11 Questions You Want To Ask A Lesbian

11 Questions You Want To Ask A Lesbian With Cameron Esposito
11 Questions You Want To Ask A Lesbian
Published on 10/22/2017
11 Questions You Want To Ask A Lesbian
With Cameron Esposito


I can't say I like these videos, because she sits there and takes people's questions and answers them in a sarcastic way. Then on the ones that make her angry she gets super serious. Answer them all seriously rather than ridiculing the ones who are ignorant.
"Do you think Ellen is attractive?" "Yes! She is our president, and Jodi Foster is our Vice President" 😂
I love the question about Ellen! :D
"The argument that children need to be protected around gays". I'm straight and I agree with her 100%.
I LOVE how she handles the questions!!! And even though I have friends who are gay/lesbian/etc(I say etc because if I had to list all of them, Id be here a while), I still learn something!
"hi I'm a beautiful woman."
"I can install a heater... We not because of this. I'm from Ohio and my dad was a electrician" sounds like my mom and her wife.
"False eyelashes and a vest" the perfect answer!
That hair is not something I am a fan of
"What makes you feel pretty?" "False Eyelashes and a vest!" Gold! Ahaha
Gay or whatever, that woman is hilarious!!! Create more videos, please.
The way she looks annoys me. Particularly the haircut.
All this does is make lesbians seem like aggressive bitches lmao
Why do lesbians have dildos if they don't like the penis??
It's such a shame too many people aren't going to recognise when she is being honest and when she is being funny!
I'm straight but her personality and cuteness makes me wonder what she's doing later...
I have a question for Lesbians... Lesbians like women, right? So why do I see all these girls trying to be men (boys)...why would someone who likes women want to be with someone who tries soo hard to look like a man?? Same question for gay men.... I hear people say that they're a man "trapped" in a woman's body or a woman in a man's...noooo...YOU ARE A GAY WOMAN! And YOU ARE A GAY MAN ! Once you all realize that, you will finally have accepted yourselves for what God made you.
I like her voice, very soothing
"With you public displays of affection and big overblown weddings. Keep it at home"
IDK this woman but I love her
"She's our president" hahaha I love this
If some of you don't know, Buzzfeed Video is a page of Funny Videos!! Of course they're gonna make it sarcastic because that's what most people like best. It's hilarious and I'm sure the answers are accurate as well.
If you think you might get offended, don't watch the video! Lol
The whole "why do some women like women dressed as men" irks me. Her response, perfect.
I want to murder that fucking haircut. Like Ted Bundy all over that shit.
Omg does my haircut make me seem like a lesbian omfg😭 Abby Jacoby
did she not have enough time to cut her hair
Arianna Bailey reminds me of studying biology our freshman year of college 😂 I'll never forget your best response to one of my questions, "Cassie, you need to find that out on your own. I'm not talking to you about this!!" I freaking MISS YOU!!!
Ellen should be the president in general! Okay not really but she is hilarious. So was "I am a beautiful woman" "she is" haha xD i love how they delivered those lines and winked.
Because they know deep down that their vaginas were made for penis....just to clarify I love all people no matter what they like in the bedroom
Lmfao I love these, bahahahahahahaha, most common question I get is "how can you be lesbian and have children?" Smh
Haha! I think the attractive question is hilarious. Im straight but I can appreciate a sexy and attractive woman. I do have a girl crush on Jewel Staite and Helen Mirren.
I think it would be good if they would answer these seriously, cause I think some people have serious questions, not everyone is a clueless asshole, sometimes they just don't understand stuff.
" & a vest " hahaha. Of course Cameron!
Lexi Millard I feel like her hair is the exact hair style our love child would have and it makes me really happy. Aesthetic.
Why are Buzzfeed's lesbian videos so white? Even the way she sarcastically named who governs the lesbians, everyone she named was white. White is always the default. Even the queer tv shows: The L Word, the Real L Word, Lip Service, all so white!
She is one of the most hilarious people on Buzzfeed crew. I also love her voice and how she pronounces things.
Kids need to be protected from gays.. The choice should be theirs to make with no influence of any gayness. No child should grow up confused on why there mama kissed another girl.. Or yet confused of their own sex orientation. Bad enough that gays are confused growing up, no need to drag in the straights in the same path.
Fear Nando Reyna
I'm not sure what your rant even meant other Than that you are speaking from ignorance and fear. There's millions of Children all over the world that are in desperate need of good homes. Gay couples are in not all into partying. And your definition on "Gods" word is limited to your own world view and that which you believe to be God's word. Im gonna blow your mind here but, many people don't belive what you Do. You earnestly believe in a faith which is your absolute right but there's billions of people who just just as earnestly disagree.
These questions are very sad. What is wrong with our society?
uh, can we have your 'lesbian govt' for our real govt? bc a Degeneres/Foster ticket sounds AMAZING.
Jennifer Vawter do you like when your friend tags you in every lesbian tho g b/c she thinks you want to see it ..you know. Cause your lesbian.
Jk I found this video somewhat amusing.
See if more butch lesbians looked like the girl with the flannel, I would've been dating a girl right now, but instead every lesbian around my area tries really hard to look like little Wayne....
She's hot
I like this idea for a video. Not super crazy about her though.
Kay Nicole I miss you glorious lesbians
I wanna be in a BuzzFeed video. They make my day and I wanna make someone's day to.
Getting kinda tired of seeing the same ''if lesbians don't like men, why do they use dildo's?'' line. Actual lesbians aren't lesbians because they don't like dick, it's because they're ATTRACTED to WOMEN. Obviously they're still going to like the feel of that, cause y'know; they're women.
I love it. I'm a lesbian and I love who I am. I Don't give a fuck about what anyone says. I love my girlfriend. I will never change for anyone. I love who I became and. Everyone that's saying fuck gays and shit just shut the fuck up and stop judging. LOVE IS LOVE
She reminds me of a lesbian Demi Lovato. 😂😂 Love her videos!
What makes u feel pretty?.. "False eyelashes and a vest" 😂😂😂 falsies make me feel pretty too😁

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