11 Shocking Facts That’ll Make You Question Everything

11 Shocking Facts That’ll Make You Question Everything via BuzzFeed Blue
11 Shocking Facts That’ll Make You Question Everything
Published on 10/22/2017
11 Shocking Facts That’ll Make You Question Everything
via BuzzFeed Blue


When you go to a store to buy something and they scan the bar code they are scanning the white bars not the black bars
The Legend of Zelda was named after F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife, Zelda Fitzgerald.
**the more you know**
Martin Luther King JR and Anne Frank were alive at the same time but are often associated with different times in history
So we are all 50% banana?
No wonder Canada has free health care.
Shocking fact number 12 !
Watching this video is a waste of time ✌
Does this mean we're all just a little bananas?? ;D
I have a bit of a fever right now and could have sworn the fact about tigers in captivity said "teenagers". There are a lot of captive teenagers in texas.
Shocker that congress has so many scandles then. Perverts
Did u know that the saltiness of the ocean is from the tears of misunderstood sharks that just want to cuddle?
You know what??..every 60 seconds in Afrika,a minute pass.
Did you know that in 2006 a man used water to take a shower
So when we eat bananas, we're pretty much eating our own DNA.
It's a 50% cannibalistic act on a banana when eating one. Nooo!
Could not believe California has a higher population than all of Canada! Wow
Justin Beiber is actually a guy
I know no way right!
Shocking fact: Most of you will try and use one of these shocking facts in conversation to try and make yourselves look intelligent ;)
The CA population vs Canada one is pretty crazy
My fun fact - EXO's Kai is an avid typist and an online roleplaying-legend.
Scientists lit a cave of natural gas on fire in 1971, expecting it to only burn a few days. It still burns to this day, and has been nicknamed "the door to hell".
None of those facts made me question anything.
No wonder we're all bananas!
Lack of sleep can cause weight gain 2 lbs in under a week. Apple seeds are poisonous. Fortune cookies were made in San Francisco not china. Hershey bars were used as currency in worldwarII. Scientists can turn peanut butter into diamonds.
A buttload is 127 gallons and a hogshead is 63 gallons
Yes, these shocking facts have me questioning everything.
Hanine Shreif a shocking fact that we know : snakes don't have ass :p lol
Well, the tiger fact was sad.
Donald Duck was banned from Finland because he doesn't wear pants.
the big shocking fact: we have a booty competitions now!! -_-
Charly Schoon Nathaniel Simon je weet wat ik bedoel xD
Slang is slang for shortened language.
Scotland's national animal is a Unicorn.
There are more plastic flamingos than there are real flamingos.
Paula Lena o.I
Actually. This made me question nothing. :/
You are half a banana Mark Hocking
There's more of a chance of being killed by a coconut than eaten by shark in Hawaii
Shocking fact #12 most of these were repeats from other buzz feed videos, try harder... (y)
pretty interesting stuff Thomas J Washington Brian Ayala Charlie Berg James Hahn Darryson Guillory Desmond Gutierrez Devin Wilson Jim Decaneva Adrian Ren Cerna
rice krispies was originally invented as a substitute for black powder for naval ammo during WWII...
Jackie Nunez
Hahah that shit is random
Taryn Baldock
Nintendo in 1889?
Chickens are the closest living relatives to the Tyrannosaurus rex.
Энтони Морган your arm is about 1800 calories >:)
Felipe Morais
Benji Smith
Josh Obando watch this.

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