saying👌😊👌😊
I'm a skinny girl with huge boobs naturally. And a flat butt. Body shaming can go many different ways. We are all shaped different for a reason.
But most of these girls are skinny...like the ones making fun of the skinny girls
all of these problems are 100% spot on and every one of them has happened to me

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