11 Struggles Pregnant Women Know Too Well

11 Struggles Pregnant Women Know Too Well
11 Struggles Pregnant Women Know Too Well
Published on 10/23/2017
11 Struggles Pregnant Women Know Too Well


The women are not nearly aggravated enough for this video to accurately reflect reality when you are pregnant! More attitude!
Not sure what I hated worst random people touching my belly or not being able to see my feet 😂😳
Oh don't be fooled, it continues after birth too.
They missed the one where your kid rolls over onto your sciatic nerve and you are paralyzed while standing in the aisle of a store. For 15 minutes. Before she moves and you're able to walk again
When my fiancé or wife is pregnant I'll just keep my mouth shut and give her food for nine months be very fragile with your words Lol
Bless all you ladies dealing with this. :O
they forgot the part where the baby stretches out weird and refuses to move no matter how uncomfortable or how much it hurts you
Towards the end is the worst. Especially if you're past your due date. Everyone keeps asking, "when is the baby coming?" And you're like, "I wish I knew, she forgot to leave me a memo"
my sister couldn't even breathe in her last days... xD and all she did was eat eat and eat and then complain about "I CANNOT FUCKING BREATHE" xD
👍👍👍👍👍 hit the nail on the head Buzzfeed.
Why is there nothing about shaving your legs or lady parts? That struggle is sooooo real lmao
And I can relate to the struggling to put you're shoes on.... I wore flip flops the last 3 months of my pregnancy cause i just didn't even want to try and put on shoes anymore xD lol
My sister (currently about 6 months pregnant) would literally slap someone's hand away if they tried to touch her tummy. Or she'd flinch away XD She even bought maternity shirts that say things like "touch the bump, lose the hand" and "if you didn't put it there, don't touch" etc XD
Lol I actually enjoy sex during my pregnancy with my hubby a lot. And as well I feel so beautiful! Never felt more like a woman in my life. I'm so happy with my body while pregnant. I don't do that crying business like omg why would you say that to me either. I've been blessed with a relatively enjoyable pregnancy.
It's all worth it 😃 won't trade my love bug for anything 😘😊💕💖
I kinda got annoyed when people would ask every day "How's the baby?"
Ummm.. Happy? How would I know. He's the same as yesterday, growing and doing his thing!
So much more that could have been put into this... the leg cramps, the hot flushes, the constipation, the acid, the back ache, the stinky farts, the sore boobs, the waddle, going off your food, not being able to breathe, clothes not fitting, swelling of feet... actual child birth!!!
The list could go on :)
But what a blessing :)
BUT still I do sneeze and pee at the same time.
Not to mention some of the uncomfortable stretching. The heartburn every other day.
The worst is everyone focusing on how big you are. Like no shit I have a human being in my belly. Lol what do you expect 😅
I hated it when strangers would reach out and touch my belly. Don't people realize that it's your body they're touching? I wouldn't just walk up to a guy and grab his crotch or a woman and grab her boobs. That's how personal it feels when you're pregnant.
Touch my belly, I dare you. Unless you're looking for an amputation, you better keep your hands to yourself.
add to the list....
-Niagra Snatch
-Everything smells like death to you
-Your favorite foods are your enemy
The sneeze and pee. And the and middle of the night frequent urination is annoyinf as hell. Current Struggle 😩
There are some women out there who would do anything to have these "struggles", so think twice while complaining about pregnancy symptoms.
They forgot the leg cramps in your sleep!!!!!
Umm nobody mentioned that horrible feeling when you cant see your vagina!!! Guys do you know how much i struggled to even shave my legs??? I could barely reach my knees... And how about the part where people are like why u walking like a penguin. Like if you could help it 😐... Noo just noo. Have yall tried climbing stairs while at 39weeks? Felt like my 600 lb life!
If the dude isn't comfortable with the burping yet, then it's too soon! Lol
😢 I want to be a mommy
I never peed myself while pregnant... And my daughter loved laying on my bladder. And my boobs didn't leak, thank goodness. But my ankles would swell SO BAD and I cried for stupid reasons 😂
While your BREAST can leak like that while pregnant if you've had a kid not to long before or if your still feeding another kid it's not accurate for that happen otherwise at all. You need baby to start the claustrum when first time preggos. And these women aren't nearly enough mad and upset.
Well don't get pregnant 😒😂
Funny how am pregnant am not experiencing any of these stuff except for the emotional part .
Nope to the food cravings ( did eat more spicy foods with first born and sweet foods with second born, Pee accidents - happened whenever laughing, sneezing, coughing, etc, Shoes - no problem got slip-ons, Insecurities - None the thought was, "I'm pregnant I'm suppose to look like this", Sex while pregnant - was great and good for the baby too ( more developmental proteins to grow on ), People wanting to touch baby belly - I was cool with that the thought was,"Yeah, there's a baby in there...Check it out!", Morning Sickness - Only had one day of it for each pregnancy and then I didn't get sick again ( strong constitution ), otherwise both pregnancies were easy, lol
I miss being pregnant 😫 heartburn was almost unbearable though... At the of the video end they called the baby "it"... Kinda awkward either it's he or she!
All these people that are saying this depiction is over dramatic need to get over themselves. Pregnancy is different for everybody...every woman's body reacts differently to being pregnant. I threw up everyday at whatever time of day for the first 5 months, I carry tums with me everywhere I go because of heartburn, I have done the sneeze and pee party trick more than once, sex isn't enjoyable, I cry a lot, I'm ill a lot, my back hurts all the time, and I have absolutely no energy...the list goes on and on...but I don't complain because I know it's gonna be worth it in the end. I feel I have had a decent pregnancy compared to some...and I do know people who use being pregnant as an excuse to get out of doing anything. But I don't feel I have used it once as an excuse except when I'm aggravating my husband.
They forgot the cloths not fitting. The hot flashes, the wobbling from side to side. And so much more.😂
I like being pregnant. Although so far I've had an easy 5 months. A little nausea..tender breasts..mood swings leg pains and disconfirm when sleeping but I really don't mind it. I'm sure I would have a differently opinion if I had other things that other women have had but I like the reminder that my baby girl is in there :)
No sex when pregnant? Nope that was defo not me! Ha :-) didn't care what I looked like I was growing his baby and we were happy with that! lol
Sorry Chandliare Heckler and Kayla Raelyn Smith for always rubbing your bellies, but I promise when I get pregnant you can rub my belly. :) I just already love your little bundles of joy :)
Only 11 struggles?
I didn't know you could lactate like that late in pregnancy God spared me but I did have lots of colostrum
It's harder than anything trying to put my shoes on , and what makes it worse is my arms are already hella short 😫😖😭 and I cry over anything !! Lol pregnancy struggles
I'm 19 weeks... I swear to God, I pee a couple times a day but, as soon as I lay down at night my bladder goes into overdrive. I wake up EVERY 45 MINUTES! ....pregnant people problems.... the struggle is real...
Jumping on a trampoline will never be the same.. i pee a lil bit every jump LMAO
This probably just scared a lot of women and made them not want to have kids xD
I'm pretty sure when I was pregnant I cried because I couldn't get my boots on... The struggle is real!!
They should of added in the dreaded shaving, you kinda just guess where to put the razor and pray not to chop your lady bits off! 😄😳
Can't sleep! Insomnia like crazy

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