11 Perks Of Having An Extroverted BFF

11 Perks Of Having An Extroverted BFF
11 Perks Of Having An Extroverted BFF
Published on 10/22/2017
11 Perks Of Having An Extroverted BFF


"Ummm yassss" 😂
The extroverted girl seems dope as hell! I would hella chill with her lol.
That dress was ugly tho.
I am most definitely the extroverted BFF haha
Introvert definition by BuzzFeed: too shy to have social media or ask people for their dress size or to help their best friends when they're in need. Really BuzzFeed hire some actors and look up some terms before you're next video. That was painful.
Who elso is the extroverted friend?
That guy checking her out though UuuuumYaaaaaaas
52 Likes, 2 Views.... K
I'm introverted and my best friend is extroverted and this isn't how we are by any means.. If anything I know a lot of introvert/extrovert friend pairings and none of them are like this.. There's a difference in having a blunt, to the point personality and not having one. Not every introvert is like that and not every extrovert is like that.. Like seriously. Get some of your facts straight BuzzFeed.
Lol I'm definetly the extroverted bff!!!
omg. i am definitely the extroverted BFF. LMFAO!
I need an extrovert bff
Aw they're both so cute 😄 whether anyone thinks they fit the definition of introvert or extrovert. I want them both.
yeah I am that extroverted one :D
I'm definitely the extroverted girl 😂 Heeeeyyyy😜🙋🏼
Perks of being an ambivert: I can do some of these. YAY ME!
omg this is me??? I'm the extroverted friend?
I am 100% the extroverted friend, ahaha
Klara Lidstrom låål, we're both pretty extroverted ppl tho
I am definitely the extroverted BFF ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
is there an introvert video???
This is me and my bff as well
I am more introverted than this video portrays. I have extroverted friends though! We just don't hang out that much because I like to stay home and mind my business. LBVS 😂😂😂
Lol I'm definitely the introvert
Team extroverted friend! 🎉🎉
Almost feels like Dating someone like you that has Aspergers Syndrome annnnnddd the Awkward silence begins
Pretty fucking much! I'm the BEST extroverted bestie! You're welcome! Deidre Vonnoh
Omg this is so us Yesenia!!!!! Introvert+Extrovert=Perfection I never have to to talk to strangers when you're around 😂😂😂😂😂
114 likes 2 views..okay
Why does that Kaitln get a cool Bff!?
Sandra Chami hahahahhaha... That's totally you and me!!! But they only mention the perks and none of the embarassements that can happen sometimes #justsaying 😂😂
Extrovert here. That is all.
Taylor Pazmiño I'm more of an extroverted introvert, but you get the idea lol
My names Taylor, I'm introverted, and I love game of thrones....that girl is literally me omg
Haha Heyy that's me! 😊😊
Elissa Jenkins You are the shy one and I am the redhead. Literally I think almost all of these situations have happened hahaha. Um, yasss.
Ok we're both extroverts and introverts haha cause both of the videos are our relationship 24/7 😂 Ruby Hunter
Melissa Mitariten you're more extroverted but I feel like I do more of these things haha
I love this. All of my best friends and I are extroverts, it gets pretty hilarious and beautiful chaos ensues.
Brittany Leclerc xoxo
Sittin here wishing I was that extroverted
literally neither of us, maybe this is why we struggle talking to people sometimes. hahahaha Katie Blows (maybe some aspects sometimes, instagram snaps are our specialty)
Hahaha the beginning bar scene is totally you and I love it! Julia Jones
Why doesn't caitlin have a page I can follow? :(
I wish I could be this friend....but I'm so the introverted friend
Kylee McReynolds 😍 i love you dear friend, this cracks me up! We are just two peas in a pod... I really thought there would be an emoji for that...
Soooo BBQ and baseball this week??? "Ummmm yah. I think that's a great idea" hahaha 👍
Caitlin Doty this is us
On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it. - Jules Renard <3

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