11 Struggles Curvy Girls Know Too Well

11 Struggles Curvy Girls Know Too Well
11 Struggles Curvy Girls Know Too Well
Published on 10/19/2017
11 Struggles Curvy Girls Know Too Well


To the comment that told the curvy ladies to go to the gym and it will "fix it"...that's mean. Curvy is a body type not overweight!
I hate when jeans fit perfect then we get to the butt and hips and you just think fml 😩
The problem that I have is when I try to lean forward at my computer desk and my boobs hit the space bar and it scrolls down a lot!!!
I don't doubt the struggles of the busty girl. I have heard plenty of horror stories of bras breaking or buttons on tops flying. However, I think it'd be kind of funny to see a video on short flat chested skinny girls. We've got struggles too. I'm not saying they are worse but they are out there. For example, pants will always have to be hemmed, blouses will always look like deflated circus tents on top, and if you have short hair you've probably been called a boy.
I'm glad yall actually used girls who are just kinda thick instead of fatasses who call their apple-shaped selves "curvy."
Can y'all do a video about the struggles of fat girls and skinny girls and make it serious as well as funny? I'm curious as to how the buzzfeed people will react to body types that are continuously scrutinized and judged.
I'm a man that can appreciate a woman with a big booty and thick thighs...I respect the struggles. I also remind her that skinny girls aren't in style anymore...lol #thickwoman
Now do one about skinny girls we have struggles too .
There is a difference between curvy and fat...
I've experienced every single one of those struggles...especially the ripping of pants in the inner thighs! Haha
This isn't 11 problems curvy girls have. All these examples are of people who have a problem buying clothes that are the right size.
Never finding clothes that fit, so I end up dressing in really unflattering clothes.
David Menendez
The first one.is my struggle lolol
They should totally do like 11 struggles big dudes know too well
OMG Do one for skinny girls
Hey Jade Burkeen not everyone is shaped the way manufacturers construct clothing. I for one have a small waist and large hips/ass. Finding jeans that fit is a nightmare. Shorts? Damn near impossible. Take your snarky comments else where please.
How about breaking underwires... All the time!!!
I witnessed More overweight women then actually curvy shaped ones
LOL YAS, but what if you are in between D:< not skinny but not curvy.....
I love curvy girls! Men love curvy gurls and thats a fact!
They should make one for skinny women XD Cuz all my skinny girls out there KNOW the struggles we have
Curvy? all i see is humps.
Big breast makes you curvy? I find it funny how none of these chicks were actually curvy just bigger curvy is a figure not a size and from what was shown none of these girls were actually curvy
A lot girls on here acting like they know the struggle when they have no curves LMFAO
Love curves... No bean pole chicks.
Theres a different between cury and fat some girls dont understand but i love my Cury girls ☺️☺️☺️😘
OMG boob! I can't tell you how many cute shirts I couldn't buy cause my girls were too big... and I'm only a 36dd. #TheStruggleIsReal
Button ups are the freaking worst when you have mountains for boobs 😒😒😒😩😩😩
Some of these people saying "curvy is the best" "at least we have boobs and an ass" etc.
some people can't help that they are thin. I try to gain wait but I can't. Skinny shaming is just as bad as "curvy" shaming. Every body type is beautiful.
Sucks really bad. Both my sister (who's curvy) and I (with little to no curves) have problems finding cute clothes that fit properly. But damn, finding an XS? In store or online, it's like a miracle for me to find either, especially in dresses.
3 words: petite and curvy!!! That is the devil. Lol
There's a difference between fat and Curvy, remember that. 😪
There's some fat people confused about curvy.
I live in sweats when I'm not out lol.
Curvy is the new sexy..!
Half the girls commenting aren't even curvy 😒
I hate buttons. I mean buttons are really made to insult curvy women. HAHAHAHA
Curvy girls rock my socks!
curvy girls are great
It's not just curvy girls who have these struggles tbh.
I love how some of these thin women comment on this video just to have some sort of insult to the curvy women. For one, why are you even watching this? If you're thin and know that you aren't very curvy, then this video isn't even relevant to you at all. So why watch it? You just feel the need to come in and comment rude things? ALL body shaming needs to stop. Even for women/men that are obese.. Because guess what.. If someone is actually overweight, they have most likely already heard it from their doctor. I'm sure they don't want to hear it from a stranger who doesn't even know them. Some of you girls need to just cool it.. Stay beautiful everyone ❤️
You think these girls are curvy Lol
Sasha Whittington the struggle is so freaking real. They forgot about the bathing suit top struggle, too. Target's XL? Yeah right... JOKE.
I'm really unsure of the definition of "curvy". Near all women have curves, and this video just identifies women with a larger bust and rear.
How the FUXK are these curvy woman? Please explain.
The struggle is real... I know so many cute shirts that I loved but couldn't get because the chest area didn't fit. *sigh* And jeans that couldn't zip because my hips are too wide.
pretty sure skinny girls can say 'I look good' too but ok
Try being a 36H having to pay almost $75 a pop for a bra or bikini top that's not made for your granny! Or having to buy blouse or dresses two size larger just so it can fit over your chest! And never being able to wear spaghetti straps or halter tops without those cheap one size fits all built in bras, that never work because you need underwire! Oh yes the struggle is real! 😀
All of the struggles are trueee, esp the shirt buttons, n the tights coming up .. hahahaha.. I found my solution tho, i wear mostly jubah, n dresses now, they're one piece, no struggles at all!! The non judgmental flowy jubah!
Thought they said curvy nd nt fat

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